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  1. Even if the cruise lines don't impose a mandatory vaccine requirement it should be expected that when a coronavirus vaccine is widely available most nations will establish proof of inoculation as a condition of entry. Mandatory vaccinations aren't new and many nations already require visitors to have various inoculations before being admitted. So while anti-vax kooks may be allowed to cruise they won't be let off the boat.
  2. Let's all take the same approach regardings deaths. 2,977 deaths on 9/11? No biggie. 🙄
  3. The anticipated restrictions on cruises and my complete lack of confidence in the cruise lines to live up to their safety commitments "break the deal" well before any consideration of excursion restrictions.
  4. A helicopter evacuation would only be for a person who was so gravely ill they need immediate medical attention. It's what happens to the rest of us that should be of concern. Unlike cruise ships no one was quarantined for two weeks on an airplane nor were planes diverted because there was a COVID case on board.
  5. It is preferable to someone you care about catching the virus from you and dieing a gruesome death on a ventilator because you just had to cram yourself onto a very large boat with thousands of complete strangers. Cruise ships need special consideration because spaces are tight and exposure times are much longer. Managing strict PPE protocols for a few several hours on a flight is much easier than enforcing them with often liquored up cruisers who are in close proximity for a week or more. One case on a flight present a far smaller risk of spreading to other fliers than one case on the floating viral incubator otherwise known a cruise ships. It's the difference between public transit and nightclubs. While the primary role of the CDC is to protect Americans, a secondary objective would be to set protocols that will be accepted by other countries who justifiably are wary about letting boatloads of Americans into their ports.
  6. I will make another cruise reservation when I can cruise as I did in 2019. The prospect of a cruise with masks, social distancing, restrictions, etc. is unappealing. The prospect of being quarantined in a cabin is appalling. The prospect of being dumped off the ship at the mercy of a third-world medical system is horrifying.
  7. I would not cruise with the current restrictions but not because I don't wish to contend with the new requirements. I have no issue wearing a mask, social distancing and being meticulous in my personal hygiene. The reason I won't cruise is the likelihood some moron with an over-exaggerated requirement for "personal freedoms" won't do the same. One positive result among passengers or crew risks two weeks incarceration in your cabin during which time the virus runs rampant.
  8. We've lost four land trips since this began but no cruises. A bit depressing but those countries aren't going anywhere and we'll get there eventually. Whether we cruise again is an open question.
  9. The typical cruise ship provides an environment not unlike that of a nursing home or retirement residence. Older than average population living in close quarters, often with shared accomodation, communal eating at set times, group excursions and activities and a workforce primarily drawn from developing countries. Nursing homes are regularly closed for outbreaks of infections so it shouldn't be a surprise that viral infections are frequent and spread rapidly on cruise ships.
  10. Perhaps there is an upside to cruise lines going bust during the pandemic? No more brochures!
  11. My expectation of future cruising is that it will be not by worth the bother until which time there is a widely-distributed and administered vaccine or the virus dies out naturally.
  12. It's up to the cruise line to have a clear policy, enforce it and visit consequences upon those passengers or crew who do not comply. The cruise line has a greater commitment to the safety of all passengers than to the few miscreants who refuse to follow the policy. Pull your mask down and pack your bags.
  13. Fair enough. People who won't for whatever reason cruise if there is a mask requirement aren't the issue. It's the people who will cruise but fully intend to ignore the rule.
  14. There's been so much crazy stuff passed around regarding the virus that it's hard to discern sarcasm. The emojis help. This one is good for sarcasm. 😉
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