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  1. it was a nice catch last night. just used the hand-helds. why set up the telescope if you know you won't freeze to death. i use StarWalk2 on my phone to tell me what i'm seeing.
  2. or, if the lights don't treat you right... Neptune will be in opposition (directly opposite the sun) on sept 10 and the closest to the earth for the year AND visible all night long. the light will have taken 4 hours to reach you.
  3. Debbie Downer mode - In fifteen years I have never heard of someone being woken on a mega cruiser for the lights being out . Adventure class ships, yes. Sometimes, if it's important, you must assume some personal responsibility. Set your alarm to look outside after midnight.
  4. lived here 40+ years and every time i go out wearing a sports bra and shorts i get escorted back to my house it was 44 this am
  5. well, those computer projections work great if you're in the flatlands with endless horizons but I'm at 50' above sea level (officially 51' so I don't have to pay for tsunami insurance) and my horizon is above a 2000-9000' mountain range surrounding tiny town. It gets darker and blacker earlier than what your computer predicts. And to DogLover, I spent the last two weeks w/ my mom in OK. 112 heat index??!!! Only twice in 40+ years have I been back to OK in the summer. My last gift from my dad was he waited until the temp was below triple digits before he passed away.
  6. between 1 and 3 am. sorry they're so inconvenient ....... like my sig says, I live in Petersburg, midway between KTN and JNU but unless you're on an adventure class ship, you won't be coming here, we voted down the state building us a deep water port, twice.
  7. Nothing that's going to make the cover of Nat'l Geo but still an enjoyable show. Greens and yellow-greens.
  8. were out dancing last night they never learned it's impossible to see them in summer
  9. noon today in Petersburg (half way between juneau and ketchican).
  10. No, no they are not. The crabs are processed (steamed and frozen or canned) soon after being off loaded. Handling increases the risk of morts (mortalities). There have been attempts to fly live crab south but the extreme transportation costs and deaths prevent it from being anything but filling a boutique niche.
  11. The photos you see of the thousands of eagles perched along the Chilkat River near Haines occurs during a late run of chum and coho salmon in November. Other times you'll see the normal distribution of eagles along a fish stream. No food/fish, no eagles.
  12. In the middle of SE Alaska, from Ketchikan to Petersburg we are under electricity conservation advisories. Too dry of a winter and minimal snow pack is causing low water levels at our hydro-electric reservoirs. Still snow at high elevations and on northern exposures.
  13. uh, no. Crabs are processed (sorted, steamed, frozen) soon after offloading, in Alaska.
  14. All of the major ports in SE have their King Salmon derbies Memorial weekend, except for 2018 when most were canceled due to the poor return. ADF&G did a survey and it averaged over 20 hours fishing for each sport King caught. I don't fish for kings, I wait til august/september to catch coho.
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