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  1. Perhaps another category of awful table mate would be the germaphobe who before each meal produces antiseptic wipes to scrub down their menu, cutlery, glasses and plate and uses a second napkin if they need to receive a condiment dispenser from another passenger. I have yet to see such behavior on a cruise but have had people beside me on aircraft maniacally scrub down the armrests, over head bin latch, seat belt, IFE screen, etc. before takeoff.
  2. No doubt it will be fine but germaphobes are not rational. They carry antiseptic wipes to meticulously scrub items hours after they were touched by someone else and rebuke complete strangers in public toilets for their hygiene protocol. They would fret that a dirty hand passed the salt shaker and left germs on it that would transfer to their hand and enter their system.
  3. Similar. Waffle irons are cross hatched. Grid(dle) irons have only parallel striations.
  4. You will find cruisers from all cultures however. Anticipating everyone will strictly adhere to the cultural norms of the ship's country of registry might be expecting too much. Proper table manners are not universally agreed upon.
  5. What may be offensive table manners to one person might be entirely acceptable due to cultural differences. Slurping soup is quite accepted in Japan as are eating with the hands (right only) in India, burping at the table in certain Middle Eastern countries, dropping a used napkin on the floor (Spain,) eating asparagus with your hand (UK and Europe.) Equally possible is that you may be transgressing the accepted table manners of another country by eating with fork (Thailand,) salting your food (Portugal,) putting your hands in your lap (Russia,) sticking chopsticks in a bowl of rice (Japan,) asking for cheese with seafood pasta (Italy.) My approach is to ignore other people's table manners unless they are getting their food on me.
  6. Not going to happen to me. I wash my hands at least most of the time. LOL.
  7. But what about all those other people who are in those toilets who might not wash their hands without anyone there to reproach them for their gruesomely unsanitary behavior? They and their hands will be circulating among us, touching things, shaking hands, touching you, sitting at the same table, passing the salt shaker, relentlessly spreading their nasty germs to everyone. Whatever will you do?
  8. It is one thing to be cautious about germs. It is quite another to be obsessed. Lecturing people in public toilets about their hand washing or lack thereof falls well into the second category.
  9. Are you at greater risk of catching an unwanted virus at a shared table greater than at a two-top? You are after all sitting with complete strangers for a couple of hours and Lord knows what types of bugs and infections they might have. Is wearing surgical gloves an option while dining? Should you demand to know beforehand if the person who is passing you the salt shaker washed their hands after their last pee? Is wearing surgical gloves while dining the solution? Are mandatory hand swabs and throat cultures too much to ask? Can't be too careful now can we? Politics and prayer be irritating but is the definition of the truly awful table mate the one that infects you due to their complete and wanton disregard for their personal hygiene? Should they be berated for their absolute lack of compassion toward the rampant germaphobes who may be sharing the table?
  10. It depends where we are going and what we are doing. They were great in Alaska, Tahiti and watching from the ship while traversing the Panama Canal. They were of less value in the Caribbean and Europe because we were visiting places I'd rather not wander around with a pair of expensive binoculars around my neck.
  11. With rights come responsibilities and repercussions. Pesky people in public toilets rebuking other patrons for failing their prescribed standard of hand hygiene may learn that the hard way.
  12. Yes, don't ever grab your hand. They might not have washed theirs during their last visit to the toilet. The horror.
  13. So far through a varied and exciting life it hasn't happened yet which can be attributed to a robust constitution and not being raised as a germaphobe. I do however hope a person who has little patience with overbearing germphobes who stalk people in public toilets does not take their unwashed hand and dramatically demonstrate why you should keep your opinions to yourself.
  14. I can't give myself Noro so not washing my hands isn't going to haunt me. Meanwhile, your habit of stalking patrons in public toilets and rebuking them for not hand washing may come back to haunt you in dramatic fashion.
  15. One of the things that my parents taught me was not to stare at other men in public toilets. Whether you wash your hands or not is none of my concern and vice versa. The unofficial men's room monitor who takes it upon himself to bring it to my attention should expect a short and profane response. My hands, my business, not yours.
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