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  1. I have lots of questions regarding our 4nt Mariner cruise with 2 days at CocoCay (later in 2020): 1. What has happened to the area formerly marked as “bungalows”? (In red, near the snorkel shack) Are there now daybeds or cabanas there? 2. Are Chill Island daybeds only located near the Coco Beach Club, behind the Oasis pool area? 3. Any clue when all of the offerings for the Coco Beach Club become available to book? OW & regular cabanas, as well as day pass? Does anyone with a cruise in 2020 (after the new areas are supposed to open) see “bungalows” on offer in their cruise planner? All I see are cabanas at Chill Island, Oasis pool, the waterpark and South Beach + Chill Island daybeds — no bungalows, no South Beach daybeds, and nothing (yet) for the Coco Beach Club. And the prices have been yo-yoing like crazy, esp. for the cabanas! My first choice would be to be located in the area near the Snorkel shack... any insight or recommendations about this? My second choice would be to aim for the relative quiet(?) of the Beach Club. I’m also looking at the Chill Island daybeds, but I’m afraid that they front the area of beach that gets the jet skis... 😞 if I end up not booking anything, where should I head if what we want to do most is snorkel? (We have our own gear.) Thanks!
  2. I have spent much time in Europe and have used a specialized day tour company extensively over the years called “Context Travel” - the latest in Lisbon last year. If you decide to not book the Azamara pre-cruise Land Package, you can book the hotel of your own choosing and entrust the entire multi-day sightseeing program to Context, which I can recommend highly for their personalized approach and highly educated staff.
  3. Ah.. got it - port of call, not disembarkation & flight scenario. Doable then, but rushed.
  4. I am a scooter user, and prone to falls. It is NOT possible to park a scooter in the seating area that is usually on the other side of the bed form the cabin entrance, in most regular-sized cabins. There is simply not enough clearance to get the scooter around the bed, and out of the way. I need my scooter parked (and charging) where I won’t risk injuring myself trying to get around it. The only answer is for new cruise ships and refurbs to design & offer a new category of accessible cabins - ones that do not provide a roll-in shower and lowered sink, but still offers a raised toilet and lots of grab bars - and has a proper place to park & charge a mobility scooter.
  5. snowglobe

    Sign-In Issues

    It happens periodically, sometimes for days. Crappy IT dept. I couldn’t get into mine for several weeks in June-July.
  6. Yes. ”Azamara doesn’t like Safari” is was I was told when I had to phone in. Try using the Google Chrome app to access the VP. I’m doing better with my iPad, but I’m finding the iPhone too difficult to bother with, wth the scrunching and overlap of content that you describe.
  7. If so, you may cancel later - a big difference in one small word...
  8. Do at least the course work beforehand. Some PADI dive shops will allow you to do your certification dives at destination, so check into that.
  9. Although we’ve cruised before, this will be our first cruise as a family group next year and first on RCl, planning to eat together in the MDR (4 adults, 2 kids). Reading this thread has compelled me to change from MTD to the Early seating, because we don’t want to wait in a long queue and we have young kids who’ll need to eat early anyway. 5:30pm is a tad too early, but that’s the Early time for our sailing. Quick Qs, as one of our party has a reputation for being tardy: Do all adults have to be present to be seated? Do we all have to be present to order? Can we order the kids’ meals first & have them served first? How long to they hold our table/how late can we reasonably show up? Traveling with a family group, how have you handled dinner time? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I just double-checked the fine print for the excursions I booked - it is indeed 48 hours (with some rare exceptions, like if a flight is included or it involves an overnight.)
  11. Exactly... no need to discount anymore - they sell the package with the “convenience” of booking the first night for you as part of the package.
  12. Can you please tell me which dining venues were open onboard for lunch, when docked at CocoCay? Was there more on offer than burgers, sandwiches, salads - like an actual meal? I can’t seem to find an answer for this.
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