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  1. Yes, our SNL is an operator and he and our daughter are also onboard Oasis. Fun trip for them as they were treated to the Super Bowl as well In row 7 of the end zone for exceeding a goal.
  2. Yes Symphony & Oasis we’re both chartered. My daughter & SNL are in Oasis.
  3. I believe both Symphony & Oasis we’re chartered by Chick-fil-a for their annual owner/operators and corporate meeting. They boarded yesterday and are at CoCo Cay today.
  4. We were on Anthem 10.24-11.02 for a 9 night Canada/New England cruise as Diamond Plus in a standard oceanview balcony. We were allowed in the CL without any problem. It was very crowded in the evenings so we used the overflow DL instead with a walk up bar as it was easier to get served. I did use the CL in the mornings for a light breakfast and specialty coffee and never found it to be busy. Went a time or two in the early afternoon for coffee and maybe 6-8 people reading.
  5. We were on this same cruise. Sad that we missed Bar Harbor. We are on Anthem next week and keeping our fingers crossed that we get there this time. The worst part for us was coming back in to Manhattan where our hotel was and trying to get around. All the electric was off, the subway was closed due to flooding, the buses were reserved to transport people back across the bridges. We did a lot of walking that weekend. Our flight home the following day had a total of 8 passengers and the airport was deserted.
  6. I will definitely keep this in mind go future Empress cruises!
  7. Lucky you! I called for my January cruise but they were all taken. Worth a shot though. Sure wish I had realized about these cabins when I booked a few months ago. Enjoy your bigger space!
  8. Thank you so much! I just booked our transfers on Friday afternoon for 9am... which won't work out according to this. Glad you posted this information for me. I will call today to change it to 9:45. Thanks again. Also, if you know the answer, does this port have the facial recognition technology so you breeze right thru correct?
  9. We are doing British Isles next July. I was able to book flights from DFW (Dallas) to BRU (Brussels, Belgium) where we will stay 2 days then take the train to Amsterdam for 3 days before we board the ship. I booked Amsterdam to DFW for the return flight. I booked as multi-city online without any problem.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to check it out when it's time to line up.
  11. Thank you so much for all the info! We've sailed out of Bayonne back in 2012 but on a different ship. We are flying from Texas & arriving a couple of days early as our daughter, SNL & 19mo old granddaughter live in Manhattan. We'll stay a couple of nights with them and then head over to the port early on Thursday morning even though our boarding time says 12pm we'll be onboard long before then :)
  12. Our cruise itinerary shows 7:00am arrival at Cape Liberty. There are tours with airport drop off that start at 9:30. Our flights are at 1pm so wanting to be at the airport at 11am. I was thinking walkoffs were 7:00-9:00am on most ships but I think we've arrived in port around 6:am. I just don't want the driver to be waiting for us and get charged extra but I also don't want to be at the airport at 8:00am. I guess either way we'll be sitting somewhere. I'd rather be at the airport checked in and have time to walk around than sitting in a lounge or theater waiting for my number to be called. Thanks for your help! Cindy
  13. Just wondering if anyone who has recently sailed Anthem could tell me what time the self-assist walk off time is? I need to pre-book a shuttle service for our group of 10 from Port Liberty to Newark to arrive by 11am. We are a mixed group with gold to D+ members so we were planning to all do walk off with our luggage but I need to know a set time to schedule the shuttle for pick up. Wondering if we're all in line by 8:00am or 8:30am if that will leave sufficient time to walk off by 9:00-9:30and have the driver meet us. We are looking to use Dial 7 car service in a Sprinter shuttle unless someone has a better suggestion. Thanks, Cindy
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