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  1. I am Celebrity BC Sapphire level. 2020 will be doing B2B New Orleans/Mexico & Abc Islands. I normally get first cruise free then pay very reduced BC rates for 2nd leg. Wondering how it works if I do 2nd leg comped with UR Comped. Do I still get Sapphire benefits whilst comped y UR Comped?
  2. Many thanks Joewhite. Not surprised with Nikola as she doesn’t move to other ships. Was actually hoping she might have been on leave. Cheers, Denise
  3. Hello, are you able to confirm who is retreat host/ess and also host/ess in CDasino. Happy sailing, Cheeers
  4. I also purchased this outright on Miamice’s recommendation some time ago. Not rue how rental would work here in Aust and much prefer the convenience of having ready to go anytime. I think I paid approx $250AUD and think it’s a good deal. Will be firing it up for Japan in March and will report back. Also have looked at day pass V monthly subscription. Will be getting the $9 USD per 1 GB and cancel after trip, I don’t use for streaming or photo uploads etc. Mainly quick email and Japan will be for train schedules and online google translate. With the subscription the data speed isn’t reduced after 500mb and also there’s an option for auto reload when 1GB used. I figure if it tops up to 10-15GB whilst away for the month still a damn good deal. Cheers, Denise
  5. Hi Marden08, I bought outright on Miaminice's recommendation. As yet haven't set us but will do so in next few weeks to make sure all good for Japan next April. Have got as far as loading yo the app on ipad and phone and decided I will go for monthly subscription with auto top up whilst travelling. Cheers, Denise
  6. Well there you go I have never know Celebrity to move so fast. When I sent off to The Blake I questioned Celebrity offering 'reserved seating'. Response was that incorrect and they would contact Celebrity to change wording...yep has been changed to ''front row view''. So folks they can move fast if need be. Cheers
  7. Thanks everyone. I have emailed the Blake Hotel (which Celebrity use) and they have balcony access for $60 and balcony, open bar & buffet for $275 with rest rooms and also use of inside. They also have stadium style bleachers for $30 - $40 with exterior restrooms. I think I like the balcony in case of inclement weather and also inside if we need to take a 5 min breather. I did note on Celebrity shore excursions that they are touting 'reserved seating'. The Blake Hotel said very limited balcony seating ( I would like to think reserved for people with mobility needs). Can see Celebrity in the big do-do with false advertising and people wanting a refund for no reserved seat. Thanks again, happy sailing everyone. Cheers
  8. Looking at Celebrity New Orleans Mardi Gras excursion. I know we pay more doing Celebrity excursions but sometimes I feel it is worth it. Cost is approx $300 USD - The balcony with reserved seating and drinks/food at Blake Hotel. Have also looked at independent hotels with balcony for approx 1/2 the cost but not so good reviews with most. Celebrity states a 'reserved' seat on balcony. Anyone done this excursion and do you really have a reserved seat? 5-6 standing at rails can be tiring and I do like to sit to have a drink and eat. Thanks & Cheers
  9. I purchased Grappa & Limoncello during my west med cruise and boarded with no questions. I believe if they do confiscate it, it is returned to your cabin the night prior to disembarking. Same goes for any duty free purchased on the ship.
  10. Thank you so much for the follow up. Have a wonderful cruise.; Cheers
  11. WOW following and really getting excited with our cruise and 16 night land next March/April. Are you using the skyroam solis?? If so how is the connection/speed ? Mine arrived last week and yet to set up. Keep posing those wonderful photos and happy sailing. Cheers Denise
  12. Thank you for the info Miaminice. I also reply on recommendations and reviews from the folks on CC than scouring thru the internet and trying to work out fact from fiction with reviews. I have decided to buy the solis and think the godata plan will work fine when travelling. I don’t think I will even use 1GB in a month. All apps are downloaded already and I don’t upload photos or stream. I like to have it for google translate which is great since the latest upgrade. I always get comped internet on Celebrity so use that for emails etc. In process of buying nw and have a deal for joining newsletter. Thyanks again & happy cruising. Cheers, Denise
  13. Hi Miaminice, have just been researching Skyroam after reading your post. Was looking to hire a router in Japan next March but like the idea of owning one out right for future travels. I love google translate and much prefer to be online instead of trying to type to translate. So, Skyroam reviews are very, very mixed with a lot complaining about reduced speed after 500mb per day and also seem to be a lot of issues setting up. Also like the godata plan where u can stop and start on a monthly basis. 1gb per month and can buy extra for $14 AUD which i think is good deal. Can you enlighten me regarding speed and set up. W@ould be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. Hi, hoping this finds Tara Jane. Is so Tara would you mind helping out with a few questions for pre cruise trip. I am normally all over my extensive travels but for some reason I am finding Japan overwhelming. I am also from Melbourne so thought if you wouldn't mind helping out with some experienced advice. I can be contact by email denise underscore rick at hotmail dot com Tara, I hope you don't mind my requesting this but having read your posts think I would get better advice than scouring thru the internet gleaming bits & pieces. Cheers, Denise
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