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  1. The last time I booked a cruise online with HAL the stateroom number did not appear in email itself but was contained in pdf attachment under the heading "Cruise Details".
  2. Thanks Kazu, it takes a fellow Canadian to point out a challenge we face in paying on board cruise costs in US $. A little currency hedging is not a bad idea.
  3. I cannot help but think I must be missing something here. What is the advantage of pre-paying for drinks rather than just paying as you go and settling your on board account at the end of the cruise (as all passengers must do anyway)? We have determined that the beverage packages are not an advantage for us because we are reluctant to have our choices limited to what is included in the plan, and most days we would not drink enough to hit the breakeven point. If there were a discount attached to the pre-purchased drink cards I could understand the value of buying those as opposed to buying individual drinks. Since that is not the case I don't see their advantage. Likewise I do not understand the advantage of buying OBC in advance to cover drink costs when I can simply pay at the end. If I want to limit my drink budget to a particular amount I can monitor my purchases just as easily without pre-paying anything. What am I missing?
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