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  1. Maybe that's one of those Cr-exit deals, because you're from the UK.
  2. When you elect a flim-flam man, Expect to be both flimmed and flammed, Until all that flim-flam hits the fan. And when that flam affects your cruise, Talk about it, if you choose. "What have you got to lose?"
  3. I cancelled three future cruises, without mentioning any names, one O, one R, and one C, and also had one R cancelled on me. I cancelled the O cruise on March 7, expecting it to take as many as 30 days, and the credit was posted this morning. I'm still waiting for the others. Like everything else, it's probably anecdotal - we all have different experiences - a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous.
  4. From fare compare, click on "subscriber" from the links on the right. You can subscribe to up to 25 trips. When you subscribe the first time, it will replace the page with a link that includes your personal key. Bookmark that so you will have it for your next visit. (Or it will be in your email at the bottom.) I do it this way so that you don't have to remember yet another password. My programs are on a shared host, because it's a cheap operation, and some email services will think I'm sending out spam, although it was probably somebody else on the shared host. So check your spam folder for email, and create a filter to stop that in the future, if you know how to do that. I can walk you through that, but only for gmail. When you get an email, which is usually just once per month - except it's been so crazy lately, that sometimes there are more - it will look something like this: ... where you only see fares that have changed recently. So, you don't subscribe to just solo fares, you subscribe to all fares, which will include C3-S and E2-S next time. In theory, I could add all solo fares, but for now, we'll just try these two out - one for Symphony and one for Serenity - seems fairly fair for fares for now. And as always, your email will have more than the minimum* number of pieces of flair!
  5. It will be whatever you see on the Crystalin web site under the heading "Your Low Solo Fares." I messed up the earlier update for the world cruise fares, but that should be back by tomorrow morning, hopefully along with the C3 and E2 solo fares. As always, I appreciate bug reports from Cruise Critic members.
  6. No. It's like being a virgin - I can only start the first time, and it's with C3.
  7. FYI, for anyone who uses my fare database, I just updated it for the the World Cruise and all its segments. If you are a Subscriber user, the World Cruise is available there too. Tomorrow, since I have nothing to do, and nowhere to go, I'm going to try some social distancing all the Crystal single cruisers. I'll start with just one category - C3 - clone it to C3-S - and start storing that in the database too. There are likely to be some anomalies because single supplements come and go. But I figure it's worth a try, and if you let me know that it's working and is useful, then maybe I'll extend it to fares other than C3.
  8. I noticed today that this cruise https://www.rssc.com/cruises/NAV220309/summary changed from debarkation on March 19 to March 20. So this cruise https://www.rssc.com/cruises/NAV220320/summary changed from embarkation on March 20. The first cruise is now one day longer, and the entry fare increased by $500 - a little more than the per day average. The second fare is only one day shorter, but the entry fare only decreased by $100. Maybe that provides some insight into their current thinking. Or, maybe not.
  9. There were a lot of changes today: 51 trips, 288 fare changes, and 317 total changes, which includes status changes - although that's only since two days ago, I think it was. I'm not going to make a general statement, other than to say that there were both increases and decreases - it varied a lot based on category, and I don't have the patience to look through all the categories. And it also depends on whether you compare the current fare to the original fare or to the previous fare - I call that jcalc™ on my site.
  10. Around the Boot in Eighty Photos, A D Rib Joint
  11. Well, if you can get over all your angst and all your anger, I found many fare decreases today on Marina and Riviera - in the 2.1% to 16.7% range for a B4, compare to the previous published fare.
  12. In 2016, I wrote these fearless predictions on some other message board: things that will happen before crystal has a new ocean ship two US presidential elections six super bowls the San Diego Chargers will have a new stadium Apple will release iPhone 16 driver-less cars will be common on Earth a Tesla will be launched into space I meant it only as an observation, but if there is a new ship in 2023, it's pretty much spot on - just one more Super Bowl and maybe another iPhone version.
  13. I think Mariner has a younger cousin in Aida Mira ... At least, they used to sit together at the little table on Thanksgiving.
  14. Well, whenever that time comes, I'd prefer it be a new design, as opposed to an Explorer clone with a few tweaks. I know that stamping out the same model has been successful - for Viking, for example. And it's efficient, like the Southwest model of only flying 737s. But it's really boring! Not going to happen, though.
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