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  1. We just got off Getaway and had such an amazing experience with certain staff members. I would like to go above the "shining star" card and send a personal email to either the staff's supervisors or to Norwegian directly. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with the "heads" of departments to send a personal thank you? I work in customer service and know how a far a letter of appreciation can go (rather than always hearing the complaints). Thanks
  2. Never mind - I found it. I also checked to book a cruise from scratch and saw that some of the offers we were given to bid on were sold out. So, I put in a bid on one that is still available. Fingers crossed!
  3. My husband put in a bid under his login. Where would I see if it’s processing or pending?
  4. Just got back from the Breakaway 1/24-1/31. I purchased it for myself and 2 kids to keep in touch with them. Did not work at all. Texts would only show as "delivered" if my kids actually opened up the app to check for messages. No matter how many times we configured the app to receive notifications we never got them. The phone feature worked as long as they were in range (which is strange bc I figured we were using the ships wifi). My previous cruise though it worked like a charms
  5. I found the coffee on the FOS to be AWFUL. I tried the "free" coffee and had to put a ton of sugar in it just to get it down. It had no flavor other than bitter. I got a Starbucks and even that was awful - bitter and burnt tasting. I was very disappointed that I couldn't get a decent cup of coffee for 7 days. After reaching port back in Port Canaveral, I couldn't be happier to find a DD!!!
  6. Going on RCL-FOS. Not sure if we want to "do" formal night. What are the alternatives? Is there only the Windjammer and the pay dining rooms?
  7. we just returned from a 7 day eastern carribean cruise aboard crown princess. we have 2 kids, 7 and 4. i too was worried that they wouldn't have a good time b/c of the time of the year but it turned out they had a blast. the 2 of them were in the same room (ages 3-7) and on most days they had structured activities for them throughout the day. on "port days" we were able to leave them there for most of the day while we went to the island, which worked out great for us for when we wanted to go shopping without shlepping the kids along. on "sea" days, we could leave them there from 8-12, pick them up for lunch and then drop them back off from 1-5. Then there were night activities from 7-10 and you can arrange for additional group babysitting from 10-1 in the kiddie room for an additional fee. our kids loved it so much that they wanted to spend the days there than with us even at the pool on sea days. plus, there were only about 30 or so kids in their age range, all of which didn't go at once, so they were able to get more individualized attention. there was a mini rock climbing wall, a mini soft jungle gym/climbing structure, about 10 playstation stations, a tv and structured activities (ie t-shirt painting, arts n crafts, mini olympics, etc.) for the morning activities. they took them on a halloween parade throughout the ship and gave out candy to the kids that didn't go on the parade. we were so happy with the arrangements, i wouldn't worry for your kids.
  8. Thanks everyone. We'll be sailing the last week in October. How do you find out the "roll call" to see how many other kids are on board? do you just call up Princess and ask them?
  9. we'll be going on the carribean cruise in october with our two kids (7 and 4) and i'm so nervous about there not being enough for them to do. i've read about the onboard kids room, but is it really any good and worth it? do enough kids show up to keep everyone entertained? plus we'll all be in the same room, how bad is that? i think we're in a basic room, should we upgrade to a bigger room? (someone else is paying our way). i'm just so nervous about them b/c bored kids are a terror!!! thanks in advance!! Rebecca
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