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  1. Actually there were four scheduled and only Edge cleared. Grandeur, Vision and Costa Favolosa are at sea. Grandeur now shows a destination of St. Thomas, Vision has not updated its destination and the Costa ship shows Martinique.
  2. Just some data points: I just received an email on three cruises I have coming up which I requested the benefit on. They were all booked on Celebrity through the casino program. The one which was listed with a Group # was not eligible for the benefit and the other two which were not listed with a group # were eligible. The group # one is one of those which come with specific sailings listed with specific stateroom categories (via email/post). The ones without a group # are those which were my selection with the casino discounts applied. The specific text on the one which was declined said "...it is not combinable with the price code listed on your reservation.". In June I requested the benefit on four Royal sailing and there was a mix of with a group # and without but they all went through just fine. Just tried the new online submission system and was very surprised that everything seemed to work just fine. I'll see if that works as well as emailing.
  3. Thanks vtcruising for the link, I read some of the pages of fun but never seemed to come across exactly what that surcharge covers. Perhaps it is the high quality website... nope that isn't it. It would be nice if I could reverse charge them a surcharge for doing my own bookings online.
  4. So, where did they come up with $14 PPPD? Their site says "A 20% service charge will be added to Soda, Wine, Water, Classic and Premium Package prices at checkout.". That would be $11.80 per day, are they using new math to come up with their charges now?
  5. I was looking at a booking I have scheduled in February to see if the price had changed and was plugging in the numbers and noticed that the "2 Perks" option now shows "Classic Beverage Package for 2 +$308". I was looking at the same booking over the weekend and didn't notice that upcharge for what they refer to as a perk. If I click on the "4 Perks" option I see "4 Perks +$539 AVG PER PERSON" so that adds $1078 to the total for the perks. I did hear the rumblings of adding gratuities to the perks but this far exceeds the gratuities amount.
  6. There are X number of people on a ship and only Y number of sunbeds, that is the simple truth of a cruise ship. If you don't think 30 minutes is sufficient to go have lunch, would you think 30 minutes was not long enough if you were standing around waiting for a sunbed that was holding a towel with no passenger in sight? There is nothing a fellow passenger should be doing on a cruise ship that takes in excess of 30 minutes to complete while they are away from their coveted sunbed. Bathroom - it is hard to imagine anyone needing 30 minutes for this, if so I would recommend getting more fiber in their diet. Hot tub - I believe the recommended time in a hot tub is 15-30 minutes. so that fits. Swimming - having been on many cruises I can say that greater than 95% of people don't swim, rather they soak in the pool. Either way I would think that 30 minutes is sufficient for this activity. Snack from one of the pool area venues - 5-10 minutes in line on a busy day and back to the sunbed. Lunch/Dinner in a dining venue - they have left the pool area and are no longer in need of a sunbed. When I go to the movies, I don't get up and go to a nearby restaurant for lunch and then come back and expect to reenter and retake my seat. BTW, as a general public note, for those of us in a dining venue enjoying lunch, WE DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYONE IN THEIR SWIMMING ATTIRE.
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