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  1. It seemed to know we were at Pier 92 when I ordered the ride. We stood under the big sign and just kept an eye out for our driver - lots of folks were waiting for cars but it was quite orderly
  2. We used it recently (end of Feb) - sent hubby to pick up rental car. No issues at all.
  3. Wrong thread....there was one asking about views sailing from San Pedro....the response was likely meant for there.
  4. I've done it. Bring as little as possible - make use of laundry facilities It will be tight. Also, it is possible to shower at the spa, which will make getting ready for dinner etc easier.....be patient, be flexible and have fun. Don't plan to spend a lot of time in your cabin.....
  5. All balconies are the same size except: Deluxe obstructed balconies on M and L decks at the very front of the ship Mini-suites under the skywalk (they are angled and larger) and minisuites on M and L at the very front of the ship For 3 adults I would book a deluxe obstructed view as the deluxe cabins have a pull out couch, which is easier than a drop down bunk for the third adult. They are also slightly larger.
  6. If you can, take the train - its' a gorgeous trip. We left around mid-day and had time to take a tour in whittier that we found right beside the ship.
  7. If you've never toured the USS Midway in San Diego you should - its an amazing experience. It should be right beside where you dock.
  8. If you buy those packages in advance you will forfeit your free minutes. On board, you can use your minutes first, then buy additional unlimited internet for the days remaining on your cruise. That's how it was on the Ruby cruise I just finished.
  9. If less than $25 you can get the balance at guest services, otherwise you will receive a cheque in 4-6 weeks.
  10. We sailed on the maiden of the Royal - minimal issues. We had no issues getting into specialty dining and didn't experience any disappointments - there was nothing we wanted to experience that we couldn't. The only glitch we encountered was with our cabin - we had booked a cabin for 4 for the maiden. My daughter and I ended up on the 2 day preview as well - good thing! When we got to our cabin on that cruise, it actually only slept 2. That gave them 3 days to figure out where my mom and her sister were sleeping....This was only an issue as it was the first ship of that class. We laugh about it now and the girls actually ended up in a mini-suite, so they were very happy. The kids clubs on Princess are great - my daughter actually preferred them to Disney.
  11. Hi - for $125 CDN you will get $100 US. The rate to buy OBC is the rate that Princess was using when you booked you cruise. Given how poorly our dollar is doing, a 25% exchange rate is a good deal! We always buy as much OBC as we think we will need on board, pre-pay our gratuities (as this is at the same rate). It's a good deal.
  12. Elite: Look for a bargain on our cabin (prefer a balcony), try to book during sipnsail. If we can't we will use OBC to buy the drink package. No photos, no bingo, no ship tours.....will do specialty dining because we enjoy it.
  13. Yes. If the cruise is also sold as 2 segments you would be replenished at the start of the second segment regardless of how the cruise was booked
  14. Interesting (and gross). Everything was new in the bag, and I received a gel eyemask which was new to me. No hair conditioner. Bag also had nail file, shower cap, chap stick, 2 moisturizers.
  15. Except that on our trip on the Ruby last week, there was no linen spray in the amenity bag.....
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