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  1. Isn’t it absolutely discouraged to drink the water from the tap? (recycled)
  2. That is correct - book the beach bed under one name.
  3. Next... paid passes for the Solarium.
  4. Exactly. Booked as one parent + one child per cabin. Then the sleeping arrangements get sorted out on board between yourselves. Extra keys for everyone. Advise the steward of the bed config after check-in.
  5. And if the sister does own the booking and changes the cabin to a triple elsewhere, then it’s up to the parents to take their 5-year-old to sleep in their cabin with them, period - “proper” bed available for her or not. Next cruise, the OP should plan on having their kid with them right from the get-go, or be prepared to book a single adult + one adult & one kid, to get two adjoining cabins. Again, no one ever cares who ultimately sleeps where. They should also probably avoid another ‘family’ cruise.
  6. Which is why it comes onto the friend to book a single occupancy cheapest GTY cabin that they can get, then move into the sister’s cabin once onboard. It’s the only way to keep those 3 balcony cabins where they are & not mess with the original booking conditions. That’s the common sense solution, and it becomes the tag-along friend’s responsibility to bear the cost of joining her friend already booked on this cruise. It also implies that the 5-year old sleep in her parents’ cabin... which seems to be where the real issue lies... pardon the pun.
  7. Even if the cabins are maxed out for 2, no one on the ship will care where a 5-year-old actually sleeps. Swapping kids in cabins is more commonplace than you’d think... a tired 5-year-old will fall asleep wherever you set her up to. This is all pointless family drama and needless thumping of ‘rules’, when a bit of flexibility and common sense can be put into play. Wherever the 5-year-old ends up on paper does not write in stone where she could end up sleeping, unless the parents really don’t want her with them during “their” vacation.
  8. Exactly... how you handle this speaks more to your real priorities, IMO.
  9. There’s quite a wide range of prices right from the start. If you’re sailing in a busy family period (school break, summer, holidays), the Beach Club prices are already steep coming in. I’ll be interesting to track the prices over time - what’ll be the lowest & highest. I can easily see the Beach Club day pass climb in excess of $100 US easy, and we’ve already seen the floating cabana go as high as $1999 US. When it opens, the Beach Club better meet the high expectations that match the prices that people are paying...
  10. Who is paying for the three cabins? Tell the sister that her friend has to book a solo cabin - the cheapest inside guarantee that the friend can get. Once onboard, the friend can move in with the sister. Your child can bunk with them or with you. If you still feel that your 5-year-old is too precious to sleep on a sofa, then you become the PITA.
  11. Check the Terms & Conditions for that - the cancellation window is 48 hours. If it’s a two-stop cruise, that wouldn’t work so well: once on Coco Cay on the Tuesday, it’ll technically be already too late to cancel the Thursday. (No problem though if you meant different cruises, of course.) I’m in the same boat [pardon the pun], and have both days booked for the Beach Club. So, I’ll be relying heavily on the reviews that’ll come in order to make a decision & go ahead with a pre-cruise cancellation. My initial thought was that the Beach Club would especially be great on a day when two ships are docked. But if the reviews mention crowding problems, then I would keep It only for the day when only one ship is docked. If people think the Island won’t be so busy, then maybe they’ll be less inclined to pay extra for the Beach Club pass... The big variability too for the crowding factor shall be the cabana people, and where they will be hanging out. I suspect most of them won’t be hanging at the pool much. 😉
  12. Yikes charmy98! $2000 CAD for the floating cabana... that’s crazy. Even crazier is the Chill Island cabana at $1700+ CAD!
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