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  1. On our upcoming 14 night Jewel cruise we have 13 of the 14 nights booked in a specialty restaurant. We just think the food and service is so much better in the specialty restaurants.
  2. Bocadude85

    Honolulu luaus

    If you are interested in something more traditional than the typical big tourist luau productions I would recommend the experience nutridge luau, much more authentic with a much smaller crowd.
  3. Where would one find the email addresses for the above mentioned?
  4. Thank you everyone for the great insight, I will post the photos to social media and see if that gets NCL attention.
  5. Yes I did, though in all fairness I’m not sure what they could really do about it.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I should contact to discuss my issues with the room?
  7. I did make my feelings know while onboard, but nothing was done. I also sent an email to the generic NCL customer service address when I got back and never received a response.
  8. We just got back from a European cruise aboard the Spirit, the cruise itself and the crew onboard the ship were wonderful, however our room was a huge disappointment. We have sailed in mostly suites on our prior cruises so we have come to expect a certain quality when it comes to the suites. Our SF suite stateroom 10508 was is severe disrepair, the enamel coating in the tub was peeling off so anytime you took a bath you had chunks of enamel floating in the water with you, the shower had extreme water damage and was unsightly, the mosaic tiles on the walls were missing and falling out, the speakers in the room were falling out of the ceiling etc. We didn’t let any of this ruin our vacation but I was extremely disappointed in the room itself. We paid almost 10k for the cruise and to me the room was not worth half of what we paid, NCL should be extremely embarrassed by the lack of quality in this suite. I have attached a few pictures below.
  9. We are very close to our breaking point with NCL, they seem to be constantly taking away amenities and or adding a surcharge for items that used to be included in the cruise fare, we love the NCL suite life but over the years the prices have continued to climb while the amenities have continued to decline. We paid almost 10k for the least expensive suite on our upcoming Spirit cruise, I haven’t priced it out but I’m thinking we could have sailed with Oceania for that price. I’m fine with NCL increasing the prices as long as they add additional amenities that justify the price increases. I’m sure these issues are not specific to NCL but I have no experience with the other lines so I can not make a comparison.
  10. My vote would be for a land tour, I just don’t think you will get enough of a taste of each island on the cruise, as others have said pick one island and spend a week or more and really immerse yourself into the local culture and cuisine.
  11. I also like Kir Royales and have never had a problem getting them from any of the bars.
  12. My husband and I are in our early 30’s and for the past few cruises have sailed exclusively in suites aboard NCL, the rooms and service have been wonderful. NCL ships are obviously not luxury liners, but the haven suites do give you that sense of luxury you are looking for. Also NCL will have more of the age demographic you are looking to connect with, atleast that has been my experience. Recently we have been cruising NCL’s smaller ships and while these ships do not have the haven area, we have found the suites to be just as luxurious and the service and food has been better then on the larger ships with the haven area.
  13. We received the email to bid to upgrade for our May 18th Spirit cruise, we are in a SF suite and paid a little over 9k for the room, they are offering the owners suite(currently priced at $12,600 ) with a starting bid of $500 pp. we didn’t bid as I am not a fan of the owners suite on the Spirit but thought maybe someone would find the information useful.
  14. Prices really have gone up, a balcony room on our Europe cruise in May 2019 is over $7k. A inside room is over $4k! We sailed on the Spirit on a two week European cruise two years ago and paid $2200 for a balcony including the drink and dining package.
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