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  1. Thanks for these responses! Interestingly, we currently live in PA, but will be residents of FL by the time we cruise. It is cheaper for us to get insurance as residents of PA. The policy coverage for private insurance is slightly better, but at about half the cost. We considered getting cancel for any reason insurance, but we are outside the period to select that. Our final payment is due to the travel agent tomorrow, so we'll need to make a decision tonight. I think I'm leaning towards the private insurance. Thanks!
  2. We have always purchased our own insurance through insure my trip. We are ruby and eligible to be upgraded to the Princess Platinum plan. In this crazy day and age of covid, would you recommend one plan over another? Also, just spent the past few hours reading this board. I learned so many things that I did not know from Princess. We sail on the Regal in January 2022, so not sure what the rules will be then. I'm assuming we still need to be fully vaccinated and have pre-cruise testing done. Also, just learned that there is no longer the traditional dining that we signed up for. I loaded the app on to my phone, but can't find where to register for a dining time. Thanks for help with all of my questions! Lauri
  3. We just sailed this past September. The crowds weren't as bad as the summer, and we had amazing weather most of the first week, until we had gale force winds for several days. Athens was worth about a day and a half--I couldn't see spending much more time just there, and we got to see everything we wanted. We're currently in Newtown, but spent many years in Montgomeryville, so I know Dresher well.
  4. Hi Neighbor! We did not go to Santorini after our cruise, but instead spent a few days in Athens. And our particular cruise missed Mykonos due to high winds, so I figured we'll have to go back some day to visit both. Our flight home was cancelled, so we wound up spending 24+ hours with the people on our plane. Everyone discussed what Greek islands they visited, and the general opinion was that both Santorini und Mykonos were overly touristed, and people preferred the smaller, less popular islands. Hope this helps.
  5. We have sailed Disney more times without our now adult kids than with them. We have sailed other cruise lines too, and like to sail Princess for their great itineraries. But when we want a cruise to relax, or with lots of sea days, we always choose Disney. Yes, it costs more, but there is a reason for that.
  6. Thanks for those great pictures Peety3 and alrichards4003! It looks wonderful. XBGuy, thank you for this, as well as your thread from February which was so informative. We're not big fans of main dining room food, so this looks great. We were thinking of doing this on a formal night, so it sounds like our chances of getting the day we want may be improved. We'll be in the Mediterranean, so the port days are intensive. Plus less formal wear to take as we are trying to pack minimally this year.
  7. Thank you JimmyVWine. That is exactly the post I remember reading, but I couldn't find it through the search. Thank you reedprincess. I'm so hungry now--unfortunately, that is not what I will be having for dinner tonight.
  8. I know I've seen people post what is included with this, but a search has not given me results. Can someone please post what is included? Also, we are waiting to book this when we embark, to use OBC. Can you please tell me where you book this? And finally, our cruise is 7 nights, but people can book the cruise as part of a 14 day or 21 day cruise too. Will people who have been on board for 2 weeks already have been able to book this for the week we re on board? Not sure how difficult it is to book, or how popular it is. Thanks!
  9. Thanks again! My plans are slowly coming in to more focus. There was not a lot of information out there, especially on some of the "lesser" ports. All of the information I have gotten here will be well used.
  10. Thank you, yamanid! I can plan a little better knowing what nights the formal nights will be, although they are rather close together. How wonderful that you got to spend three weeks in all these ports! I'm interested in more about your day in Salerno. We're planning on taking the ferry to visit the Amlfi coast. My original plan was to visit Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, but when I asked about that on the Trip Advisor boards, it was recommended that we would spend too much time traveling and not enough time seeing anything. How did that work out for you? Did you spend the entire port time on the Amalfi coast? How early did you need to return to make it back to the ship? I don't want to miss the boat, so right now, we're considering just going to Amalfi and Ravello. Were you able to take the ferry from Manfredi (right at the port), or did you have to travel to Concordia? And how was the walk to the church in Kotor? We're considering the walk to both the church and the fortress.
  11. Thank you, williegirlcat! Can you tell me about the beach club you went to in Chania? That's one port I'm really having trouble with. A beach day may be just what we need. Did you use a private driver for that, or did you just take a taxi? Unfortunately, we don't get to that port till the afternoon, but I'd love to hear about your day there.
  12. Thank you NavyVeteran! Yes, we will be on the Emerald Princess too. It is interesting that so many people do the extended two or three week cruises. We did the Baltic cruise last summer, and it was strange having people embarking and disembarking at several points throughout "our" cruise. Like you, we've been to many of the ports on the "other" two weeks of the cruise, and DH wanted to go back to Rome, as we were last there 25 years ago, pre-renovation of the Sistine Chapel. And I wanted to go to Greece! Thank you for mentioning the Knossos Palace/ Heraklion Tour. It's one of the few ship tours that we would consider, as I'm not getting much information on Chania itself. In Mykonos, we're considering the ship tour to Delos vs. doing it on our own, and then wandering on our own. Salerno, we'd like to take the ferry to see the Amalfi coast, as we have not done that before, but have been to Pompeii. We'd like to hike the town walls in Kotor. How early were you able to get off the ship in Kotor, as it's the only tender port? And thanks for letting us know disembarking in Athens was ok. We're planning on spending a few days there as well after our cruise. Anyone else? Would love to hear everything!!!
  13. I keep hoping someone will report back on this cruise, but it only runs every third week, and I haven't seen any feedback. And the roll calls are practically inactive. So if you've done this cruise this year, can you let us know: --what nights are formal nights? --what excursions did you do? Did you do Princess excursions or on your own? --what is not to be missed in these ports? What did you do that you wish you hadn't done? --anything particularly memorable on the ship? Was there an escape room or the other new game that was mentioned on the boards? --do you remember what menus were which nights? Trying to plan alternative dining arrangements, and don't want to miss out on certain things. --how were the ports of Civitavecchia and Athens? Easy embarkation/debarkation? Did you take taxis or public transportation or car services to/from these ports? And do many people stay on for multiple weeks, as each week has a different itinerary? I'm sure I'll have more questions. But looking for some feedback on this cruise. Please feel free to give any information and your experiences on this cruise. Thanks!
  14. I'm allergic to strawberries, which I always tell my server the first night when they ask. They are more than accommodating, and before they even hand me the menu, the let me know which foods I should not eat. We have dined in Palo, and our server always inquires about allergies when we are seated. I feel that they go above and beyond on Disney to be sure no one is getting anything they should not have. Several cruises ago, we were seated with a woman who was on a vegan diet. Each night, the serving team met with her with the next days menus to discuss what she could eat, and come up with a plan for alternatives for her to order. I find the service team to be "above and beyond" accommodating.
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