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  1. No chance repositioning from Singapore Singapore dear Indonesia dear and Australia no duty free so need to buy on ship if possible
  2. Can anyone advise what the prices are like for say Brandy and Vodka please Thanks
  3. wish there were a 5 for 4 bucket of cider why not!!!!
  4. Also wine in England is not cheap however on that cruise we shall be taking some on board as DS will take us to the ship by car
  5. Bought ours through our bank without having to open a share account no problems and the best price
  6. Thank you sounds like home here
  7. What is the norm for tips in Singapore expected or included taxis restaurants etc
  8. book a private tour to the elephant orphanage fabulous day
  9. bought mine in 2009 tripled in value and already had obc back twice the original cost
  10. Sorry Carnival Splendor from Singapore repositioning to Sydney and using AUD on board for the accounts
  11. OK tey mus be boarding under American rules not Australian which is no bottles In which case can we take one bottle of wine each as the USA are allowed?
  12. You can bring cans but they must be loose (taken pout of their wrapping) I believe up to 24 each you are correct bottles no longer allowed
  13. It is not a count to get to elite for the loyalty bonus you cont the cruise credits to 21 and then you get obc for each cruise until 31 then you get $50 obc and upwards
  14. Thank you cat I will have a go at that and see if I can find a compatible countdown cloc
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