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  1. I have just gone back and forth with their US representative, and gotten a firm.... "I dont know" concerning penalties and refund policies "if the rules change" concerning shore excursions. I REALLY dont like the idea that we have to pay the balance of our fare at 90 days, then loose 50% of it (or more) if Star Clippers decides to impose new rules..... (And the Flyer is just TOO small a ship to be confined on board for 16 days)
  2. Inching towards our October Greek cruise being canceled ..... Even if it does sail, will Star Clippers restrict us to not leaving the ship unless on a "company excursion" (Like some of the big boys?) If so, I know we are out. My hope is that the company will let us know about this before final payment date in July. (I will have no problem making the payment AS LONG AS the company lets us cancel for a full refund after that if they implement some sort of shore excursion requirement. )
  3. I also love children.... But I am also considerate of others. When our children were that young, I would NEVER have brought them on a cruise. Our limits were MacDonalds, Ponderosa, (Where the place was teaming with other children) or Disney World... Unfortunately we have witnessed WAY too many times the "I paid for a vacation for my wife and I, so we (the family) can do as we please" mentality.
  4. The question was not if "fresh drinking water" was available, but if the poster could bring on cases of his own bottled drinking water..... Some people are simply fanatical about their bottled water. I don't know their rules about that. (But their caipirinha's.... oh my Star Clippers does make the BEST caipirinha's! ) 😁
  5. If our October Star Clipper cancels we are off to Florida. 3 days at Disney (We both worked there when first married, would love to see all the changes/additions "without kids" ) then a slow leisurely drive down to Key West for a few days with friends who live there. Exciting? Nope. but given the alternative......
  6. We were on the last NCL Spirit trip before Covid (BC).... On leaving Jordan, we stopped briefly to board 4 young and very fit gentlemen from a ship off the coast. As well we boarded backpacks and three "hard cases". Over the next four days the same guys in their tan pants and polo shirt seemed to be spending all their time wandering the open decks (and playing basketball). The night before we pulled into Oman we noticed the ship stopping. Curious, we wandered out onto the promenade deck. Close by was another (well lit) vessel, and a Zodiac style boat pulled up to our stern, and load
  7. Interesting... Neither Amazon or E-Bay have that book listed. As far as Captain Corcoran's book goes, no I found it really dry reading. (Maybe because I read the Burning Cold book first?)
  8. I have read the CG book, but I would love to know book written by the second officer. A bit of useless trivia here..... The popular musical artist Yanni was one of the entertainers on the ship that night.
  9. Anyone doubt the danger of fire onboard a cruise ship, (And want a great read) Pick up a copy of "Burning Cold" the story of the sinking of the Prinsendam in October 1980
  10. The ONLY way that we will cruise (as of this time) is if everyone on board is vaccinated. (And yes, that includes kids... A kids outbreak will effect everyone on board one way or another, and I am not willing to risk my valuable vacation time and money...) Masks while on board is not a deal breaker. (Guess I am getting used to it) Masks on shore is something that is expected. BUT add to that, we will NOT cruise if the only way off the ship is on a company shore excursion. In any case, we have until July to decide on our October sailing
  11. LOL.... My DW and I were just talking about WDW last night. If our October cruise gets canceled, we are seriously thinking about a week in the Keys and a few days "re exploring" Disney. (We both worked there in the early 80's but have not been back since.) Funny how cruise withdrawal can steer you in different directions!
  12. Today on the BBC website: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56336787
  13. The most important bullet here is this: Refrain from quarantine and testing following a known exposure if asymptomatic With this simple sentence, the CDC is saying that if there is a outbreak on a ship, there is no need for all passengers to quarantine. Little steps..... Little steps!
  14. About 20 years ago (And remember I'm talking about the year 2000) We were flying to San Juan to pick up a cruise. I kept hearing a very loud gentleman worrying about getting to the cruise dock... Because it was a foreign country and no one would speak english there. He was Soooo panicked over this I volunteered to escort he and his wife, (I was born in San Juan) We had a couple dinners together, and it took a lot to make him understand the concept of a Commonwealth, and that blondes like me CAN be born and raised on the Island. Nice guy after all..... Just
  15. Yes... YES....YES!!!!!!! And add to that, starting to realize that we are not gonna live forever, and therefore beginning to count the (good) travel years we have left..... (And loosing 2 and counting)
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