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  1. As a further clarification to help you in ensuring you are on the proper side in the bedroom, the bed or beds face the main entry doorway to the bedroom. When the bedroom is on the left side of the stateroom 1618), the left side of the bedroom will be closest to the bathroom. Conversely, when the bedroom is on the right side of the stateroom (1615), the right side of the bedroom will be closest to the bathroom. Randy
  2. Whenever we have sailed in a CS on the S Class ships, we have booked 1618 (on Reflection, the same room location is 1638). If memory serves me correctly, the bedroom is on the left side of the stateroom as you enter. We have never sailed in 1615, but it is a mirror image of 1618, which would put the bedroom on the right side of the stateroom as you enter. Another vote for 1618 if it is still available. Randy
  3. Thank you so much for providing the particulars. Yes it does look like a targeted strategy. Maybe it’s better we couldn’t sign up as Canadians. We get enough emails from Celebrity. Adding text communications would probably mean I would have to charge my phone more often. Thanks again. Randy
  4. I must have missed the Power Up Points for signing up for texts (just what I need is more communication from Celebrity). Do you recall when that offer came through? Randy
  5. The webinar was March 25/21 so the points should be credited in April/21. Randy
  6. Just checked our Captain’s Club account and there have been 3 points posted today. Looks like the recent webinar for 5 points has either not been posted or we were overlooked on that one. We’ll wait to see if the webinar posting comes in on a separate transaction. Randy
  7. I believe Raw on 5 is included in the dining package, but it seems to me there is a set $ maximum that will be covered before being charged extra (it was $35/person at one point). You order a la carte and are charged extra on the amount over and above the set maximum covered under the provisions of the dining package. When we were there in 2019, the seafood tower was $75 so I suspect, by having a dollar amount involved, Celebrity is trying to prevent all dining package patrons from starting with that one as an “appetizer.” Randy
  8. One more vote for Luminae...on M Class and S Class ships. When it comes to Edge, please give yourself an opportunity to experience Fine Cut Steakhouse as well as the best kept secret on board...Le Grand Bistro. The dining experience in Luminae on the M Class and S Class ships is much more enjoyable to us, due mainly to the room layout. It is more intimate than the Luminae layout on Edge, which is more open concept. The crowd noise was more noticeable on Edge and the lack of adequate bathroom facilities within Luminae was a definite design flaw. Food and service are wonderful in Lum
  9. Heather It looks like the same instructions can leave themselves open to different interpretations. It may be worthwhile covering as many bases as possible by completing the quiz. I’m going to complete it with the expectation that we will not receive the points, but will be pleasantly surprised if we get them. Randy
  10. Heather Unless you have not done any of the previous Power Up Points activities, you may not get over the threshold on this one. As mentioned previously, this is an opportunity for those cruisers who have not yet earned any Power Up Points. If you have previously earned PUPs, I’m not sure there is anything preventing you from completing the quiz, just resist the temptation to call Captain’s Club if the points don’t get credited. If you haven’t yet earned points right from the comfort of your own home, here’s your chance. Simply read the above section about our Eur
  11. In fairness, based on our experience with the Edge Villa, we would suggest you look at one of the other staterooms on Edge. There are many other alternatives that will allow you to enjoy what Edge has to offer without having to go through a series of inconveniences to make it work. Randy
  12. Mary Lou The set up of the Edge Villa may not be ideal for someone with mobility issues but it is doable. Whenever we are in a position to make a reasonable decision, it is important for us to have as much information as possible. It is at that point that we are better able to make the decision that is best for us. The OP was asking for information to help them make a decision. That decision may be different than one we might make, but that’s OK. I’m not trying to sway them one way or another. I’m just trying to give them as much information as I can based o
  13. Don’t need to. After your evening on board, you simply take the elevator to Deck 16 and enter your suite through the Retreat door leading to your bedroom area. Jammies remain indoors. Randy
  14. It really isn’t that complicated when you get on board. Just didn’t want to give the impression that the Edge Villa was out of consideration for anyone with mobility issues. Randy
  15. We stayed in an Edge Villa when we sailed on Edge in November 2019. If you have mobility issues, you may be better off booking a different stateroom, however, the Edge Villa is not necessarily a “No Go.” This is a 2 floor suite, where there are stairs connecting the first and second floors inside the suite. In fairness, if you like this suite, and you want to get to the 2nd level, you would take the elevator to the 16th floor and travel outside through the Retreat to your back access door on Deck 16. This is not a long trip. That will take you to your bedroom and bathroom area on the
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