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  1. congrats to those who have stayed the same and have had to deal with candy being around and being able to stay away. Good for those who have started over. Congrats on choosing to get back on track. This week I am down 1.4.
  2. I wish I could use the smaller travel size. I have a bi-pap machine and they don’t make the travel machine in the bi-pap model.
  3. Like others have said contact the special needs. Tell them you need an Extention cord and distilled water for the CPAP. I use a CPAP and Special needs got back to me and said that the Extention cord and distilled water would be in my cabin at no extra cost. I usually sail Hal and Hal charges anywhere from 2.95 to 4.95 for a gallon of distilled water.
  4. Congrats to those who lost! To those folks who gained hang in there and don’t quit. I lost one lb this week. Waiting for April to come for my next cruise. Have a wonderful week!
  5. You need to call ship Services to request the Extention cord. 1-800-541-1576 I am going on the Celebrity Eclipse and there process is so much easier. Again my vacation planner took care of it before I contacted the accessibility department. Usually my Personal Cruise Consultant takes care of it for me.
  6. Great loss’s everyone! I lost 1lb this week. Belle, hope you are having a great time on your cruise. Gail
  7. I checked in 90 days prior. The only thing I have not done is take our security photos. I will go back and edit. I was able print the Xpress pass after I did the online check in. online check in seemed too easy. Hope I did not miss something. On Hal they want your arriving flight and departing flight. This was allot easier..
  8. I realize that! Just trying to show that Southwest has cut allot of their non-stop flights in other places other than IAH. They have also cut them to San Diego and Salt Lake City from the SFO Airport.
  9. The last two years out of SFO there have not been very many flight on Southwest that are non stop. i have used Alaska or Delta. I have a credit card for both that allow for the first piece of luggage free.
  10. Call the special needs department. I use a CPAP and emailed them that I needed an extension cord. They responded in about 4 days and told me the extension cord and distilled water would be in my cabin at no extra cost. I thought they would charge for the distilled water. I cruise Hal allot and they charge $ 4.95 for a gallon.
  11. In the past we have used Super Shuttle to SFO from the San Francisco Penninsula South Area. Since they are now out of business we need to rely on Uber or Lyft. Does anyone have any experience scheduling an Uber or Lyft at 5:00 in the morning from the SF Penninsula Menlo Park to Redwood City Area? Good or bad? Appreciate any information.
  12. Didn’t have a number that went down this week. My weigh-In is on Tuesday’s. I am up .4 I didn’t do anything wrong. I had a 3.2 loss last week and usually when I get a big drop like that week I sometimes have a small gain the next. So now I am moving on to next week’s weigh in. Everyone have a good week. Gail
  13. This looks like a group I need to be in. I have lost 51 lbs on WW. In the last 21 months with about 30 more to go. Since starting my journey I have been on three cruises. One 14 day to Alaska gained 3lbs but lost right away. 18 day Hawaii lost 3lbs 7 day Alaska lost 1 lb I don’t have problem keeping it under control. All three of the cruises were on Holland America. I either walked around the Promenade deck or walk around the inside of the ship if the weather is nasty. i will be on the celebrity Eclipse. I am w
  14. We prefer Select Dining or Anytime Dining. We have used it on both Holland America an Princess but not celebrity. Are you allowed to show up between certain times like between 6:00 to 9:00 and be seated? Are you seated with other passengers? this is something we prefer. We enjoy meeting other people. We will be on the eclipse and usually prefer eating between 6:30 to 7:30. Thanks
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