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  1. Hi, I am expecting it to be a no, just cancel and rebook but thought I'd check. We are from the UK and booked direct with RCI UK for a short break 2020 on Anthem. No offers at all apart from 10% military discount. If an all inclusive offer is advertised or prices drop, is there a way to change to it without losing deposit? Thanks
  2. Someone recently reported the drinks package being sold onboard on a 14 for 12 night price offer. I was wondering if anyone has recent experience of this offer and whether firstly it was available on boarding and if it is available for the non alcohol package? Thank you
  3. A possible compromise is to allow all pax to drop bags to the whole in the wall on arrival and then self park their car. Or am I missing something?
  4. Hi, I am new to RCI and booked on a short cruise (5 nights) from Southampton next Oct. I chose Mytime dining when I booked and can see an option in the cruise planner to select my dining times, the only times available are 6.30 and 8.30pm. So should I book one of these for each night to ensure I get mytime dining? Can I then change it online in advance if I need to? Do I need to ask for a table for 2 or will it automatically give one as there are 2 of us? Thanks in advance
  5. Flo71

    British Isles

    Well I've done the British Isles cruise with Princess twice (on the same ship too) so it must be good. Love Royal Princess ship, did it once with daughter and then again with hubby and daughter. We went both times in July/Aug and weather was ok, bit of choppy seas one evening close to Ireland the first time but none that I recall second time. Beautiful scenery.
  6. Can anyone confirm that if you buy the £19.95 Non alcohol package that the Costa Fostinis and collers are included as well as hot coffees? If so do any other bars serve them or just the coffee shop? Thank you x
  7. I have had 2 different answers from P&O about whether frozen coffee drinks are included in the adult soft drinks package. Anyone had them on the package? Thanks
  8. We did a good P&O excursion on Guernsey, it was the underground hospital, the museum and a tour of the island. We have also just tendered off and done our own thing, from memory even when doing our thing the waiting was ok going off ship but coming back onbard was quite a wait.
  9. It states that Costa primo drinks are included but dos this include frozen drinks from the cafe and from the Lido bar? Thanks in advance
  10. Are these available at the pool bar on all ships? I'm on the Azura next then the Ventura. I'd also like to know if these are available on the non-alcoholic package?
  11. I asked the other day on p&O facebook and they confirmed anyone can buy the kids package for themselves. Hope this works out. They should rename it soda package or similar, most lines have a cheap soda package, Princess $8 a day and includes mocktails.
  12. Just to clarify the pool in the retreat and jazcuzzis can be used by any adult, without having to have paid/booked a sunbed?
  13. Thank you, those are the two that appeal most so will suit us if hubby doesn't feel like black tie on formal evenings.
  14. On Princess the speciality restaurants are always (smart) casual dress regardless of the dress code of the evening. Is this the same on P&O? Is the Beach House restaurant casual or smart casual every evening? Thanks
  15. I can't see that on their fb page, there is a post from someone saying that they phoned p&o and were told this but no one from p&o has answered to say that this is correct or incorrect. That's as long as I am lookign at the same post on there as you.
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