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  1. Once you have the yellow fever shot, that’s it. You do not have it again. If you are over 70, then you just need a doctors note saying that you do not need it
  2. They do have get together for single passengers and I think the social hostess organizes a dinner or lunch for single travellers. A lot of single passengers play Baggo Bean, golf challenges, table tennis and other activities where everyone is welcoming. Everyone cheers everyone else on and groans when the motion of the ocean goes against you. I have done several of these activities on my own as my spouse likes to go to the guest lecturer talks and have always been included by all. For the specialty restaurants, you share a table and it is an excellent way to meet fellow passengers. Same idea for GDR. Most of the passengers are well travelled so you can have some very interesting conversations at the table.
  3. On the ATW there was side tables of food. Quite often one end of the bar was covered with delicacies or they brought in tables specially to display food. I was on board for 2 segments and did not notice a shortage of food for tea. Mind you I usually skipped the tea unless I had missed lunch and Waves open hours.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that on most nights for those who do not like ice cream and are allergic to nuts, there is an extremely limited selection of desserts. One does get tired of fruit for dessert. All cheese cakes now have nuts in their base and many desserts that used to be nut free are no longer so.
  5. Yes you were reading me correctly. We currently have 15 credits which is the start of gold. Thank you for your answer. I guess I will go see the Oceania ambassador on my next cruise and see what is being offered. All I have to do is talk my better half into another cruise on top of the four we have booked. One is not with Oceania as they do not go there
  6. Okay I am curious. We are booked for 2 12 day cruises, one this October and another October 2020. We are then booked on a 39 day cruise which will be cruise credits 18, 19 and 20 in May 2021. From what I am reading here, the free cruise would have to apply to this cruise?
  7. Oh that makes a huge difference. The alumni group gets all sorts of perks, they close off the lounges for special parties for them and so on. I have been on an alumni cruise and was glad that I was travelling with others that I had met on previous cruises. The alumni group definitely changes the vibe or at least that is how it felt to me.
  8. We have found that the food quality is not the same as it used to be on any of the lines we have sailed on. We prefer smaller ships, so will stick with Oceania for that reason. Also we enjoy meeting with the people who travel on Oceania. We pick our cruises by itinerary and if we have to tender or not and also if it fits into our timetable. Sorry that Oceania did not meet your expectations, but hope there are other lines that do meet your expectations.
  9. I felt sorry for the entertainment staff that was running the needlepoint. They brought the rules in after the poor hostess was surrounded. To me it looked like the vultures circling in for the pickings. I just waited until they all had their choices. It was safer that way. Even for the games people were pushing others out of the way so they could be first. This was the first time I had seen this type of behaviour on an Oceania ship.
  10. So nice to see pictures of the crew again. Thank you Lisa. Funny, though I ran into Patrick and Audrey today when I went to the recycle centre. small world. We all recognized each other from the cruise
  11. We have no previous cruises and are showing no booked cruises according to their website. They must be having a fair amount of website problems for the number of times it has been going down lately
  12. How many days is it now? Did the others get on in LA or before? I am glad that you had such a wonderful time. We are on Oceania again in October. Looking forward to that trip.
  13. Yes it is. My bad. I was talking to a Jim while I was typing the post.
  14. And are you doing the next cruise too? Are you sure you are going to be able to find things once you get home? Enjoy Lisa. Waiting patiently for the video of Bestsy’s and Jim’s wedding
  15. Love the pictures Bob and Betsy. It is nice to see a happy ending
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