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  1. I also remember you posting other food pictures from your recent Celebrity cruise that looked good and you saying were good. Others opinions no matter the subject have zero influence on our expectations. Thanks for sharing and I only responded honestly to your original question. Don't take offense to that as you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Don't ask and I won't tell.
  2. And yet you ate it. I would have sent it back rather then taking a picture of what I couldn't eat.
  3. No you don't need to provide a picture when doing your check in. I don't scan our passports either.
  4. Weird. So far no buzz about it on the CC Celebrity forum. Stay tuned.
  5. Only talking about cruising. Good for you. That's all that matters. My method and experiences works for us.. Way too many opinions,experiences, positive and negative here on CC. We booked our first cruise in 1991, ten years before I joined CC. The only thing we learned by experience was don't book late TD.
  6. Our March Apex cruise was great. No issues. Music live or recorded was never too loud.
  7. Looking forward to our October Celebrity Eclipse cruise and our March 2024 Princess Enchanted cruise. Apples and oranges.
  8. If you want a balcony experience, don't book a IV stateroom.
  9. You're not ignorant. Just clarifying the difference between check in and boarding. You can be checked in but not immediately boarded.
  10. No biggie. Based on the title and normally I took it as usually but not this time.
  11. As I said wait until you are onboard. I have no faith in the app. Personal experiences.
  12. Wait until you are onboard. The app is consistently inconsistent.
  13. We are doing another Pacific Coastal cruise October and leaving from SD would be be great instead of San Pedro (LA). SD cruises don't have to head south.
  14. I called and requested the price adjustment. Same reservation number and no change to any OBCs, dining preference or cabin number. Everything has stayed the same from the original booking.
  15. You'll need to ask them. I've read post on CC saying that. Especially on the RCI forum. Hence my post.
  16. We would never book or not book a cruise, ship etc based on others positive or negative opinions or experiences.
  17. From your post #870 and my own experiences walking thru the casinos it's obvious to me. I guess you could always ask and look for the vapers/vapors.
  18. Call your TA to see if they'll help or call Celebrity at 1-888-751-7804.
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