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  1. Our choice would indeed be Sapphire Beach - I’ve not seen any organization offering day passes here over the years. The bay is home to 4 condo properties and there is a rental outfit where lounges and water toy rentals are available. Also a beach bar and gorgeous beach. However the SBRM and other condo pools are for condo owners and guests only. You can have your taxi (if private) stop in at Bolongo Bay resort on the way, they were allowing visitors to Iggie’s’s Oasis to use the pool and beach. Not an invitation to cruse ship passengers, but folks staying elsewhere and stopping in
  2. Just curious, are these some of the cruise line-approved excursions available only through the cruise line? Thanks
  3. Lol... I thought you were there now... But yes the barkers in town are going strong...most others left the island and the Playa area when everything shut down a year ago so the beaches are much quieter. Playa Palancar was (almost) as deserted as when we cruised there 20 years ago...That is really good for the coral too!
  4. Glad you are enjoying Coz! We took our great niece who was visiting from the US there for the day last week and it’s sooo different with no cruise ships! But the barkers are worse as a result because they are so bad off and there are so few people to harass. Many resorts are offering the free COVID-19 antigen test IF you are a guest. Some even quarantine you and your companions for up to 10 days if you test positive. After that you are on your own. Hopefully you but trip insurance with good medical, medivac, and COVID-19 coverages. We returned to the US a few days ago and as far
  5. Maybe request this thread be removed?
  6. Thanks, yes time will tell, but as of now no changes... And each line has their own agenda based on the CDC guidelines, and each their own agenda in different world regions... Curious to see how it all works out... The STT Ferry schedule was just released for April!
  7. Can you please share that announcement? All I find is the ban through May 31... Thanks!
  8. Tourists have been arriving for 4 months, just no day visitors by cruise ship or other watercraft...
  9. The problem is not enough residents have been vaccinated and the cases have spiked a bit. But the gov’t also just released a statement suggesting that once a certain % of the population is vaccinated and better protected, the required quarantine for visitors arriving by jet or ferry will be only one night. So they are trying to help those visitors, as safely as allowed, and hopefully that will hide well for day visitors too...
  10. Yes, Jost is located off the north shore of Tortola and the cruise dock is on the south shore so that is the only complaint for day visitors who want to go there. The ferry gives the most time there, but your port times still dictate your flexibility... And yes it is Cane Garden Bay I was referring to, you can see Sandy Spit and Jost from there...
  11. Kuralu is excellent, but with their typical excursions your time on Jost is very limited as noted unless you hire as a private excursion. They are very flexible, and the first group to book that date will choose the itinerary, depending on the weather of course. I should clarify my water taxi reply above, there are no water taxis I am aware of from the cruise port to Jost. There may be a Jost-only water taxi option out of CGB, the operator I know of is not currently working due to the restrictions in place, but you can Google that as you get closer to your sail date. You’d have to
  12. There are no water taxis providing that service, and no way of knowing what independents will be operating that far into the future, especially with only land visitors being allowed to fly into Tortola for the foreseeable future. For just 4 - 6 ppl you probably don’t want to hire a private cat like Aristocat, Kuralu, or Patouche due to the cost. You can contact Katie at Ocean Magic, an independent outfit providing private excursions via motorboat and see if they plan to be operating. When I contacted her in late 2019 she also worked with Captain Malcolm who offered a Jost excurs
  13. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5968/
  14. a bit of a surprise but welcome news to cruisers who can take advantage - https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5968/
  15. Not sure how many of our favorites survived between the hurricanes and the pandemic, I know two are gone from Irma... We’ll check back with locals on TA for updates once cruising starts returning...
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