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  1. PEMCO007

    Luau, Oahu

    We have booked Germaines Luau on Oahu for Christmas eve as I thought it might be nice to try out something cultural. Whilst doing a bit of research on our upcoming trip I see that Princess put on some folkloric shows and wondered if we will be experiencing the same thing and if it is worth still doing the Luau.. Any advice appreciated Rachael
  2. PEMCO007

    Maui beach reccomendations

    Thank you, I appreciate it will be very different to the Caribbean, we dock on Christmas and hubby has put his foot down about us doing any trips so i figured a beach day would be the best bet with u doing 10 sea days another day onboard might be too much. We are only planning a few hrs so we should be able to cope without loungers x
  3. PEMCO007

    Maui beach reccomendations

    Thank you, do you know if the Marriott beach there are sunloungers? or if they take day guests to use facilities like we have done at other resorts in the past.. if not are there loungers on poipu beach?
  4. PEMCO007

    Maui beach reccomendations

    How far would we need to travel for Poipu? what makes this your choice? I would rather go away from the masses, although hard i know when cruising x
  5. PEMCO007

    Maui beach reccomendations

    Sorry, my mistake we have changed our plans, it is Kaui I am looking for. I believe Princess dock at Nawiliwili. Just restrooms really and somewhere for a drink. We would probably get a taxi. Thank you x
  6. PEMCO007

    Maui beach reccomendations

    Hi, can anyone recommend a nice beach in Maui, not too far from the cruise port with facilities please. Suitable for children. Thank you x
  7. PEMCO007

    Princess cruise to Hawaii for Christmas

    We are also on this cruise over Christmas :). We have done a few over the christmas period but not Hawaii! All information given on activities is pretty standard and has a lovely feel to the ship over christmas, also NYE is good fun. Princess used to have a deck party, not sure if this still happens, been on RCI for the last few years . Enjoy x
  8. PEMCO007

    Crown Grill comes to MDR

    Royal Caribbean have been doing this for a few years now. If I can remember rightly it started off relatively reasonable at around $10-$12 but on our recent trip was $16 for mignon. I have also noticed the choice and quality in the MDR slipping, we ate n the speciality restaurant more this time than ever before which I feel is their intention. Like a few have said I think the MDR will disappear very shortly and the emphasis on the "pay for venues". It saddens me :(
  9. We were also on this cruise. Hope they were ok x
  10. PEMCO007

    Rccl 4 day pre cruise sale

    Sorry! Meant to x
  11. Just logged onto my booking and they are advertising 30% off drinks packages, I checked yesterday and drinks package was £33, today £31 how does that equate to 30% off? Would love to know how they get away with their advertising.
  12. PEMCO007

    Looking for help on Los Angeles please.

    Thank you Steve, I was hoping for your input :). I have noticed posts from you before so knew I would get a thorough response. Just a quick query, what would you suggest 1 night post cruise? We have a late flight home, and would be off the ship relatively early so would have a day and half to wander around. We probably just want somewhere to wander get a nice bite to eat in a good part of town not too far away from airport. TIA xx
  13. PEMCO007

    Looking for help on Los Angeles please.

    Casting Disney aside for a bit, do you think we would be best staying in Santa Monica, Beverely Hills or Hollywood ? I see we can do a HOHO from Santa Monica but not sure if its easier to stay in one of the other two if we want to do Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame etc. Can you recommend any hotels in those areas, I know every city has its issues but would like something in a safe neighbourhood with children. We have 3 nights prior to cruise and 1 night post cruise. Any help gratefully received :) x
  14. Think we have decided on staying in Santa Monica, would be grateful of some hotel recommendations please. We have 2 children, 4 and 11 and two grandparents in tow. TIA Rachael x
  15. PEMCO007

    Looking for help on Los Angeles please.

    Thank you. I realise Disneyland is in Anaheim and was thinking of booking a private transfer to the park for the day. Disneyland is not a priorty tbh, we have been not been to this side of the USA before so I guess seeing some sights in LA is more important, so I think I would prefer not to stay in Disney and if we fancy it will just book a private transfer in. Is there an area you would recommend or avoid? Tia X