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  1. I would check why it doesn’t work. But one thing is I think the cabin category must be the same. I know on mine I was able to book the same cabin.
  2. I was just going to cancel my 10 night November 2020 cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon but since I had booked onboard, decided to see if I could switch it to an 11 Night Athens RT cruise in October 2021 that goes to some unusual ports in Greece and Turkey and spends two full days in Istanbul. That way I would not lose my OBC or booking discount. To me, the cruises were not really comparable but I guess they met the Azamara criteria so the switch was approved. Same cabin on the 2021 cruise, one more night, and a savings of $2,000 on my cabin. Plus I got to keep my $300 OBC! The way things are now I am not anxious to cruises again but things could change by next year and I had nothing to lose by changing my booking. The price was Certainly excellent and the itinerary was one I havent seen before on any line, even though I have been to Greece and Turkey many times. So thanks Azamara, whatever happens.😀😀 Maybe there will be a miracle vaccine by next year.
  3. Who wants to go on a cruise wearing a mask? Who wants to walk around Europe or anywhere else with many attractions possibly closed (and wearing a mask). Who wants to fly 12 hours in a mask? I don't.😱 Think I will wait for a vaccine or effective virus medication before I think of traveling to Europe or going on a cruise again.
  4. I also cancelled on March 10 but the cruise was for May 14. I received my fcc letter in about two weeks but they did not attach the FCC to it so it had to be redone. It took me almost two more weeks to receive the 50% cash refund for the cruise and the air refund but at lest I received it. I still can’t figure out how it was computed but since it was a little more than I expected I just accepted it and moved on. Reading these boards I realize I was lucky.
  5. It seems to me that the people who received 50%cash and 50% FCC received their refunds faster than those who got the 100%cash or 125%fcc. It took me almost a month to receive the 50/50 cash and FCC but at least I received it. A bird in the hand...and all that!😁😁
  6. No problem being optimistic. Just be sure you have a large supply of masks and gloves. You will need them!
  7. Many booking sites, airlines and tour companies are also dragging their feet on refunds. I got my refund from AZ for a May 14 cruise that I canceled on March 9, but it took about a month and I got 50% FCC and 50% refund. Refunds will take even even longer once more cruises past May 11 are cancelled. good luck. Azamara makes many mistakes normally and esp during this period, probably due to the volume they are processing. So hopefully yours will get sorted out. Glad I didn’t have to fight it out with them.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-04-10/cdc-s-no-sail-order-for-cruise-ships-extended-by-100-more-days
  9. Thank you for this information. I also canceled my May 14 cruise on March 10. At the time, I was told that a 50% Cash refund, a refund of all taxes and a full cash refund of choice air would occur within the next 10-14 working days, as would the 50% FCC. I received my FCC by email about a week ago, however have not received anything else as of today April 6th. I plan on contacting my travel agent after Easter to follow up if I have not received anything by then. I figure that will be more than sufficient time to expect a refund especially since my cruise was cancelled on regular cancellation terms, not their cruise with confidence terms. Hopefully Azamara will make this right for us, but confidence in that happening is waning every day this drags on.
  10. I called the skymiles number and they connected me within 10 minutes. This was about a week ago. They said the miles would be redeposited into my account wih no fee and they would refund the taxes back to my credit card. you should be able to find the sky miles number on the Delta site.
  11. I am only concerned about choice air. Had no problems canceling direct flights and receiving full refunds immediately.
  12. Curious if anyone has received a cash refund for refundable air arrangements purchased through choice air on a cruise you canceled? If so, when was your cruise scheduled and what date did you cancel? thanks
  13. I booked refundable air on Azamara and was told in writing that the air would be fully refunded to my credit card with no penalty fee. I have not seen the refund yet, however, I cancelled the air on March 11 and was told to expect the refund to take 30 days. Since Azamara also uses choice air and is a RCCL company, I would expect they would follow the same conditions. We’ll see...
  14. I also had positive experiences with Air France and Delta.
  15. I recall reading somewhere that Azamara said it would be 30 days for a refund to be processed. I did receive an email with the FCC part of the refund attached. Still waiting for the %refund that was in cash and the refund for My Choice Air flight on a cruise that was cancelled March 11.. Wouldn’t start worrying until at least 30 days.have passed
  16. Azamara desperately need a good proof reader! This sort of thing happens all too frequently.
  17. Big kudos to Air France for refunding my miles and the entire amount of taxes (no cancellation penalty) immediately. I sent an email to Flying Blue describing my situation and it was answered within 24 hours. The miles were back in my account immediately and the taxes were credited to my credit card within three days. thanks Air France for excellent customer service. now Delta.. that is a different situation as they dont respond unless you are within 72 hours of departure.
  18. thanks. I am going to give it until the end of the week. If I dont get anything by then I will cntact my travel agent. I wasnt ecpecting anything this early anyway.
  19. Has anyone received a future cruise credit on a recently cancelled cruise? Was it on a letter sent by mail or in an email attachment? i received an email from Azamara today referencing an attachment for future cruise credit on a cruise I cancelled last week, but there was no attachment in the email. The last time I received a future cruise credit, a letter was sent by regular mail from Azamara which had the future cruise credit attached. just wondering if anyone has had this experience on a recent cruise credit issued since the Coronavirus situation.
  20. I would not want to be on a ship if people start developing symptoms of Coronavirus. Even in a normal cruise, people usually get the common cold, bronchitis or other respiratory symptoms even if it may not be the virus itself. no, not a good place to be so hopefully everything ends up well.
  21. I was told a week ago that refunds would take from 10-14 working days. Given how many of these they are processing it isn’t surprising.
  22. I just cancelled my May cruise on the Pursuit on Monday. not surprised about this..just a matter of time.
  23. Just be sure to get all documentation in writing, even via a comprehensive email from the travel agent or cruiseline. I would not leave anything they said to chance without complete documentation. i got an email with all imformation, including the person the travel agent spoke to. Supposedly they record telephone conversations.
  24. ptrpanpens


    I was also on that sailing. Canceled on Monday. Not willing to risk getting sick, quarantined or worse. Too bad because it was a great itinerary and very cheap. Oh well.. another time.
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