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  1. This is absolutely not true! Not only am I totally NOT stuck up If you met me at trivia or at the spa I would likely strike up a conversation with you. Here is the deal. I am NOT rich... but I budget for my suite cruise every orher year. My job of almost 30 years has me catering to people on a daily basis. A lot. When I vacation I look forward to being pampered. I choose a line like MSC or (the old) NCL where I can have pampering without being amongst snobs that I would be on a luxury line. I do not have tons of money to throw away. Value is important to me. MSC, I thought, had it right. Price suites correctly, where the product is in demand and might sell out but some availability can be found. In the case of NCL they upped the suite prices, in many cases doubling them. So, less people booked them. I know that is when I tried MSC. No, I do not want to book a balcony and then try for the bid. I am an organized planner. I like to know exactly what I am buying. For that reason I usually book early. And book the suite I want. The losers are folks like me. I cruised solo in an inside on Seaside in May. I booked a year in advance. It was a little over $3,000. So now, with the new model, if that same cruise costs me $5000 and the person next to me booked s balcony for $1,500 and bid $1,000 to updrade I am paying an inflated price. This to model is for people who like to play the game. It is not for me. I make no apologies. But it has thing to do with being stuck up.
  2. So true about subjectiveness. My faves in YC on Seaside in May were: spaghetti bolognase lamb chops pastries and the hot choc in venchi. Especially the orange flavored.
  3. Thought I had found a new home in MSC YC. Alas.
  4. Just cruised 5/11. Had a few short chats with him. Very pleasant man.
  5. Luckily I make great crepes... so I can have those anytime. Although having someone else do the clean up is a plus. I loved the orange hot chocolate. Wish I could duplicate it. Does anybody know what they use for that creamy texture????
  6. I disembarked a week later. I was solo in a YC inside. I had read Venchi and crepes were no longer gratis. (i booked last June when they were included.). On board I was pleased that the Venchi drinks were in fact included. It was fun to have these at trivia. However, if they had not been I would have had something else. Never saw crepes. So, until now, had not even crossed my mind. Perfect cruise? No. But only a few hiccups and some of those were funny as heck. Never had to wait for a heated tile lounger in spa. Quite a contrast to Epic a few years ago. I cannot imagine anything that would have me fuming days later, especially bar service. Life is too short.
  7. Thanks! I have always gone to the crew shows on other lines. So much fun.
  8. Any other “don’t miss” shows? Any duds? At DFW Airport right now - boarding tomorrow. Thanks.
  9. I am a NCL HAVEN Alum going on first Seaside YC Saturday! I have done my homework though. No Pre-cruise concierge. Kinds like my early Haven days. Tipping is so subjective. But I will just say that I leave auto tips in place and cash tip all the fine folks who make my vacation special. I had to purchase internet for my cruise so I cannot help. I must watch baseball. And see my pup on webcam. I will say NCL was superb for my vegan niece. I plan to research on the Seaside future options for her. I will owe her another cruise when she graduates from college. When are you cruising?
  10. Since the amount is so small I would guess an adjustment in port charges and taxes?
  11. Glad you came back to update/post. Your kids are adorable!
  12. G.M.T., I agree with you! I have never had any problem with any cruise line's customer service, including MSC. I think this is in a great part due to me doing a great deal of research and due diligence BEFORE my booking. Then I DO NOT change it. Changing an order with anyone is asking for trouble and mishaps. If I get the wrong size, I ALWAYS do a new sale, receive the item, make sure it okay and then I begin the return process. The same is true with cruises. The only times I have had changed anything about a cruise is when NCL cancelled my booked cruise, due to pulling out of Houston and then AGAIN when my replacement cruise was cancelled due to a Sixth Man music charter. Thin in itself was a bit confusing and irritating. I research EVERYTHING, even the exact cabin I chose with my lifetime subscription to "Cruisestaterooms.com". I make sure I like the ship, cabins, ports, etc. before I make that call... has saved me a lifetime of stress. Jamie, so sorry you are having problems. I hope all turns out for you.
  13. Russ, sounds fantastic. Only a few weeks until I experience it for myself. Thanks.
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