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  1. Hi, We thoroughly enjoyed the ship; thought the food was great in the dining room (not so much in the buffet, but it was ok). The crew/staff were fantastic! Thanks for your review. If we had booked 1 week earlier, or 1 week later, we would not have been able to get to NYC for a cruise (weather problems). The Bahamas were cooler than expected but, hey, still nicer than Ohio!


  2. Our repo. cruises:


    NCL Pearl, Sept., 2005(?), 14 days, Los Angles - Miami, Porthole window, $499 (plus fees, taxes)

    NCL Star, April, 2012, 12 days, Tampa - NYC, inside $599 (plus fees, taxes)

    NCL Star, Oct. 2012, 14 days, NYC - New Orleans, inside, $699 (plus fees, taxes)


    Booking last minute used to be the way to get bargain prices. But recently I've found that early bookings are cheaper.


    We've never been on a bad cruise (out of 30+ on Carnival, NCL, RCI, HAL, Princess, & Celebrity -- loved them all!).



  3. 7 days on the Star, May, 2004 (I think): Alaska cruise--terrific

    12 days on the Star, April, 2012: Tampa to NY, Loved the ship, crew & staff!! It was a great cruise and the food had improved too! We enjoyed the Ital. restaurant but thought Le Bistro was only so-so.

    14 days coming up Oct 21, 2012: NY to New Orleans, Anticipate another wonderful cruise.


    Hope you also enjoy this ship!



  4. I was outside on the Star's 7th deck and saw (felt) the ship graze the pier (it sounded like someone chewing up a bunch of toothpicks). I didn't even lose my balance. In my opinion the Captain did a terrific job against adverse conditions. It's always easy to 2nd guess decisions & actions after the fact (is this being an armchair captain? lol)


    It was a wonderful cruise with excellent crew and staff!!!!!!!!!



  5. Airfare, New Orleans to Detroit in Nov.'12: Terrible! 2 persons can take Amtrak including a sleeper room w/free meals for less than 1 person can fly! We are waiting for Southwest to post their fall schedule (late May).


    In the future we will book fewer cruises but longer ones, or b2b, to help offset the awful air prices.



  6. Please note that Carnival's Fare Viewer site does NOT include taxes on the results page. I thought we were going to get almost $300 off our cruise price until the TA, Carnival, and I had a 3-way phone call. Carnival really needs to post a note on the page stating that taxes are not included in the price shown. DRAT!! Thought I was going to save $$.


  7. We were on the Valor Jan., 2012; it was our 2nd Valor cruise and they were both good cruises. I became ill on the Jan.cruise and received excellent care from the medical staff all 3 times times I was there. They even sent a wheelchair for me when I didn't feel I could walk to the medical center. Nobody wants to get sick on a cruise but it is nice to know good care is available. Also, room service makes good dry toast :-))



  8. Cruiseco, Thank you for your reply; it eases my mind! I have learned tons from reading posts here and from google but still feel like a small ant facing the big world lol. Those who know the ins 'n outs of travel insurance have my greatest respect -- it's a complicated topic!


    OK, I plan to continue reading and make a decision within the next 10 days. Hopefully it will become less & less a case of playing pin-the-tail-on-the... as days go by. :-))


    Thanks again, Anna

  9. I have spent hrs & hrs researching travel insurance companies and narrowed it down to four: Travel Guard, CSA, Travel Insured International, and Seven Corners. Each has both bad (really bad) and good reviews. I understand some negative comments are vents but not all and I am quite concerned! In our case a waiver of pre-existing med. condition is required and I know how to get that. So, here is the question: How do I know which one to pick if all are nice and helpful until someone needs to collect?


    Previous claim result experiences from CC readers will be helpful and greatly appreciated! I have 10 days to decide. TY TY TY in advance!



  10. When finding a really good price (before taxes, etc.) is the Most Important Factor, here is a rule of thumb I try to follow:


    Basic Inside Cabin

    4-day cruise -- $200-$220 per person (2 in a room)

    5-day cruise -- $300 per person

    7-day cruise -- $400-$430 per person


    Generally a window cabin is $100+ more (sometimes less)

    and a basic balcony room is at least $200+ more than an inside.


    Cheaper fares seem to be available by booking early (9 - 14+ months out).

    For example, an October, 2012, 14-day repositioning cruise NYC to NOLA was available for $599 last summer (inside cabin, caegory IE). It is several hundred dollars more now.


    Price isn't always most important but it helps me to have these prices in mind when I shop.



  11. On our 1st cruise (Grand Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale) we had to go through parts of a hurricane. I think this was in early November, 2001. We thought it was very exciting but then we didn't get sick. One day they blocked all the outside doors. Attendance in the dining rooms was definitely sparse and those who were out & about staggered around as if they had been on a three-day toot. Now it is twenty-something cruises later and we love cruising :-))



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