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  1. And THATS what is going to be interesting to watch. I honestly think that if everything were equal, ALL the cruise lines would do as I have outlined (in a heartbeat) Absolutely no one on board without the jab. BUT, the Caribbean presents an interesting exception.... Almost all the islands seem to already be open to US citizens with few if any exceptions.... So will the cruise lines bend and make an "exception" of their own and still mandate vaccines on their European/Mediterranean/ Mid East/Canadian/Far East cruises? (Where they most litely HAVE to?) or take the safe way out and
  2. The cruise lines are not in this to be "Fair". They are in this to make money...... PERIOD. And if there is less risk to them to MANDATE everyone has a vaccine, AND (And this is the big "and") they feel that they will not loose too many passengers like yourself who wont vaccinate, then it's a done deal. The fact that Crystal, (and I "believe" Viking) have already gone down this route. (Of course Viking has a "no children" policy anyway, and few if any kids sail on Crystal so take that for what it's worth)
  3. Not arguing with you there... (Your choice) BUT, all it would take is 1-2 more bad outbreaks on a cruise ship to TOTALLY kill the industry. In MY opinion, the cruise lines would be delighted with a 30-40% drop in bookings while not having issues with forign governments/bad publicity/ and issues like Princess had in April.
  4. Reality check.... If the COUNTRIES the ship visits require vaccination, if the AIRLINES you take to get there require vaccination, and (most importantly) If the bean counters at the cruise lines feel that the risks of NOT requiring 100% vaccination outweigh the added income of families... Then it's a mute point. No vaccination, no cruise.
  5. We were on board for the first "post drydock" cruise. Rome to Dubai ) Only "Major" difference was the expansion of the casino. (We were told this was because the INTENT at the time was to position the ship in the far east, and the Chinese do love their casino's) Aside from that not many changes. Just a lot newer, cleaner, and "more updated" (Is that a word?) feel to the entire ship.
  6. In all honesty, I really don't like the idea of taking a vaccine that is brand new..... BUT, I've already been stuck once, and the second dose is scheduled, all because I like the idea of NOT traveling and NOT cruising even less..... We currently have two cruises booked. A Star Clipper in October of this year and a Crystal next year. One of the defining questions as to if we go on either is going to be if the cruise line mandates vaccination of everyone on board. If not? we cancel. While I am not concerned (now) about GETTING the virus, I have no desire to be on a ship with an ou
  7. I also just got the e-mail from Crystal..... They spell it out REALLY clearly. No vaccine... no cruise.
  8. LOL..... I'll give you everything you said in your post. Just remember that I spent about 1/2 of a second choosing that wording. In this case, the university IS both "prestigious" AND expensive. (Trust me, both my wallet and accountant are still smarting 11 years later! Along the same vein, we have two neighbors on our street, One with a kid at Annapolis, and the other on a full ride at Cornell..... I love them both but am ready to strangle both at the same time! 😁
  9. Welllllll...... Also depends where you are. In New York for example, vaccine availability has become a political issue.... Now they are talking about "moving up" special groups. Taxi Drivers, Teachers, Grocery store workers, Blacks, Hispanics, residents of poor neighborhoods all would (will) move to the front of the line. Next door in Connecticut in contrast, they have kept their fingers out of the pie, and have moved from "over 75" to "over 65", and are saying that they will move on from that in March. I know I got an email from the government a week ago on the day that I became eligi
  10. I'll add to this. Our daughter did Semester at Sea, and loved it. BUT she has been very clear over the years that the ship was broken into two distinctive groups. Those who really DID take the idea of studying and immersing themselves into the cultures of the ports they stopped at seriously, and the other 50% of the kids who treated it as a party ship. As the ship remains in port for 4-5 days at each stop, the idea was to travel far out into the country and immerse yourself with home stays. When at sea, it's 10 hrs a day 7 days a week classwork. I will say this.
  11. To answer the original question. Hell YES. In fact this is the ONLY way I will cruise in the foreseeable future. (And yes, I just got the first injection of the Moderna Vaccine, and the ONLY reason I got it was to make traveling safer for my wife and I.)
  12. I've been to Vegas about 20 times (All for conventions) As I dont gamble, time off has always been spent wandering the strip and people watching and wandering into new hotels. Have to say, it's always a blast. But would I ever make it a "destination"? Nope. As an aside, there is ONE restaurant I love in the city. It's Hugo's Cellar (On Freemont St in "Old Las Vegas". Makes you think you re back in the 50's with the Rat Pack. Food is ABSOLUTELY top notch, and service impecable. You just have to get over the fact that it's located in the somewhat seedy Freemont st, in an even see
  13. If you are gonna do the Tattoo, consider making it pre or post cruise. While the tattoo itself is the "grand finale" the fact that it runs at the same time as the "Fringe" (Performing Arts Festival) makes the entire "old city" an experience not to be missed for 3-4 DAYS. I know the first time we did the Tattoo we walked around all day (For the aforementioned 3 days) with our mouths hanging open, (And cameras clicking!) Now if the Scot's would just understand that I really REALLY need ice with my soda's!. 😁
  14. OK... Gotta ask. Who was the Nile River cruise on? (Local cruise line or one of the well known companies?) Fred
  15. Black sea..... White sea..... NORTHERN coast of Norway Southern Africa Adriatic Coast (Smaller ship, smaller ports) Greenland (Again, smaller expedition ships, multiple ports) Circumnavigate Australia (Have done the east coast, the rest still intrigues!
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