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  1. I agree with LHT28 re: airport arrival times. If it is international flight the rules is generally 3 hours prior. I show up on that schedule and sometimes we are almost alone.But I would rather wait there an extra hour. I dont much enjoy the last hour killing time elsewhere anyway wondering if we should be leaving, repeatedly checking my watch. That just me. Early check-in and luggage drop is quick and painless. Agree with AZJohn that some airports are less entertaining than others. We have lounge access at that airport so a little less painful. If it is domestic flight then 2 hours prior I think. And how much would you shave off of that to avoid some airport boredom? 30 minutes and show 1.5 hours prior? Even if you breeze through check-in etc, I've read if you dont follow their rules, show up late and the flight is fully booked you can be at the top of their "bump" list. 3 pm is indeed an awkward time, even later is better but as you wrote, it is done and six hours at the airport would feel like be an eternity to me even at one of the best. This is a lovely area so I'll be another to pile on and suggest hiring a private transfer to take you on a half day tour and then airport drop off. While a little expensive for just two (we are doing similar so been pricing out options) it might not be more than what O is charging for the two of you and you could get so much more out of it.
  2. Petoonya, toreanui's web site is not working. Could they just be having a bad internet moment? Have you had recent email with them?
  3. In a power outage did the elevator simply not lower to a certain deck (i.e. normal gangway deck) and doors open? I have seen this on other ship and understood it was standard for safety.
  4. Thank-you for posting your first hand experience. I have read on other lines where they offered a tour but not advertised and very limited just as you describe. Good to know that it might be possible on O now too for those interested in purchasing a tour.
  5. Did the concierge say that those in less than Concierge Level cabins would not be taken on a tour - it just a perq for the A level and up? Just looking for clarification, not complaining.
  6. Not so much this year, LHT28 And this does relate to the OP question. What the seas will be like when you do sail can be very different than what is happening on this sailing. Certainly this route or time of year could be better than another but the actual conditions will vary. The article below was from July. I recall seeing even higher since in Finland https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2018/07/17/scorching-scandinavia-record-breaking-heat-hits-norway-finland-and-sweden/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.eeb563915eb4 "Scorching Scandinavia: Record-breaking heat hits Norway, Finland and Sweden An intense heat dome has swelled over Scandinavia, pushing temperatures more than 20 degrees above normal and spurring some of the region’s hottest weather ever recorded. Even as far north as the Arctic Circle, the mercury has come close to 90 degrees. Normally, temperatures in Scandinavia during July warm to the comfortable 60s and 70s. This week, they have soared into the mid-80s to lower 90s. On Tuesday, Finland, Sweden, and Norway all saw temperatures reach at least 91 degrees (33 Celsius)."
  7. The rules do state "no travel agents by name" not "no travel agents by name except for ones we promote/advertise, mention in advertorials, etc". I'm paraphrasing of course. Also those ad / links to book a cruise could change at any time I suspect so a mention today could be gone tomorrow. Sorry, I have not booked through CC so cannot comment on the agencies they have listed.
  8. YoHoHo

    dental care?

    Redtravel is well prepared. I only recently came across this topic elsewhere myself and was amazed. While I am a thoughtful packer and prepare for travel, I never thought of special first aid kit for dental work but I learned they are indeed for sale. Some have explorers (those really sharp pointy things) and such. I cannot imagine siting in front of mirror, mumbling "Just be a couple more minutes dear and we can head off to dinner" with a pick and a mirror in my mouth doing a little fine tuning while on a cruise. But some things did seem reasonable; I discussed this with my dentist. Plugging a hole (i.e cavity, lost crown) to prevent infection and pain made a lot of sense. There is dental wax just for such things to get you by until a real dentist can fix the problem. He gave me a bit - now in my travel first-aid. He told me several times he has removed crowns that patients have reattached themselves. Sometimes while on vacation and sometimes at home just to avoid a dentist. His strong advice was to not use something quick setting and permanent like Krazy Glue as removal can be difficult. One person even glued it on backwards so the bite was all wrong. Maybe it was that sitting in front of a mirror and working backwards thing. I'll stick to the wax and little topical pain killer.
  9. It is things like these that for me make O special. The catering department has to work around unexpected conditions and make it appear seamless. Or offer new things in new ways that are maybe overlooked. Often these change-ups do take extra planning and effort to execute; so much easier to do the 'status quo'. Even if I did not feel like having a panino, I appreciate the effort they put in to make things that little bit more special. Enjoy your cruise1
  10. Just to clarify for those reading this and do not know, you can indeed "consume your own alcohol in your cabin" but at dinner, assuming that is taken outside of the stateroom, only wine is allowed to be taken into dining rooms where there is a corkage fee. Other alcohol is not allowed.
  11. Like Mura (thanks for taking this back on topic) we too will be on a similar cruise and look forward to your posts Michael and thank you for taking the time to take us along on your trip.
  12. I think that idea is from post #3. Flatbush Flyer stated "You'll be bombarded with Oceania literature until you ask to be removed from mailings and/or hit the Bronze loyalty level." Like you we are still getting (lots of) them
  13. Mine was a suggestion, not a command. You seem angry... often.
  14. So that looks like it is a date (out of season) issue then. Try end of November for example
  15. Is this the new face of O? Reads like the mainstream boards.
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