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  1. It is worth chasing this s we had a similar letter from a poor stopping cruise and we had a cruise already booked for which we had used a future cruise letter and before we asked the TA said they had been advised the credit was in our system account and they took it off the cruise cost immediately If necessary go on the CEO's blog and ask for action (I have done that in the past and got action)
  2. If the transfer is already included in your booking (and you do not have to pay for it again) you dont need to use obc
  3. yes obc can be used for anything you like to buy or experence offered by the ship
  4. It is rare but has been known for an on line australian agency to give something of a reduction perhaps in obc or a bottle of wine or dinner so it is always worth asking Perhaps it is easier to deal with on line agencies as they seem to do more business than a bricks mortar TA who are not cruise specilists
  5. They need up to date proof (3 months) of ownership so if you bought on line you should log onb to your site and download or print and scan a copy of your account (block out your number but you need your full name Then send it attached to an e mail or a fax with the cruise details and date to the local head off of each company I do not know if Costa accepts e mails as Princess does not so you may have to ask
  6. P&O have balloon drops on one of their speciality nights
  7. Everyone is different in their needs but Apart from having a balcony on the Amazon cruises where it was a small ship and there were very few inside cabins we have always had insides - often guarantee (even on the 76 day Pacific circle cruise) Upgraded free twice to having a window which was nice but did not make much difference We cruise to enjoy the scenery on the outside decks with better views, to meet people (who would not be in our cabin) and to be spoilt by the stewards and wait staff. Should we have booked outside or balcony cabin s on our cruises we would only have managed to go on a quarter of them. On the other way around we treated my MIL to a cruise when she was 93 and had never cruised and she was very happy with her inside room she was able to have a quiet nanna nap when she wanted
  8. For us it is I am on holiday it is a chance to dress up and we love it
  9. Thank you for the price It is for Ruby in December so perhaps they may not have it either I may have to wait until Regal in 2020 from Southampton
  10. What is the cost for the chefs table please our a/c will be in US$
  11. Thank you very much for your information I appreciate it Yvonne
  12. No chance repositioning from Singapore Singapore dear Indonesia dear and Australia no duty free so need to buy on ship if possible
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