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  1. Good morning and thank you all
  2. thank you all, looking forward to that.
  3. I have read, that an 8 page satellite editin of New York Times is delivered by 8am. How much does that cost? Thank you.
  4. Do the cabins on the Volendam, have dvd players, thank you.
  5. Are there movie rentals on the Volendam and if so are there charges. Thank you.
  6. Do you have to establish an account to play the slots or can you just play the slots with cash. If so does it take US and Canadian currency. Thank you.
  7. Looking forward to receiving my bag on Volendam 18 Sep 19
  8. Could you post a copy of Where and When, which would be of great help Thank you.
  9. we like to try new foods, the problem is that. You might not like the selection and want something else. I do not like the policy
  10. thank you oakstreerb, I will look
  11. we are in cabin 2530, on the Volendam sailing to Alaska from Vancouver. Is there any photos, anything I should know. About this cabin. Thank you.
  12. thank you CruiserBruce for answering my question, so I can bring my luggage at 1000am, and then tour Vancouver.
  13. we sail from Vancouver 18 Sep 19, and arrive in Vancouver on 17 Sep 19, spending the night. Next day our ship sails on 18 Sep 19 at 1630 We need to board by 1400. I know this and would like to know. How soon, we could our luggage aboard the ship, so we can tour Vancouver. Thank you.
  14. We will spend the night of 17 Sep 19 in Vancouver and next day tour Vancouver. We are sailing on the Holland America Volendam 18 Sep 19, we will board by 1630, so that means maybe 2 hours before. We hope to see Stanley Park and other places. Is there a place to store our luggage, and what is the rate. Thank you.
  15. thank you Martincath, going over information now.
  16. We are on a cruise Holland America Volendam, 18-25 September from Vancouver to Alaska. On our return to Vancouver, plan to rent a car and travel to Banff National Park. Plan to fly home from Calgary for Houston, Texas on 29 September. What is the weather like. Thank you. Such as temperature, rain, snow etc.
  17. drowelf, my first time on Holland America. I will try to find it.
  18. thank you for your response
  19. Olssalt, that is all true. On cruises, I have had lots of digestive problems, being stopped up and stomach cramps. This has happened on all cruises, so started drinking hot peppermint tea and going to the gym, that helped a lot.
  20. Hello cabinluvn, thank you.
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