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  1. What entertainment does the Volendam have? We are sailing on the Volendam 18 Sep 19
  2. It would probably be better to start a new thread. Good luck on your cruise and looking forward to hearing from you.
  3. Looking forward to trying bread pudding on our cruise on the Volendam 18-25 Sep 19 out of Vancouver. Now I have had bread pudding from the casinos in Shreveport, Louisiana. Now that was good. I will give Holland America's bread pudding a try.
  4. Good morning McGahrec and good to hear from you. Wow, in just 23 days you will be on the Volendam. You could help with two issues, could you publish the Where and When, (daily program), and what entertainment was provided. That would be of help. Thank you so much.
  5. hello and thank you all
  6. thank you all for the information, which I am going over now.
  7. My question, what brand of coffee does Holland America serve in Lido. Thank you.
  8. we will be on the Holland America Volendam, in Alaska 18-25 September 2019. Are ports are Vancouver, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchikin. My question, what is the weather like and does it rain a lot. Thank you, John
  9. we do the same research, well ahead of time.
  10. We cruised the Med from Venice April 2018 on MSC, and MSC was the worst line, that I have ever been on. True, I have not cruised Holland America as of yet. We will be on Volendam out of Vancouver 18-25 September 2019, so I will soon see.
  11. Hello catl331, thank you so much for the information
  12. we plan to visit Mendenhall. My question how far is the bus stop from the ship. Thank you
  13. We will be on the Volendam, sailing 18 September 2019 out of Vancouver for Alaska. I was interested to know, what entertainment will be aboard the Volendam. Thank you.
  14. we will be sailing on the Volendam, 18 Sep. What entertainment is on the Volendam? Thank you.
  15. Hello Kazu and thank you.
  16. some questions, I have heard a few words about the voyage log. My questions what is it, and does everybody receive one. We will be on the Volendam, 18 September 2019, headed to Alaska. Thank you.
  17. Our first time onHolland America as well. We are sailing on Volendam 18-25 Sep, out of Vancouver for Alaska
  18. Due to the price, we decided to go for 4 in our cabin, ages 68, 58, 34, 32. We are traveling with our sons, and going to Alaska on the Volendam out of Vancouver 18-25 Sep.
  19. enjoyed your review, do you have copies of Where and When. Thank you.
  20. No, the Volendam does not have self service laundry. I wish it did.
  21. we will be on Volendam for Alaska 18 Sep 19. Looking for information myself. Have you tried rogerjett-photography.com/speciality-2
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