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  1. Great review! Thanks for the insight on which way to turn in Sitka :D Do you know if the Raptor Center is walking distance from the Visitor center?
  2. That was fun! Leaving for Alaska on the MS Amsterdam in 6 days... this was the perfect anticipatory activity :D
  3. Enjoying your review...thanks so much for taking the time:* Welcome to Seattle. I am waving to you from Camano Island:D
  4. I am on the June 17th sailing on the MS Amsterdam out of Seattle... I didn't get that notice. Are you on the same sailing as me?
  5. Appreciate your time and effort in bringing us along. Thanks so much :D
  6. Thank you for a wonderfully detailed review of your experience, Commander Benson. And thank you for your service.
  7. Following :D Leaving on June 17th and very excited to read your review. Thank you SO much for taking us with you! I am gluten-free as well as no sugar added (both for health reasons as well) and am very interested to follow your dining experience. And menus ; >)
  8. I am pretty sure it's a Microsoft issue. I opened IE (which he said would work) and got the same result. Both are Microsoft browsers.
  9. Yep, that would be their point. In my world, it is incumbent upon the web developer to ensure all browsers work for all functions :cool: The irony here is that HAL uses Microsoft servers for their emails (I know this because my husband is a developer at Microsoft) but they can't seem to make Edge--a Microsoft browser--compatible with their website?! The world is such an interesting place, n'est-ce pas?;p
  10. The time came. I followed the link in the email HAL sent, clicked through all the steps until I reached the print docs page... clicked on the button--nothing. Double clicked on the button, and page of source code opened. Sure didn't look like something I wanted to print ;p I opened the website chat. The HAL support person gave me a long and involved work around that required opening different browsers, copying and pasting urls, and then changing some of the characters in the url… "Why are you guys making this so hard for me? I'm the guest, right?" His response, "Edge (the browser I use) doesn't open PDFs so you have to use a different browser." That's a lie.... and it might have worked if I weren't a little bit tech savy… so, now Thad has my full attention. "That's baloney," I respond. I know for a fact that Edge opens PDFs. You guys have a bug in your software, and you shouldn't have launched before making sure your website works on all platforms. You shouldn't be making guests do the work to fix your mistake." I'm pretty calm, mind you... just don't like to be lied to. "So, how about if I show up at the pier with my reservation number. Can they help me get my docs there?" "No," he says, you can't get into the building without the docs." "Okay, just email them to me," I say and type in my email address. He says, "You booked this through an agency so they have to contact me." I say, "No worries... I am both the traveler and the agent. Would you like my IATA number? (I sold the travel agency I owned in 2016 and brokered a deal where I get to still book my own travel and keep the commission as part of the sale:halo:)" He says, "There is a $25 fee to travel agencies to have the docs emailed." Seriously. At this point, I got off the chat, copied and pasted the entire chat dialogue, and emailed it to HAL. Today, HAL replied... they emailed docs, boarding pass, and luggage tags free of charge. In the meantime, if you want avoid all of this... use Chrome to print your docs and such:cool: I hope this helps someone:halo:
  11. My husband I were married on the island of Delos 25 years ago, and we were planning upon a return at the 30 year marker... I've just moved that up to the 26 year marker based on your pictures and reporting ; >) Gosh, I ADORE Greek food :P
  12. WOW! Just wow on that Stanley Park walk! I live just a couple of hours away... just made my "carrot" list for a weekend visit for when I can walk for a longer stretch. Thanks for that ;) Among no sugar added, alcohol free, and "mainly" grain free, I also am gluten free... so even more excited to follow your foodie porn :P
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