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  1. I was in Japan for Golden Week years ago and it had a major impact on my visit. Not so much in getting around Tokyo itself but we took a day trip to Hakone on public transportation (trains, cable cars, etc.) and I have never seen so many people before or since. We wanted to get off the train to see an open air sculpture park but we were standing room only packed like sardines and when we got to the right station, there were hundreds of people standing on the platform wanting to board the train. Needless to say, we didn't get off and the rest of our journey to Hakone was equally crowded. If you are planning to go to Kyoto or Nara from Osaka, you will probably run into major crowds. I don't know about Hakodate since it is smaller and off the beaten path.
  2. HI, I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I love following your travels. Mary Draper
  3. I would agree with the original poster that a HAL tour would be a better option for that port. Who wants to be delayed getting off the ship? All tours go to the same places and you would be more confident about getting back on time on a ship's tour. I booked a private tour last February and our entry into Cienfuegos was cancelled. I doubt I will spend the money on another cruise to Cuba, but if I did, I would definitely book an excursion with HAL in Cienfuegos. Havana is another matter. We had a good time on our private excursion there and of course we had no worries about missing the ship.
  4. Thanks for the tip about the sale. I checked the excursions for my September Mediterranean cruise and some but not all of the prices of excursions had gone down. I was able to cancel and rebook the one very expensive excursion I had signed up for and saved $60 on that. I then booked another excursion where the price had gone down, but I have held off on booking other excursions for the time being.
  5. I booked the Sept 20, 2019 Italy Spain and Monaco cruise back in June of 2018. Shortly thereafter I looked at shore excursions and picked out some that I would like to take. I wrote down the prices but didn't book because the cruise was so far out. I went back online today and noticed that the prices of the excursions had gone up. Is that a common thing on Celebrity? I usually cruise on HAL and I don't remember that happening on that line. Do the excursion prices fluctuate or will the new higher prices be the best you can get?
  6. I like the inside cabins on the lower promenade deck on some HAL ships so that I can get outside in a few seconds and use the wrap around deck as my personal outdoor space. I have never brought a night light but I have left the bathroom light on with the door open a crack. I know aboout the TV channel bur I haven’t used it because I prefer the absolute darkness.
  7. I did the ship's tour to the Blue Lagoon from the Rotterdam in July. I was quite happy with it and it was important to do it with the ship on the last day because we knew the ship would wait for us.
  8. I would suggest you take a look at the 17 day Viking Passage leaving Rotterdam on July 13 2019 and ending in Boston on July 30. Much cheaper and you get all three ports in Iceland. I took a similar voyage on the Rotterdam this year and enjoyed it very much.
  9. I wouldn't argue in favor of flying from Venice to Rome instead of taking the train, but I can speak from experience and say that it isn't a bad option. Last year I took a cruise that ended in Venice. I was a bit worried about dragging my heavy suitcase to the train station at either Sta. Lucia or Mestre. In the end, I got a one way plane ticket on Alitalia for about $100. I took an enjoyable ship's excursion to Murano and Burano which included a transfer to the airport. I arranged for a limo pickup from FCO to the city center which cost about $50. Okay, you will all say that it was too expensive and time consuming, but as an older person traveling alone, it worked out fine for me.
  10. I'm interested in this hotel for next year. Can you tell me if the hotel rooms have stall showers? I am at the age where I don't like to use a tub/shower combo. Many thanks for your help.
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