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  1. You can always enjoy the fjord sail out from the sunset bar, for the best views.
  2. I thought the chicken sandwich on the retreat deck was good. I think lunch is served on deck until 2, after that it shouldn’t be long until they have tea time treats in the lounge.
  3. I’ve had some good coffee drinks on Princess, I think one is called the Nutty Irishman with Frangelico.
  4. We sailed Sky Princess out of Southampton 14 nights to Norway, loved it. We sail both Celebrity and Princess most often they are mostly similar. Lately there have been a few comparison threads that can inform on the differences.
  5. When you walk out to the Retreat sun deck on the side with the bar look to your left, there are 5 or 6 lounges under a pergola that are mostly shady.
  6. They usually start boarding the ship about 11, so for sure you can get into the Retreat lounge before then. I’m sure others with recent experience will chime in. My advice would be to be the last to leave the first ship and then make your way to Beyond and I’m sure you can get into the terminal.
  7. Radiance class is built on the same hull as M class. In some ways is nicer since there is more glass and views to the sea. Royal Caribbean doesn‘t have any class equivalent to S class, maybe Q class is the closest but I haven’t sailed that class. Royal Caribbean does still have some smaller ships, smaller than M/Radiance class if that interests you. Vision, Granduer and Rhapsody.
  8. I have not cruised NCL Jewel but have sailed NCL recently. NCL tends to be more family oriented while Celebrity has a more mature clientele. NCL dining is very casual, think shorts and baseball caps perfectly acceptable in MDR. NCL specialty dining is very good and less expensive than Celebrity. NCL has moved to only once a day stateroom servicing. NCL drink package does not include packaged water. I mostly sail Celebrity but will on occasion sail NCL. Read the NCL boards ask some questions over there.
  9. They serve lunch outside on the Retreat deck everyday, the menu is somewhat limited, I like the chicken sandwich.
  10. I like the sunset bar better on Eclipse, along the wall instead of an island. I like having the Lawn Club Grill on the Reflection rather than the hot glass show. My favorite room on S class is on the pool deck, so doesn’t exist on Reflection since there are no cabins on the pool deck. I think the Sky lounge is bigger on Eclipse because it lacks some suites that are on that deck of the Reflection. Reflection is the most different of all the S class. It has a higher passenger capacity, some find it feels more crowded but I haven’t noticed that. If you want to try something slightly different then pick Eclipse.
  11. This is not true. PVSA applies to the vessel. A change of ship for either leg, be it Celebrity or another cruise line will satisfy PVSA.
  12. We prefer the Lawn Club Grill when sailing Silhouette.
  13. Yes, of course, I specified since the OP indicated they were looking at Concierge or Aqua on Edge class, if they were considering Retreat on Edge class they would have a real balcony.
  14. And the obvious difference, on the Sun Princess you would have an actual balcony while Concierge or Aqua on an Edge class is just a window that opens.
  15. skynight is right, round trip SF and round trip NY would not be able to board at the first port if they missed the ship, it would be a violation of PVSA.
  16. Royal and Regal have steps in the Retreat pool. I guess they ditched the steps when they added the cabins around the pool.
  17. Are you checking for only two in a cabin? My guess is that Celebrity was initially only showing rooms for two and now they have opened rooms for more than 2 to be booked by those only booking 2.
  18. Any ship except E class. S class for the ship, M class for better storage.
  19. Beginning this year they no longer refund the future deposit if not used.
  20. We did not receive one on the January 2nd sailing.
  21. I’m just off Beyond and there was a Metallic Deck Party under the stars. I didn’t go so I can’t comment on the actual party.
  22. Quantum class launched after Oasis class.
  23. They might have recently renegotiated the price and the excursion might be reposted at a higher price.
  24. 2106 is my favorite room on all S class ships except Reflection. I have not experienced noise from above. On occasion a noisy neighbor but that can happen anywhere.
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