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  1. We missed episode 4 while on our Bliss cruise to Alaska last week. Not streaming it anywhere that we could find. And we tried to stream it on my iPad later in the week, wouldn't work.
  2. We are just off the Bliss. Yes it is $15 for 8 laps. We made a reservation for 1:00 on Saturday, last full day of cruise. I was skeptical, but it was a blast! If I had done it earlier in the week, I would have probably done it a second time.
  3. We have stayed in the DOS (H2) on the Escape 2 times. The balcony can be very windy depending on ship speed. The first time it was very windy while sailing in the Caribbean. The second time, from NY to Bermuda, we were going fairly slowly down to Bermuda and it was heaven on the balcony. We would sit out there at night, have a nightcap and watch the stars. The second bdrm in the DOS is bigger than the second bdrm in the 2-bdrm suite. Bathrooms are probably similar. It is a gorgeous room and we thoroughly enjoyed it both times. We had 6 of us the first time, and 4 the second time. Living room couch is very big, makes into a king-sized bed.
  4. You should call back to the Shore Excursion desk again. We just called and reserved 2 excursions in Alaska without paying for them. We want to have our $50 shore ex. credit for each one and our platinum discount applied before paying.
  5. We have read that they were going to start offering a daily dinner special in addition to the regular menu in the Haven restaurant. Have they started doing that? If so, do you remember any of the dinner specials?
  6. I think it depends on your itinerary. In Alaska, definitely worth the money, if it is chilly or rainy. Although it is $249pp. In the Caribbean, you might not want to be indoors as much. Or if you have a port intensive cruise. But, I do love being able to have the pass and go whenever I want, even if it is for a short time. If I only bought a day pass, I would feel like I had to spend a lot of time there that day, to maximize it.
  7. 8:05 arrival will make it tough. One time we came in, also on Delta, around that same time. We were in first class, so got off the plane quickly, were some of the first in line at security checkpoint. They move slowly. Then had to wait for passport control. And if you have to catch a shuttle out to your plane, they close the gate 15 min before. So we just missed our flight. We eventually made it later that day. Another time our flight arrived at 6:30am, and we breezed thru. Only flight coming in at that time. But at 8:05 , there will probably be many flights coming in and a long line. And if you are in coach, it will take a while to get off the plane, putting you further back in the security line.
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