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  1. At first glance yes. Fat fingeritis!
  2. As an FYI, we cancelled our cruise on May 10/20 and received our credits back to our credit cards today. We did not take FCC. Just to give you an idea as to where Celebrity is in their batch processing. Randy
  3. We received our credits yesterday. As an FYI, the money was credited on Day 27 from start to finish, well within the “approximate” 30 day processing time period suggested to us at the outset. We did not place a single call to Celebrity to check on our refund status, not did we involve our credit card company at any time to dispute these charges. We had faith in Celebrity through this process and they came through for us. We will be contacting Celebrity to express our thanks and to give them our support during these tumultuous times. Randy
  4. We are currently in Day 24 of a suggested “approximate 30 day processing time” for our refund. Apparently, we may have to re-assess the expected time frame for our refund, based on the number of calls Celebrity must be handling. Surely to goodness, it is not hard to understand that processing efficiency of the refunds suffers when staff are called upon to field “status update” inquiries. Now just think how much that efficiency is reduced when staff are called upon to field multiple inquiries from the same people. Rather than call Celebrity every name in the book, take their number off of your speed dial and allow them the opportunity to do their jobs, within their originally suggested time frames. By the way, tomorrow will be our Day 25, and we have not placed a single call to Celebrity about our refund status, nor are we planning on calling, even if it goes slightly past 30 days. Lighten up... the people on the other end of the line didn’t ask for this. Flexing your muscles on the phone and in print is not helpful. Randy
  5. Shirley Thank you so much for giving us an update. We are in a similar position as you and it is refreshing to hear that being patient has its own rewards. Perhaps we can have a little contest to see whose credit shows up first....and no fair fudging on the date and time just to collect! Randy
  6. I’m as anxious as the next person to get our refund processed and credited, but it was suggested to us that it would take approximately 30 days when we cancelled our cruise on March 10/20. Today we are on Day 23, so well within the “approximate” 30 day time frame that was suggested to us. It would serve no purpose for us to arbitrarily shorten the suggested processing time because “it should not take that long.” Celebrity has been very good to us in all of our years of cruising. Our choice is to continue to be patient, and will look for our credit to be processed in accordance with the originally suggested time frame. Randy
  7. If I missed this earlier, I apologize, but the Celebrity website makes reference to the ability to cancel up to 48 hours prior to embarkation and receive the FCC good through 2021. This is good for all cruises through to July 31/20. I’m not sure I recall seeing the July 31/20 reference on the website before, but it could signal the next round of cancelled cruises. Randy
  8. Yes. Policy may have been changed since we were on line. The ticket was not for very much money as it was only for one leg of the trip.
  9. We cancelled a cruise for our daughter and son in law that involved a non refundable Delta flight fare that we booked directly with Delta. When we first cancelled the cruise on March 10/20, we tried to cancel it on line with Delta and got the same cancellation charge message that you are referencing, so we left it. We tried it again on March 16/20 (in the evening) and the cancellation went through without the charge that was showing a week earlier. The proceeds were credited back to our credit card within 2 business days. It may have been good luck as opposed to good planning, but that was our experience with Delta. Randy
  10. We cancelled our cruise on March 10/20 and it was suggested to us that we should look to receive our 25% cash refund in approximately 30 days. We cancelled under the original cancellation program (our choice) and not under the Cruise with Confidence program. We were 32 days from embarkation. We are claiming the remaining 75% under our Trip Cancellation policy. We were told that our insurance claim could take approximately 45 days. If we had an issue with the time frames for reimbursement, the appropriate course of action would have been to inquire at the onset, directly with Celebrity and our Insurance company, as opposed to alternative methods that are not nearly as helpful. We have not called Celebrity asking about the status of our refund, nor have we called the insurance company asking about the status of our claim. We are only 11 days into the process. Celebrity has been good to us in all of the years we have been cruising, and you can bet, that although we would welcome an early processing, we are going to be very flexible with the suggested time frames, even if they go over.
  11. Jim Looks like Iain stole your “double.“ I know it’s not what you envisioned, but you have certainly handled the situation with the maturity and grace that we have come to know about you. Randy
  12. Hi Shirley Of course we remember (meeting the 2 of you...not David losing his grip on his champagne after we experienced a speed bump). I believe we met on Equinox in 2016. My wife’s name is Connie. Perhaps we can correspond further by email. Our address is rathwells at rogers dot com Randy
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