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  1. Princess are still offering cruises this year the one I booked to Fiji in October is still being offered as well as others at that time
  2. I got the future cruise credit for my cancelled March cruise but not yet given the monies for taxes and port fees which should be cash back to credit card I have to watch the My Princess a/c as they keep trying to put my credits against booked cruises before payment date
  3. Thank you both for that extensive information Lots to think about We have been advised that the buggies can only be booked on the day first come fist served and they take 3 people and take you down they did not say bring you back as they would be needed for the other waiting tourist. We never do ships tours - apart from the price we like to have smaller groups in the buses and not wait for those who feel that rules do not apply regarding times etc to them and spoil the day for everyone -= also the private tours available commence an hour at least before the Princess ones. I have noted the tours by Jordan day trips available and they are very good but you are still at the mercy of the possibility that the golf carts are not available Lots to think about but thanks so much for your replies
  4. Not being able to do the walk for Petra and etc I am looking for ideas for the stop in Jordan. I can walk but not the amount needed for Petra so a normal tour would be interesting if anyone has partaken of one in this area or knows an interesting place
  5. Did you book direct with them as I am having trouble getting a reply from the agent I used for my flight and Emirates say I have to deal through the agent - I have now masked my credit card to chase them
  6. I have had the credit for the paid for cruise which was cancelled (October) and they returned the future cruise letter I have had the future cruise letter for the March cancelled cruise returned and the TA had it extended for the 2 years so we could use it to book our next cruise. I am waiting for the money refund for the October cruise which the TA aid is on the way but the last future cruise letter although only 2 years old I have been told is out of date and they have returned the money (THEY HAVE NOT) so now TA asking them to extend it so I can use it for a cruise I am booking this week. They are a little over the 60 days expected but do seem to get going although each Princess staff give different replies
  7. Yes I had thought about them last time but you may not get them as they are only available on the day and they only take you part way I am not expecting to do Petra at all
  8. It looks interesting but it still needs the walk back to the visitors centre and that is 5 k I am sure neither of u could do it now so sadly although Petra was a long time bucket list I will have to pass unless we find one that has no walking except perhaps 1 k around the ruins
  9. Of course sorry did not pick up Yes that sounds interesting also we have decided that we cannot do {Petra so anything you know of that does not require kilometers of walking iat that stop ,would be good Keep me posted please
  10. I we are also on the Grand cruise in March 2021 What tours were you interested in? We love private tours and are interested in any that are recommended and a bargain compared with the cruise ships price.
  11. Thanks Yes our TA has noted that they will do the refund but not happened yet
  12. Princess cancelled our cruise which should have been in March I chose the 225% option and today I received the future cruise credit on my Princess a/c but the port taxes and extras which were to be refunded in cash have not yet appeared. Do they have to come via the TA?
  13. I had 3 cancelled cruises all using FC letters I got 2 of them back eventually (one was out of the 2 years date so I phoned and they extended it for a year so used it for a booking) I am still waiting for the 3rd letter but I think it is part of the cancelled Sun Princess cruise which will happen when they give me a refund and the future cruise credits at least hope so
  14. Still waiting for my refund and future cruise credit for their cancellation of 25th March cruise Asa said credits and days removed from my a/c but aiting for the Future letter to be returned etc at this point in time 12.43 australian time the web site is down for maintenance
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