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  1. This will be our first cruise with HAL, sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam in the Mediterranean. My husband is allergic or intolerant of wheat, dairy, tree nuts. I see that accommodations can be made in the MDR with a menu the previous night and that the buffet has a gluten-free section but we have one night included at the Pinnacle Grille and we will want to try the Tamarind. How does one manage the specialty restaurants? And can anyone will food allergies tell me how successful (or not) they have been? Even ordering a salad for him can be a struggle - no croutons, no walnuts, no shaved Parmesan!
  2. HAL Nieuw Amsterdam arrives is Sete at 8 am. My tour begins at 9 and is 15 minutes away by taxi. Will I have enough time? The tour company says yes, that many of their guests are from the cruise ship. It seems doable IF the ship is on time and we can debark quickly. Opinions, please?
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I do not need to rent one since my issues are simply getting aboard and off if the gangway is very steep or includes many stairs. Once I am onboard, there is usually enough arm rails and sitting areas that I may not even use my cane - just my companion’s elbow. I or my TA have ‘booked’ me a boarding wheelchair in the past, but the port workers don’t know who the heck I am when I arrive so it hasn’t been very helpful and I just hobble over to the folks around the wheelchairs when I park (Manhattan port) and they whisk me away. As for the handicapped/stroller entrance, I am the driver of this expedition. So I will be parking the car and working my way over to the terminal. Are you suggesting to not follow the crowds and ask a worker for guidance to the accessible entry? Thanks again. You are all terrific.
  4. Hi to all who have boarded and disembarked from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, I hope to leave on Saturday, Dorian permitting. I walk with a cane and stairs and slopes are problematic. I have used wheelchairs and porters in the past when the gangways are really long and steep but would prefer not to if possible. From the videos I have seen, I think there is an elevator and then a pretty level gangway onto Anthem of the Seas. Can anyone confirm this from their experience? Or should I wave down a wheelchair when I get there? I have 'booked' a wheelchair at other ports but have still needed to flag one down once I am in the terminal so I am not sure how helpful 'booking' is. Thank you for your responses.
  5. The Gem Spa Pass includes access to the male or female locker room which has normal size showers, normal size bathroom stalls, a sauna, a steam room, a single person whirlpool, cushioned lounge chairs, bathrobe and towels. In the central room, you have access to 4-6 person hot tub, a huge pool that has jets around a circular standing/floating area, a multi-person bubbling lounger made from tubes, and the most high pressured shower (tore my glasses off). There are heated ceramic lounge chairs and more padded lounge chairs. Towels, tea, iced water with rings of lemon or orange in them. Finally in early May, there was the loveliest attendant keeping everything neat and clean - she managed to prevent me from stepping in vomit on a rough sea day. Every time I have been on the gem, the pools were drained one day because the seas were too rough and the water was sloshing into the treatment rooms. Very disappointing and no refund! No treatments are included.
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