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  1. On the shorter cruise do you think they’ll meet more people their own age?
  2. We’ve cruised several times on Celebrity, but we’re taking our niece and a friend on a cruise and think Royal would be a better fit for them. They’re both 18. I’m looking at the 4 nt Navigator and a 7 nt on the Allure. Obviously a big price difference, but I want her first time cruising to be amazing. How do the ships compare and which would be best for 2 18 yr olds? They’ll prob want to meet people etc they’re own age, and they’re very active. The 4 nt only goes to the Bahamas, but I know the shorter cruises have a younger crowd. This is our first time on Royal so I’m not at all familiar with their ships. Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated. The trip will be in July. Thanks.
  3. Hi. We leave next week and I received an e-mail yesterday that one of our offers was accepted. Booked a regular verandah, don't remember the cat., and I bid on Aqua and the two highest Suites. We won the Aqua, 1A, and I'm happy. 🙂 I did bid on the high end on the Aqua and lower to mid on the Suites. The ship was sold out, so someone must have dropped the Aqua. I looked and now there is one Verandah showing and it's the room number we had. I was ok with bidding high on the Aqua because I really like the spa and Persian Garden, and...it's my birthday trip, so why not splurge a little! All the starting bids were on the higher side, but the ship was sold out, so I considered that also. We got the move up offer about 30 days out and the starting bid never changed.
  4. I'm in a verandah now and only have one perk. Guess I"m asking if the signature suite comes with the extras such as specialty restaurants, wifi etc. I didn't see it listed when I bid.
  5. I know you only get to keep the perks of the original booking. The Royal suite comes with extras like specialty restaurants etc., and I've read you get to keep those. I believe the Signature Suite also comes with those same benefits as the Royal does, but I haven't read anything about move up offer getting to keep the benefits associated with the room. Anyone Know? It's only worth it to me if I get the extras of the Signature Suite as to whether I bid on it or not. Thanks!
  6. We are loyal Celebrity cruisers but are seriously considering trying MSC and the Yacht Club. With the rising prices of everything on Celebrity from specialty restaurants to drink packages and everything in between, I've been thinking about it for a while. We're sailing Celebrity in 3 weeks for my 50th. I got the move up offer and at the time there were aqua, low level suites (which really have few benefits), and Royal Suites. We're in a verandah, so I bid on all, and bid pretty good bids. They weren't low level bids. I bid mid way (one was $2000 per person). I admit, I got excited because it was my birthday and got my hopes up just a little. I really wanted to try the suite life, and hey-it's my birthday. Why not splurge! I even called captains club and told them I'm celebrating a "big" one and had bid. Was there any way they could take a look at it. Pretty much nothing they could do, so it is what it is. I can definitely tell you the captain club member doesn't hold much weight. I let that whole bidding thing get me excited and now...ehhh. I know-first world problems. I would have just been happy to get offer accepted to Aqua class, but those went to other people, as all rooms disappeared. I understand with Celebrity, the bottom line comes down to what's best for the company. That's business, but it also has me looking at other lines ,whereas before I only cruised Celebrity. That was also partly for the loyalty program, which is losing benefits, and that plays into the decision too, I have a strong feeling after our Jan 18th cruise in 3 weeks on the Reflection, our next cruise won't be with Celebrity. Ok-rant and cry babying over ha!
  7. We tried Qsine for the first time on our last cruise and we loved it. We couldn't wait until our next cruise to go again-twice! It was so unique and the food was amazing. No way to try even close to everything, hence our plan to go at least twice! I wish they would alternate too. We have no desire to go to LPC. I guess i'm kinda picky, and the limited menu has nothing on it I would really want. The show may be cute ,but really isn't for us. Even if we went just for the show it would be a one time thing. Are they doing away with Qsine on all ships? We also really like the Lawn Club Grill. Hopefully they won't get rid of that next! Tried Murano, it was good, but wouldn't pay the price again, we aren't crazy about french food. Guess we'll try Tuscan next. Somehow, I can't see it measuring up, but we'll see.
  8. We only sail Celebrity and one of the reasons is because of the loyalty perks. I love the persian gardens and now I guess we've lost this benefit. With the decreased benefits, same old, same old itineraries, the 'move up" program (which I was actually excited about bidding, until I saw the rooms I bid on had no availability (bummer), increasing costs of drink packages to speciality restaurants and everything in between, I'm rethinking our loyalty. We cruise next month on the Reflection, but after that one I think it's time to let the loyal to one brand thing go.
  9. Oh well. I'm currently in a Verandah on the Jan 18, 2019 sailing and i bid on all the categories above it. Just looked and they're all sold out. Bummer
  10. We tried Qsine on our last cruise and absolutely loved it! We were looking forward to dining there again in Feb., but unfortunately it is no longer there. We also have no interest in LPC. Maybe they'll bring Qsine back some nights along with LPC. Fingers crossed.
  11. We got the offer too and ours says pending also. We're celebrating my birthday, so I bid on a Royal Suite. I thought-why not? You only live once! 🙂 I know it probably won't happen, but it's worth a try.
  12. I had to laugh a little when I read this. My husband is one of those passengers you would see "order and eat more food than any normal human should be able to consume". What you don't see is that he hardly eats anything during the day and saves his calories for a really good dinner. And, by then he's hungry. He's 6 ft, 175 pds, and walks/climbs mountains literally at least 4 days a week. At first, I was a bit embarrassed...but hey, it works for him so no judgement from me. So don't worry about what others think, Dateacher. Pig out, eat what you want and enjoy.
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