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  1. I’m think more along third time’s the charm. Lost bookings on both the breeze and magic for early January when they had their schedules altered. Now on the conquest, and very optimistic.
  2. Actually it’s closer to the opposite. Red meat is fine. Things with feathers are bad. But I can appreciate Alpha Gal.
  3. While not peanuts, my personal experience with food allergies is generally positive, and mine is an oddball allergy to a couple specific meat proteins. Generally, I can simply ask staff about ingredients, and they are surprisingly knowledgeable, or are willing to ask the kitchen. It's amazing what sneaks into stuff through broth/stock. When I can't get a clear answer, my fallback is to simply ask if the food is vegetarian. Unfortunately this won't work for nuts.
  4. I get that shipyards are delayed. But what is the point of moving the Breeze to Canaveral? It seem that this just irritates two groups-those booked on the Breeze that got cancelled and those booked on the Radiance that got replaced.
  5. To us, it's always worth it. And they add up fast. I'm not taking into consideration specialty coffees, bottled water, etc. Just think about how your day goes. As others have already said, this is a vacation and having a drink in hand is part of it. Sea day, total of 8 - 10 Breakfast - a mimosa or two Mid morning - something fun Lunch - beer Afternoon by the pool - a couple somethings cold Dinner - glass of wine Evening until turning in - one a hour until we stop (2-4) Port Day, total of 5 - 8 Breakfast - a mimosa Back on the
  6. While it can be assumed sweet, we still just call it “tea” down here. 😀
  7. I'll share my actual plan for Grand Turk in Jan 2021 - Never been there, but are traveling with another couple that has this as their favorite. They say, "Come on! We'll take you to all the great spots! - Jack's Shack first!" I'm not sure what I signed up for. . . .
  8. Baltimore has a bridge as well. Im not going to claim to be an expert on CCL operations, but I doubt they would keep a ship operational simply because it is paid for. A ship is an asset, and could just as easily be sold to raise cash, avoid future operating expenses, etc.
  9. Cruise is not finalized yet, but it’s down to either the Seaside or the Meraviglia in January 2021. (Assuming we’re ultimately on MSC, there’s other pans in the fire) Is the ship a big variable in all this too?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. FWIW, and for the benefit of anyone else reading this, the info posted by SirWolf is exactly the reason I had questions. It's not presented clearly - for example the description Bella makes no mention of room service.
  11. Can someone confirm or correct my understanding of the bella versus fantistica packages? I've searched the forum a bit and while the terms are used all the time, I still have a couple loose ends. Cabin location - preferred cabins locations are based on the package. Unlike my past cruises (other lines), where cabin location is defined by category, MSC chooses to wrap this up in the experience. Dining time - your chance of getting your preferred time (early or late) is improved by the higher tier package. As a side note - MSC does not seem to have a couple fixed dining
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