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  1. Great! That info will be useful to others, thanks for checking into it. Taxi fare is $8 each way for 2ppl, $6 for 3 or more, but free for your 2 year old. Have a nice day there 😀
  2. Meant to include the link - https://nannycay.com/ We haven’t been there since pre-Irma, but I remember another day visitor leaving a report last spring and they were able to use the pool, and there were restrooms and a restaurant right there. I’m sure these facilities are for marina and hotel patrons, but they did say they were welcome...
  3. Short answer - there are no longer hotels that offer day passes to day visitors. But you could inquire at the Nanny Cay Beach Resort just 7km west of the cruise pier. You may be able to relax there and I believe there is a pool there... Not sure what restaurants and other facilities are open close by but they can tell you... 1 284-394-2512
  4. There is natural shade in front of the condo buildings if you don’t mind being a short walk from the sandier swimming area... Much of the Carib has been virtually free of the sargassum summer...
  5. There is some natural shade, the umbrellas pictured are new and were not available when we’ve been there. Beautiful bay!
  6. Exchange for pesos beforehand if you can, or bring a debit card and withdraw pesos. Not a big deal if you’re just buying a couple drinks, but if tipping it can add up... Just curious since the ferry is 45 minutes, and Tulum is a good 40 - 50 min drive from Playa centro then 30 minutes back to Xel Ha - how long is the Sky in port?
  7. No taxi, short walk to shops and Pusser’s. Road Town is a financial center so there is nothing away from the waterfront unless you are interested in a church or the Botanical Garden. Just a note, the people of the BVI are very conservative and respectful of one another and if you plan to walk trough town try to dress respectfully. While driving trough town we’ve seen day visitors walking around the main town sporting tank tops and speedos, on a Sunday no less! 😵
  8. blue_water


    There are tons of threads just below this one with detailed descriptions of the beaches you can choose from. And there is no reason to book an excursion through the ship, taxis are lined up to whisk folk to the different beaches and will be at the popular beaches to bring you back. The question is, what are you looking for in a nice beach day? A nice, quiet beach with fewer fellow cruise mates, and very limited amenities? Gorgeous Brewers Bay has a beach bar. Or a beach where most of your fellow cruisers will go and you have access to all the amenities you want? CGB has several beach restaurants and rentals, webcams below. Or something more secluded with perhaps a vendor selling drinks and food? The more popular beaches are a 20 minute, $8/pp taxi over the spine of the island, either by a shared safari taxi or private.
  9. Glad you enjoyed your time there
  10. “We stayed within the port for the day...” What a shame, Tortola is a gorgeous island if even to see on a short tour. Hope you can return and see the real beauty!
  11. Yes the ships are offering excursions to Long Bay, Beef Island now. It is a gorgeous beach that we would go to to get away from the crowds when we stayed in CGB and ships were in port. So you t is a good choice and sounds like it would be a nice beach day for you! No idea what amenities they’ve added but it looks like lounges, at least for excursions through the ship. Happy to share our experiences, “Tortola land” is my favorite place to visit!
  12. If docked at Havensight (WICO) Sapphire would be our beach choice just because Coki is such a busier vibe. Gorgeous beach with nice island views, food and drinks and snorkel gear and other rentals if you want that. Taxi is ~$10/pp each way, lounges ~$9, nit sure what the food options are, perhaps a recent isotope can share... If docked at Crown Bay nearby Lindbergh Bay (aka Emerald Beach per the Emerald Beach Resort) would be a good choice for a relaxing day and short taxi.
  13. The attendant will usually do that, but if busy it’s not far from where they are stacked whether you want to be with the crowd or further away...The beach area you are in is much smaller than Magens...
  14. I don’t know of that being an option but I would pose that question on the VG forum on TripAdvisor. Experts there are much more familiar with the North Sound than I. I know Leverick Bay is a 25 - 30 min drive from the Top of the Baths. With the BYEC closed you may anchor elsewhere. But I bet the DE’s on the VG TA forum can help and may know where you will tender from...
  15. Sorry I can’t help with that. But there will be drivers waiting at either location for those not booking through the ship. When we go to VG for the day we either work with a driver who will drop us and return to take us elsewhere, or we rent a car. You have a nice long day so renting a car would be worthwhile. But if you prefer to have a driver the fares are reasonable, plus the driver can suggest places to go, and when not to go to the Baths. If you tender in to the marina/ferry dock you can have your last stop in Spanishtown for a bite or to shop, and walk back to the dock. if tendering in to the North Sound you will be at the Bitter End Yacht Club but that is closed for renovations. It’s a longer taxi or drive to the Valley area from the North Sound. The taxi rates in this link were published in 2010 but are still current or at least close http://www.bvivacation.com/transportation/virgin-gorda-taxi-fares-rates.php#.XeqtDS9OlvI
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