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  1. He’s the one keeping my spirits up. Lol! I miss cruising!!! I see that one of the silver linings of this experience is his new appreciation for his cruise ship job. He’s told us that when he goes back, he’s going to get off the ship & explore the ports more. He works long hours as we know. So during the breaks he’ll gulp a meal and take a nap. Many times choosing not to go ashore. I think it’s the mindset of ... oh I’ll be back here next week or in two .... I’ll go visit this or that then .... I hope so. Oh to be young!! Though Cozumel is his favorite Port .... gets his tattoos here. Our son is coming up 12 years sober in September. Mark decided to get into AA the day after his 17th biryhday. We’re very proud of the man he’s become & continues to be. Right now, he’s on his regular Zoom Thursday Night Meeting with his friends. But, I’ll share your message afterwards. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  2. Hi, Our son inquired over the weekend, the first email was generic computer. Nope, not hiring at this time, check with Carnival web site. Yesterday he received an email from a person he knows, but nothing new to report. Everybody is waiting too. I just tell him the old squeaky wheel gets oiled advice. He still doesn’t see his job being opened up till 2021. It is what it is ..... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  3. Hi, I’m enjoying reading .... 🙂🙂 Our annual August Big 2 Week Vacation was cancelled. We were ready & booked, excursions & all, for our trip back to Kauai. I was especially excited because I booked us up at Hanalei, instead of Poipu. Both beautiful, but my hubby prefers sunny and I wanted that Summer Rain. And I finally got to book it!!!! But ... then Covid & Hawaii .... So, with that trip not do-able. I went with a Condo golf vacation to the Palm Springs area. Hotter than Hell in August ... TRIPLE DIGITS ... so I’d live by the pool during the day. Cool!! 😎 BUT ... the pools have a DAILY reservation system (a -2 hour time slot). AND, the amenities ... pool bar, cafe, restaurant, Game Center etc are closed. Yep. I cancelled. Now, we’re home in August .... just like we’ve been since March 12. 😞 We live in So Cal, have Disneyland Annual Passes, and of course access to a world of fun things to do But, As we all know , those activities will be on hold for quite some time. We have December ‘20 & April ‘21 cruises booked (no flights, here locally in LongBeach) our Fingers Are Crossed .... Please, Enjoy, enjoy whatever you can do (SAFELY). this Summer. 🏌🏼‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️🎣🏕🌅🏞 We’ll be out fun somewhere in the “future” ... till then my little family is healthy. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  4. Hi Jimbo, Reading your comment, and also not looking online, I sure hope you are wrong. 😕 Our next Inspiration Cruise is not till early December. I always choose the Inspiration over Imagination. No logic involved, just choose it. 🤗 Like everything regarding cruises, will just be waiting to see what actually happens in December. I’ll be thrilled to be cruising on either ship .... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  5. My experience: March cruise Carnival cancelled/COVID. Carnival September re-book Carnival cancelled/COVID. My $600 COVID OBC rolled forward. On this last Wednesday I called and had my FCC transferred to a future March 2022 booking. Which they did, its an 8 day cruise. So, I do have a bit if a balance even with the FCC. They also rolled that original $600 OBC to that cruise. I just couldn’t book another cruise that could be cancelled. Nobody’s fault, just figured use that March/Sept Cruise $$ towards paying on FUTURE Cruise! 😁 I have a December & April ‘21 cruises, out of California. Hoping for the best ..... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  6. If you don’t mind a Spring 2022, I booked mine a few months ago. March, Galveston, DREAM. At this rate, this might end up being my 1st Cruise after Covid .... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  7. My April 2021 Panorama had FTTF last night. I originally wasn’t going to purchase because it would have been my 1st Cruise as Platinum! 😁 But, with the way it is ... I went ahead & bought it. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  8. TNCruising, Thank You for your kind reply. The negative Nancy/Tom constant remarks from folks gets real old ... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  9. Gee, than you get to say I told you so!!!! Gee Whiz 🤪🤪🤪🤪
  10. Hi, Mmmm .... well, that hasn’t been his experience. He is on the Fun Squad. Carnival has always flown him out the day before his new Contract begins. Now, he has never been assigned a brand new, first ever sailing. He’s just filling in the next 6 month Contract spot. I am curious though, so you read that the crews will be boarding the ships 2-4 weeks beforehand? This is when Carnival starts up after Covid-19? I’d like to share the source with our son. Thanks! 2-4 weeks pay prior to sailing would be fantastic! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  11. This week our son phoned his contact person for rehires/new Contracts. Her message said she was on a Temporary Leave of Absence. He has been reaching out every so often on a monthly basis. Till this latest phone message, she has emailed her responses, which is basically the “who knows!” 🙂🙂 🛳🛳 Bobbi P.S. I’m on the Sep 13 Freedom. It’s a no show on Carnival too ....🤔
  12. Firefly, I’m a shopper, but I “discovered” Thrift Stores about 7 years ago! 😂😂 I have a local (for us) Long Beach B2B on the Inspiration in the beginning of December. Then the Panorama in April. So, I guess there is the potential of these cruises being cancelled by a 2nd wave of Covid-19. 🤔🤔 But, right now all I want is to safely cruise in September. What ship do cruise on in September? 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  13. Firefly thanks! Well, you are going to have the best time on Carnival’s “dime”!! 🥳🥃🎢 😂😄 Right now, I’m still leaning on bringing most of that OBC home. I love to have cruises booked in the near future, something to look forward to 🛳 ! I definitely want to be onboard whatever ship our son gets assigned to next. Nothing in site yet, but he’s thinking positive that he’ll get a ship in 2021. We’re putting it out to the Universe. 💙🌌 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  14. Is our $600 OBC used the same as FCC? As in could you book/down payment a future cruise? I have $832 OBC for my September Freedom Cruise from Galveston. Thanks, 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  15. Hi, I just checked my Panorama April ‘21 cruise. No FTTF, has “0”. But, I’m not surprised. California is taking its time on re-opening. I don’t have any problem with the process. Rather go forward cautiously, then go back. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
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