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  1. I urge you to abandon the idea of a day trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Travel from Haifa to Jerusalem alone requires a minimum of 2.5 hours each way, and it will take you another hour from there each way to the Dead Sea. You will spend the better part of the day sitting in a vehicle looking out the window, and you will be lucky not to miss your ship's departure. If you have a minimum of 12 hours in port, you could consider just going to Jerusalem on your own with public transportation, as long as your arrival day is not Friday or Saturday, using bus and/or train. However, realize that you will still have minimal time on the ground in the city. We did a private tour from Haifa port to Jerusalem, but we left the port at 0730 and returned at 2000. As the round trip travel time was 5 hours, I thought this was barely enough time to make the trip worthwhile.
  2. Shari: The information is clear and readily available on the Princess website, not hidden in any way. Did you read the "Late Arrival Protection" section? It clearly states that they must consider the PVSA: "Princess will work with the airlines to find a reasonable alternative to provide flights to the next appropriate* port at no additional air cost to the guest. Factors taken into account in determining the appropriateness of a port of call include, but are not limited to: visas and other legal documentation that may be required application of the Passenger Services Act to the new itinerary airport/port infrastructure comparability of cost, flight connections, and travel time required (note, any refund due on the unused air ticket must be used to offset the cost of the new air ticket) where in the original itinerary this port is located"
  3. I believe it was not "presented as an option to her" because she did not have advance approval to disembark in Victoria, as would have been required. Several years ago we went on a round trip Alaska cruise from Seattle, and our only option was to fly to Seattle from the East Coast on the day of embarkation. Knowing the potential consequences of missing embarkation, I requested and received advance written permission from the cruise line to disembark in Victoria so that we could catch up to the cruise at the next US port if needed. Fortunately we made it on time for embarkation in Seattle, but I think the OP would be on the ship now if she had also planned in advance.
  4. With kids ages 3-8 and your cruise departing from Seward, I see no reason to trek to Whittier. Furthermore, the Kenai Fjords Tour is known more for the wildlife, while the Whittier glacier cruises are known more for the scenery. However, will the younger kids (like the 3 year old) enjoy being on a boat for 6 hours, which is the minimum time to reliably reach the wildlife areas?
  5. I suggest you look for a different activity, as New Zealand recently banned swimming with dolphins due to its detrimental effect on the animals: https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-49507901
  6. We have a minor schedule and equipment change for a flight in early January on AA. The plane is now scheduled to be the 737 MAX 8 (rather than 737 as originally planned). Is it likely that this plane will be flying in early January? Is there any reason to request a different flight? These flights are cruise line flights, so we have not paid for them yet and can change them without incurring a fee. However, the times and prices are good, so unless there is a significant reason to change we would prefer to keep them.
  7. Many, if not most people will tell you to stay in Cadiz and enjoy the lovely port city. However, having gone to Seville with Spain Day Tours one day in the summer when it was 39 deg C, against the recommendations of others who said it would be too hot, I would say that I definitely would have felt like I really missed something special if we had skipped it. One option would be to go with Spain Day Tours but skip the walking tour. The guides will inform you when and where to meet the group. Another simple option is to take the train. If you do so, you would probably need a taxi from the Seville station to main sights in town. I am sure you will love either Cadiz or Seville.
  8. I agree with above and would add the following: What's wrong with the Delta flight (DL2085) that departs MKE at 0600 and connects in ATL to DL542 arriving in FLL at 1215?
  9. We had two fantastic wildlife tours in December 2018. In Akaroa, we went kayaking and saw many seals and blue penguins: https://www.pohatu.co.nz/Sea+Kayaking.html In Dunedin, we were fortunate to see the Royal Albatross, fur seals, sea lions, and a rare mated pair of Yellow-Eyed Penguins with this company: https://www.elmwildlifetours.co.nz/our-tours/peninsula-encounters/encounters-tour I highly recommend both of the above-mentioned tour companies.
  10. See this: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g3575948-i28159-k12846530-Tel_Aviv_Sheraton-Tel_Aviv_District.html
  11. I believe that the reason it disappeared is that TripAdvisor's policy is that it only publishes reviews from people who have taken a tour (or stayed at a hotel or eaten at a restaurant). In this case, the poster did not take the tour.
  12. We had two fantastic days with CJays Tours in December 2018, as our ship spent overnight in Tauranga. First day we visited Waitomo Glowworm Caves and Hobbiton. Second day we did Redwood Forest Tree Walk, Blue and Green Lakes, and Te Puia in Rotorua. I highly recommend them.
  13. Creating a mock booking, I get a lower price with two one ways (departure only and return only) than I get with a round trip. Is it possible to book two one ways on EZAir?
  14. I sure hope you're not trying to select seats for a Virgin Atlantic flight on the VA (Virgin Australia) website!! I suggest you go to the VS (Virgin Atlantic) website. You might have better luck!
  15. You should really reconsider your choice of cruise tour. The 10 day is too short, and you likely will not have sufficient time to get into Denali Park. Find a cruise tour that stays a minimum of 2 nights at Denali so that you can actually get into the park.
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