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  1. Cyber Monday, yes! Black Friday on the brain....🙄 Just not sure about some of the excursions but thought I would book them just in case and cancel later if I change my mind. Thanks for the information and correction!!
  2. Where do you look for the discounted Chef's table? I've never seen this offered before. Thank you, Pam
  3. Enjoying your review! Transatlantic cruise is on my bucket list so I appreciate all of the information. I was on Rhapsody in Sept./October and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. Yes, the ship is a little worn but the service and crew were fantastic. I love hearing your story about missing the tours (sounds like something I would do) and how RC staff allowed you to take another one!! Thanks for writing! 🙂 Pam
  4. Hello, Just read about some deals for our cruise coming up in June. If I purchase them now, I can cancel up until the cruise, correct? TIA! Pam
  5. Hello, We will be cruising with a port stop in Boston next year. I've been there many years ago but I'm looking for something we can do ourselves. Any suggestions? HOHO bus or trolley tour? Which is better? TIA, Pam
  6. Returned home on Sunday but have been too exhausted to get online! The cruise was wonderful. The Rhapsody is an older ship and showing some wear and rust but the crew was so great, we didn't mind! Great food and service in the MDR. I avoid the Windjammer except on embarkation day because I don't enjoy buffets. The food was okay there, I just prefer to be waited on. 🙂 Prior to the cruise, we purchased the 3 night dining package so we could try each restaurant. They were all delicious but our favorite was Chops, followed by Izumi, then Giovanni's. The shows were good: besides the normal singers and dancers, there was a great soul singer and a ventriloquist /comedian. Our ports were Kotor, Athens (Piraeus), Corfu, Argostoli and Mykonos. Our favorite was Mykonos. I'd be happy to answer any questions if I can! Pam
  7. Bonnie, Probably best to post this on your ship's roll call. Have you joined it?
  8. Hello All- Going on a RC cruise next week (can't wait) and already thinking about booking one for next year. I'm wondering what the advantages are to booking while on the cruise. Usually, I'm enjoying myself too much to start planning the next one. But, I'm curious about this. Who has done this in the past? If prices drop, will they adjust the price once the discount is given? TIA, Pam
  9. So, if you are on the cruise and cancel at least 48 hours before excursion, they will give you credit on your cruise account?
  10. Hello, Does anyone know the cancellation policy for excursions booked through the cruise line? TIA, Pam
  11. Has anyone done the ship's "small group" excursion in Kotor? It is on sale right now on RC and I am debating doing that versus DIY. I don't mind paying a little extra for peace of mind if it is truly a small group. But, if the cruise line idea of a small group is 50-100, I would rather DIY. Any tips from anyone who has been to Kotor would be appreciated. I really want to see Our lady of the Rocks and Perast and also spend time (on my own) exploring Kotor. TIA, Pam
  12. Thanks for the info! Don't really like to use ATMs but may need to if we run low on funds!
  13. It's been awhile since I've been on a RC cruise. I recall they had an ATM machine but I didn't use it. Since we will be on the Rhapsody (in Europe), will the ATM give out Euros? What is the fee for using it? How's the exchange rate onboard? TIA! Pam
  14. Can you advise as to how much it will cost to take the bus or taxi to Perast? And, how much the boat ride to the Lady of the Rocks would cost? Weighing my options of a tour or DIY. Thanks so much!
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