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  1. plus 1 Yes, "what you agreed to is what you get" is SOP by the cruise lines, the suggestion to wait is often given by TAs to their clients, more so the airlines are trying to rewrite policy and change refundable to credits only (I got my money back today - hurray to AA) and the last part is great advice. So much anxiety over just day-to-day and with little else to do (other than be bombarded with more bad news and speculation on unsociable media) focusing on things one cannot change and striking out might not be the stress reliever one is hoping for.
  2. Surprised your TA said 4-6 weeks. Our Mar 31 cruise cancelled on Mar 13. O's email (to TA) said "up to 90 days" if refund was requested (from when request was made). The is no email on the amount of refund as I suspect the work to accomplish that is almost the same amount of work as to process the refund. Some folks, like me, there are different cards involved too (deposit on one, FP on another, ancillary charges on another ). As you have an Agent, O will not speak with you regarding money matters but might be able to reassure you it is work in progress and no statement has been issued. Seems you are not alone fearing the CLs will go bankrupt. I have been reading some financial pages as I think better analysis and facts (though rampant speculation can be had there too, of course). That said, perhaps your credit card can help out in that case - I honestly don't know how that would work - if maybe just a lowly creditor or maybe CC can tap into a bond (end of my rampant speculation).
  3. Your insurance company, rightfully, wants proof of loss. A "promise" by you to " assign our refund from Oceania " to them is not going to hold any water. Just bad timing for you. Hmmmm. wait a minute. I *assume* you cancelled you booking before O cancelled the cruise - correct? But you wrote "to see if Oceania will pay our refund.....which we will have to wait 90 days to get." (bolding mine). That implies you are expecting to get a refund. And you wrote "the insurer DOESN'T WANT to assume our refund from Oceania". Again it sounds like there will be a refund coming from O to you. So did you you cancel your booking before O cancelled the cruise? Did you actually cancel the booking before you filed an insurance claim? In any event, I agree with LHT28 that this sounds like an insurance issue. Maybe better responses on the insurance board than here.
  4. Sorry to read there is a large discrepancy. A couple of things, first off as you are in the UK and different rules that might be part of it and so what I say could be totally off. As to the additional air fee that might be coming separately. I understand in North America they are refunding the cruise fare and then the other charges are refunded, perhaps each of those separately as they each are identified, confirmed and processed. I have cruise, air add-on, and La Reserve to be refunded. I have not seen an accounting and do not anticipate a refund for several months and believe they will arrive a two perhaps three refunds. Hmmm. likely four refunds as the deposit was on a different card than final payment. Yes, I would feel better if I had a break down of what is to be refunded and when but expect the work to produce that is much of the the same work as to make actual refund. Come back and let us know how it works out once you get the final answer.
  5. Oceania listed price includes taxes & port fees. It is one of the things that attracted me to them in the first place. I dislike the surprise of the "required /hidden extras" (i.e. only once have paid so called hotel Resort Fees.) The price listed (after the reduction from the foolish "brochure price") is the price you pay. Other lines such as Seaborn the taxes & fees are an add-on. Looking at an Alaska cruise for example, price is $5000 and in small print lower down "Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses are additional up to $530". I believe the CLs were forced to either include them or display them early on in the booking process so that the surprise would not come at the end after you were perhaps already hooked. So it makes sense to me that with Seaborn the "fees" are treated differently than with Oceania. This concept has been posted on here previously but in terms of "where is my port charge refund becasue we did not dock in X"
  6. Yes, as per LHT28 you need to apply if you qualify. As she wrote - there are so many offers what you get depends on the offer at the time. Do check with your TA. If you do qualify have proof of a change fee and they will cover it up to a certain amount. (not really reimburse as they never had that money).
  7. And the opposite of a ship with no port is a port that can't get rid of the ship Coronavirus cruise ship Artania refuses to leave WA amid fears of more COVID-19 cases on board https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-01/coronavirus-cruise-ship-artania-refusing-to-leave-fremantle-port/12110206 "Health authorities were concerned further infections from the passengers taken off the ship on Wednesday and the crew left on board could put increased strain on the WA hospital system. It is understood the Artania's crew has written to the ABF asking to remain in Fremantle until April 14 and also requesting a thorough cleaning of the ship." So pax have already departed (and damage, if any, from that is done) and just crew. "WA Premier Mark McGowan said he wanted the Artania to leave as quickly as possible, before it was seen as an example for other cruise ships who might see Fremantle as an attractive place to berth. "I don't want the Artania to serve as an attractor for cruise ships elsewhere," he said."
  8. Arghh. the good with the bad. I hope you come back and tell us the final result once O has completed.
  9. Just to add for those who worried about the timing of getting a refund, speaking with TA manager today they have not received many confirmations of FCCs from several of the CLs. I'd expect that to be simpler than a refund so if those are not processed yet or just dribbling in I suspect that speaks to the work load.
  10. Yes, UK has their own set of rules. And *maybe* that clause is overridden by another in such a case as we have now in pandemic. Some things might be the same and some things might be different so please do not get expectations on what I say not having booked in the UK. Also in the UK as I understand the tighter rules also mean more protection for you. Your agent s/b (and hopefully is) the best source for you. Hmmmm....I dont think if I offered a "welcome to your first cruise" will sound like the cheer it would normally be. Hopefully you will get the opportunity - when it is good it can be very good.
  11. Yes, I think there is a lot of different communication plus bear in mind that the cancellation policy and refund policy changed quickly over a few weeks. And the amount of cancellations to process - both refunds and the FCC all need staff to process and they might be taken from other tasks, etc. Don't know which dates for yours but ours was cancelled on Mar 13 and at that time O stated in the cancellation notice sent to TA, refunds would be within 90 days of when the request was made. And yes, ancillary items would be processed separately but no date. Some have reported they got that part more quickly; maybe processed by a different department, I don't have mine yet. Not worried
  12. To those posting that they have not received refunds: A. when you get the refund is not based on your sailing date but the date you cancelled, and B: your TA should have told you O is saying a refund could take 90 days from when requested. I got this as part of the email sent to me : "For guests who wish to not avail themselves of the future cruise credit, a 100% refund of the fare paid will be reimbursed to the original form of payment within 90 days of guests’" Did your TAs not tell you it could take 90 days when you discussed your options?
  13. Quoting this Russian proverb seems apropos now that the thread has turned to discussing Russian Visas
  14. Glad you started this (and your rules). Following along. Great to enjoy some of the pleasure / thrill of the moment felt at the time these were taken. ORV's first time time to Europe taking a photo of Firenze (I can imagine the feeling); Toranut97 memories of having a lovely lunch with departed husband; Paulchili with walking with lions (and not being lunch); a 45th anniversary; the wonderful staff; a snowy deck; these are wonderful. If we can't travel we can at least keep the memories alive and imagine better days ahead. Reading Mura's post I am reminded of the wonderful memories of many years sharing cruises and applaud that she continues to post in this community even though no longer cruising. I hope to again though not sure how soon. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Will try to dig out a couple too.
  15. Yes, agree on both points. I *thought* I had posted this already but maybe in the previous on-going thread, they become muddled at times. Or maybe just me thinking I had. This was O's blurb: The suspended voyages will be: Riviera – April 19, April 29 and May 9, 2020 Sirena – April 25 and May 5, 2020 Marina – May 1, 2020 Regatta – May 2, 2020 As you say perhaps the ones not listed such as Nautica's and Insignia's were removed previously as opposed to new cancellations
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