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  1. I wouldn't recognize the theme from Titanic and wouldn't care if I did. If a cruise line screening the movie, The Poseidon Adventure or some other ship-related disaster movie causes dismay then don't watch it.
  2. I try to be first to get off the boat on port days and among the last to return. My reason to cruise is to go places. Take the port stops away from a cruise ship and what you have left on most lines is an over-crowded all-inclusive hotel with impossibly small rooms, a tiny pool, insipid entertainment and mediocre food and drink. For those that never leave the boat would you pay to stay on a cruise ship that departed each morning, cruised in circles in open water all day and returned to the same dock each night?
  3. Certainly that's the American viewpoint. The rest of the world may not ascribe to the same view which is why we should not be subjected or pressured to commemorate a largely American event that occurred almost two decades ago. I'd play along if the ship were in American waters or departing from an American port on the day otherwise I would regard a "moment of silence" for 9/11 as an unwelcome intrusion and ignore the request.
  4. Definitely a good read and part of the reason why I carry my passport with me while in a foreign country. Thanks.
  5. I'd be surprised too unless it were a U.S. departure. Demanding international passengers observe a moment of silence in commemoration of 9/11 on a cruise ship in the Med or other far flung ocean would be inappropriate.
  6. The longer the cruise the better behaved the passengers in my experience. The least amount of over-imbibing I've witnessed was a HAL re-positioning cruise from Europe to North America. I've seen drunk people on Princess but never saw anyone obnoxious or out of line. Meanwhile, a short Carnival Caribbean cruise a few years ago was a floating piss-up for heavily-tatted trailer trash whose main activities were drinking and fighting. I won't sail Carnival if you paid me.
  7. If anyone should feel "pride" it is the cruiser on the smaller ship because they are most likely having a superior experience than found on the bloated mega-boats. The only emotion I experience seeing other ships when entering port is mild depression because I will have to fight massive crowds from other boats on the dock and at attractions. Elation is when you are the only ship in port.
  8. I'm a Canadian so an apology to the U.S.A. doesn't include me. 😉
  9. Hurricane season doesn't deter me. There are two risks on the cruise itself during hurricane season. Not making a specific port or turbulent seas. IMO, those are not reasons to avoid a discounted cruise in September or October but I have no issue with motion sickness and am not bothered by rough seas. Truth be told I like it when the weather gets rough. YMMV.
  10. What I love to do is make money. That's why I work. Money can't buy happiness but it can make the search far more comfortable.
  11. Now you are grasping at straws. If anything in ten years the information would be more available to the crew with advancements in technology. The people who cancel the auto gratuities on the last day should realize that if they travel again on the same line the person delivering their food on their next cruise could well know their history and reasonably conclude they are likely to do the same again. You can run but you can't hide.
  12. It doesn't need to be the entire crew. Do you have a food allergy, a special diet, a cabin preference? All of that and more would be available fairly far down the service chain. All it would take is a quiet word to a server that a return passenger canceled the auto gratuities before departure on his last cruise. It is something for those who cancel auto gratuities at the last minute to consider when they shovel a forkful of food into their face on their return cruise on the same line.
  13. Much of my current travel is business-related. "Retirement" means stopping about 90 per cent of the travel I'm doing now. The plan is to travel less and enjoy it more. 🙂
  14. On a cruise ship you dine in the same place for a set period of time whether it's a few days or many weeks. Servers get to know you. Furthermore, there is a client file held by the line with your preferences and past cruises. Skinflints should not take for granted their cruise line server isn't aware of their miserly past. I've worked at moderately upscale restaurants that turned over 200 covers a night which also totals tens of thousands customers in a year. These were more or less different diners each night not a weekly turnover nor did we have customer files. The staff didn't remember every cheapskate that stiffed a server but you can bet we did remember some even if it had been months since they were last in.
  15. But they do know and could reasonably be expected to remember them should they come back. I worked in restaurants going through university and we remembered the people who stiffed the servers for a long time. It might be prudent for the cheapskates who pull the auto gratuities at the end of a cruise to not sail the same line twice or at least let sufficient time pass to ensure a crew turnover.
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