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  1. Scootaround is a reliable provider, although you will need to check the available ports where you can get one of theirs.
  2. For travel anywhere South, Hep A & a tetanus booster (if due) are the basic ones usually recommended by the travel medicine clinics. Regarding the tetanus booster: these are due every 10 years. The doctors rarely explain this, but due to whooping cough flaring up here and there now (thanks, antivaxxers) you should know: there are two tetanus vaccines - Td and Tdap. Tdap covers pertussis (whooping cough) - every adult should get this one once. Afterwards, every 10 years, they should get the Td (tetanus + diphtheria) booster. IMO, this set of boosters should be kept up by adults, no matter where you live or travel, as the bacteria for both tetanus and pertussis can affect you even at home. Whooping cough in adults can be quite debilitating for months afterwards. So ask your doctor specifically about the Tdap, if you have not had a tetanus booster before, as they routinely use the Td.
  3. If you’re at all worried, pay close attention to the posted “registration” times when you board; go early and discuss it with them... I’m sure that they’ll have valuable insight to offer as to best serve your family’s needs.
  4. Out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the Beach Club cabana (land), and which month are you sailing? And please, please post a review of how you will have found doing it with a baby! It sounds like a smart thing to do.
  5. There is no need to download and use the app, if you go though the official New Zealand government website... just be sure that’s it’s the real thing.
  6. This is the official NZ gov’t link that I used: https://nzeta.immigration.govt.nz My confirmation e-mail came from: no-reply@online.immigration.govt.nz Rimmit may be onto something... there are lots of visa ‘agents’ out there.
  7. That’s odd. For us it was intrinsically all part of the same transaction, not a two-parter. I double-checked our e-mails, and this is what showed: Purchase Summary: New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority fee*: $12.00 NZD International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy: $35.00 NZD TOTAL $47.00 NZD - which is roughly $30~ CAD.
  8. Do you recall paying a fee, even a small one? We did at the time that we applied - it was sort of automatic. (Roughly $30 or so... that’s the IVL.)
  9. On the contrary. This had come up in the past, several times, but the singular status of the island made it a grey area (and exploitable.). Although still a jurisdictional grey area, that status is bound to change now.
  10. In NZ, hard questions are beginning to be asked: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12293369 Other NZ media articles are also raising the question of having possible manslaughter charges being eventually laid (White Island Tours), once the inquest process is done. One chilling video, made public a couple of days ago, is of one of the deceased guides sharing with a tourist, on an much earlier tour, about how these volcano tours made him nervous. No tourists should have been setting foot on this specific volcano, ever, not by boat nor by helicopter. The eruptions are frequent, and the superheated steam vents regularly. So this is not even comparable to a “maybe, if, one day...” type of risk level. Mother Nature is actually quite clear about her ongoing involvement with this island. But “greed” and “want” supersede nature, no?? Of course, the tour company would have had to price a boat-only tour to view the island from the water at a much-cheaper price point. Plus, the owner of the Island could not have been charging for landing rights either. As long as clueless tourists clamour for their next selfie opportunity, there will be an operator ready and willing to part them with their money. It was the same with Shane Turpin (tour boat owner) who took his ill-fated lava boat tour too close to the lava flow ocean entry off Hawaii last year, resulting in a serious injury.
  11. If the price on what you *may* want to do looks good now, book it. That way, you’ve reserved your spot on it should it get sold out, and if the price is OK with you now, go for it! Then periodically check if the price doesn’t drop again later - if it does, cancel & rebook. The best deals that I got on some things came during this BF/CM sale, but most of the lowest prices for my stuff was just found by chance in between sales. So, check, and check again your Cruise Planner on a regular basis! If a better value or more interesting excursion becomes available, or you change your mind, you can cancel it before you sail - just read the conditions carefully, so that you’re aware of the exact rules for cancelling (it can vary.)
  12. That is not necessarily accurate... it does depend on the timing. Many families book the Mariner in combination with an Orlando stay to do the parks.
  13. Phil (and others), I’ll try to post a list of the “deals” that I’m seeing on my iPad on the Roll Call.
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