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  1. loulou942


    Where do you stay in Miami Before the cruise Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. loulou942

    PH1 on Sirena

    What is class O and R Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. loulou942

    Penthouse Suite on Riviera, help please.

    Has anyone had experience in ph 1103
  4. loulou942

    Segments on World Cruise

    Are there any segments available on the world cruise and if not when will they be available Thank you Louisa
  5. We are also looking for a tour in Pacairn . We will be on Marina Oceania I welcome recommendations for my husband and I Contact: loulou942@hotmail.ca
  6. Do you have a tour to recommend ? You can contact me at loulou942@hotmail.ca Many Thanks Louisa
  7. loulou942

    New years eve in Rio

    Help us find a nice place to have dinner and then view the fireworks. Thank you Louisa
  8. loulou942

    Important Update for Dubrovnik City Wall

    Please let me know if the Cabrio Bus Tour operates on Nov22 Where do we get it and how much pp. Thank you Louisa
  9. It is making me nervous to read all these negative comments about the food and the service. This is our 1st cruise with Regent. We have 20 cruises with Oceania. It makes me wonder why I choose Regent. I quess it was to try them out. Not only that but I am missing out on all the perks we had with Oceania. You would think that FDR would allow recognition of the cruises we had with Oceania. Just my opinion. Louisa
  10. loulou942

    Please Explain This Conflict

    We have 12 sailings with Oceania and thinking of trying Regent to Alaska. Since this will be our first time with Regent , I would like to hear why and what benefits do we receive by switching? Do we get the free hotel night prior to our cruise ? Hope to hear from you. Louisa n
  11. loulou942

    Seven Seas Society question

    [quote name='tallship']I agree and would like to see SSS benefits carry over to Oceania The timings of some of their sailings work better for me and I like booking my own excursions[/QUOTE] I am presently on the Marina cruising to Miami. I would like to try Regent and it would be nice if Regent would recognize my 12 cruises credits on Oceania. Louisal
  12. loulou942

    Internet upgrade on Nautica

    Here's what they didn't tell you. Oceania has sub-contracted its internet cafe. On Nautica there is no appreciable improvement in wireless access and speed particularly in staterooms. When Oceania operated their own system you could upgrade your package during the cruise but not any more. If you ran out of minutes before the end of the cruise your cost would continue to be the rate for your plan but now you have to buy a new plan. The email only plan used to cost $2 to send, $2 to receive and no charge for time. Now you pay $4 to send, nothing to receive but you are charged for time to compose and send at 95 cents a minute. Given the time to get on the net a short email could easily cost $6 to $8. You might be better off accessing your own ISP via the web paying the 95 cents a minute. Unless you use your own computer it does not appear to be possible to compose and get everything ready off-line. Computer and photo editing classes always seemed to be full so they must have been popular so why did Oceania decide not to offer them any more? On balance the upgrade is just not worth it; the internet experience is even less satisfying than it used to be.
  13. loulou942

    Change in itinerary........

    for Capetown to Singapore. Oceania please clarify. some posts state the we have omitted some ports and added new ones. Please let us know. Thank you
  14. We are booked on an Alaska cruise Aug. 31st /11. When do the shore excursions come out? Can we view them on another site ?
  15. loulou942

    Aft cabins??

    What about an aft cabin on the Rotterdam?