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  1. Thanks. Was not aware of the Canary Island resort. The use of the term "home" was in their home countries as opposed to being banged up on the other side of the world in a cruise ship.
  2. The images and memories of the Diamond Princess won't die easily. I don't recall any hotels or resorts being put in lockdown only a cruise ship. People who were in the same places as Diamond Princess passengers are home now while the cruisers are still under lock and key. Knowing that the risk exists during a viral outbreak of being confined to your cabins for two weeks in close quarters with infected people to only then face two more weeks of quarantine when you get home will be a powerful incentive to choose land-based vacations instead of a cruise.
  3. Hygiene shaming grown adults like first-grade children? LOL.
  4. This seems to be a whole new level of germ anxiety. Don't use the sanitizers to sanitize your hands because the nozzle from which the sanitizing agent is dispensed may not be sanitized because people trying to sanitize their hands are touching the nozzle with their unsanitary hands? Okay! One less thing to do before dinner.
  5. If you are wiping down the remote, light switches, etc. do you also wipe down the toilet handle and bathroom faucets? People don't typically wash their hands before flushing and to wash their hands they must turn on the water with unwashed hands.
  6. Exactly right and keeping people together in their cabins wouldn't qualify as an effective quarantine either although there weren't many options available to Princess.
  7. It didn't fail as far as the Japanese health authorities were concerned. They is no evidence they considered alternative quarantine sites to deal with the outbreak. Instead to protect their own people they forced crew and cruisers, most of whom weren't Japanese, to spend two-weeks in circumstances that facilitated the spread of the virus.
  8. This is what deters me from the drinks package too. Our total spend per day is at or slightly above the drinks package but only because we sometimes prefer finer wines and spirits that aren't on the package. If I parse out the good stuff the drinks package wouldn't make economic sense. The other aspect of the drinks package is that it is an incentive to consume more than you might otherwise to make it worthwhile or to tolerate lesser brands. I'd rather drink what I want when I want instead of tossing them back just to meet a "quota."
  9. The link I posted above leads to an article quoting a British professor of Health Protection regarding the challenges faced during the quarantine. To ensure the safety of their own citizens the Japanese enforced an absolute quarantine of the ship even though it would contribute to spreading the virus among passengers and crew. There is no evidence they considered another alternative. Meanwhile, Canada and the United States seemed to be able to locate secure quarantine facilities for their returning citizens. The people I feel for most are the crew. They were required to work, deliver food, etc. with little more than masks instead of better bio-security equipment. At CFB Trenton, for example, staff interacting with detainees are wearing Hazmat suits. https://www.macleans.ca/opinion/my-room-is-sanitized-daily-by-people-in-hazmat-suits-life-in-canada-under-coronavirus-quarantine/
  10. I've never been treated with anything other than professionalism on my many trips to the the UK and most of the time going into the US. In fairness to the Americans I am back and forth often so the odds of getting the occasional jerk is much higher. Acquiring Nexus a few years ago was a definite improvement.
  11. Japanese health authorities are certainly doing the best they can to prevent the spread of the virus to their own people even if it means keeping the passengers and crew in a less than optimum environment to reduce the spread of the virus. There is nothing to suggest the Japanese considered any alternatives. Already there are questions being asked whether the on-board quarantine was the right decision. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/02/19/national/science-health/quarantine-cruise-ship-yokohama-comes-question-hit-virus-incubator/#.Xk82AShKiUk
  12. I've run into these procedures a couple of times. The cruise line will provide you with your passport if you request it for shore visits.
  13. I don't blame Princess and don't expect them to have expertise in managing a quarantine. The Japanese gave them no other choice but to keep everyone on the ship providing opportunity for the virus to spread unchecked among passengers and crew.
  14. The Japanese did not quarantine the ship to protect the passengers or crew. They quarantined the ship to protect the Japanese.
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