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  1. We did not use a tour group in Puerto Madryn. I made our reservations directly through El Pedral via their website.
  2. We did the tour to El Pedral this past February and really enjoyed the day. Here is a link to my blog post about our tour with lots of photos: El Pedral Tour
  3. And I thank YOU! Your UnCruise reviews are some of the best ever!
  4. Just one last post now that we are back in Ft. Lauderdale... Here is a photo of the tenders and tug keeping the Veendam in place a few days ago. Not something we have seen before. Eventually the tug got tied up to the ship... No other issues since then. Getting ready to head out this afternoon on week #2. Life is good!
  5. We are back on board and everything seems normal. Our room is cool and toilet flushes (which was our first indication that we had a problem this morning. ) Other than the issue this morning, the cruise has been great. We are doing B2B so have another week and a half of escape from the Minnesota cold and snow!
  6. We have tendered to shore. Before we left the captain announced that part of the power had been restored. Sorry Iā€™m not technical enough to give more details. There was no AC running when we left the ship and it was getting a little muggy. Will try and give an update later today.
  7. On the Veendam now and just arrived on Grand Cayman. Captain has announced the ship has had a propulsion failure. We have 4 large tender boats and a tug pushing up against the side of the ship. The Veendam is on emergency power and we have been told to not use elevators. Might be an interesting day...
  8. A DVD player was in our ocean view cabin this past February. The list of available movies available to check out from guest services is quite extensive, but we found not all of the DVD's were in great condition. My husband usually checked out 3 at a time to hopefully get at least one that would play.
  9. From memory, I couldn't tell you how long it took to walk from our ship to where the van was waiting, but I do remember it was quite a hike. So...I went on Google maps and calculated distance from where the ship was docked to a hotel near where the van was parked. Looks like about half a mile that we had to walk. (Isn't technology great!) šŸ™‚ Hopefully this is helpful!
  10. The gravel road to get to El Pedral is bumpy...but not near what it was like getting to Volunteer Point to see the king penguins. I know that doesn't tell you much though, does it. I literally felt sore after the drive to Volunteer Point in the Falklands but not from this ride in Puerto Madryn. As for your friend, we didn't have to walk but just a short distance on the trail until we started seeing penguins, but if your friend decided to not walk all the way to the beach (about 1.5 km) it might be very hot for her to just wait at the van until the rest of the group returned. I'm so glad you asked about our tour in Ushuaia with Frederico! (One of our best tours ever!) Back in February Frederico was telling us how he and his wife were hoping to be able to buy a van to handle tours for people in wheel chairs. Just this morning I saw he had posted on FB that their dream is now a reality! Here is the Google translation of what he said... We are happy!! After long months of much waiting and much patience, we got all the proper certifications for the first touristic transportation for handicapped people. We would like to thank those who accompanied us in our project.For information: 2901-15609520 - ananturismo@gmail.com Here is a photo of his new handicapped accessible van! (And look at that scenery in the background!!!) Since we didn't actually tour with Ruben, I can't give you any personal recommendation other than the fact he was good about correspondence. I also thought the fact that he lined up a substitute tour for us when he couldn't make it spoke to his character. Here is his contact information: ruben-ushuaia@hotmail.com Good luck on your planning and let me know if you have any other questions!
  11. Here is the El Pedral web page that gives details about their cruise ship tours. There is a link on the page to book online, but I couldn't get it to work just now when I tried to do a mock booking. There is an email address at the bottom of the web page where you could inquire about the tour. https://www.reservaelpedral.com/en/full-day-trip-for-cruisers/ I love the vintage photo that they have on this page! I have a blog post about our day in Puerto Madryn if you want to see photos and get more detailed information about our tour. Here is the link: Puerto Madryn Penguin Tour I follow El Pedral both on Instagram and FB and enjoy seeing the photos they post daily!
  12. Thanks for the replies so far! Still wondering about the movie screen in the Retreat area. Is it used? A movie under the stars (Princess style) would be OK by me, but I'm not crazy about live concerts being played during the day to interrupt the peace & quiet of this area.
  13. We will be on the Veendam for the first time in a couple of weeks. I was looking over the deck plans and wondered about some of the outdoor decks/observation areas. With an inside cabin, we will be looking for places to be outdoors for sea days and sail away, etc. Can anyone give me a little more information on the following: 1. Is the area at the front of the gym easily accessible? Also, how about the deck above the Crow's Nest. I don't see it on the deck plan, but from looking at photos, it seems it is open for viewing. (Trying to avoid areas surrounded by glass but this might be pretty windy.) 2. Curious about the Retreat Area. I see there is a movie screen. Is it used? We have spent quite a few days on the Zaandam and loved the deck chairs on the Lower Promenade deck. Since the Veendam has Lanai cabins I'm guessing there won't be many chairs available there and I will be hanging out at the Retreat instead. Any other advice or hints for a first time Veendam cruiser?
  14. No issues for us at check in at the Hotel Plaza San Francisco. Did you hear that someone had problems? We arrived at the hotel around noon and were so grateful that they had rooms ready where we could crash after our overnight flight. We spent three nights in the hotel and the staff there were so friendly and helpful. Personally they helped us with directions to our walking tour of the markets, sold us tickets for the HOHO bus, exchanged some cash, and arranged for a taxi van to take the four of us to the bus station. One night we had issues with the AC and mentioned it to the front desk on our way to breakfast. By the time we finished eating, it was fixed and the room was already cooled down. I do not know if the hotel could arrange a transfer to San Antonio, however. As I mentioned previously, we took the bus which was fairly easy and cheap. Others on our cruise had made arrangements for a private transfer service which picked them up at the hotel. I looked back at our Roll Call spreadsheet and see three different companies that folks booked their transfers with: South Excursions, i South America, and Perro Tours. I have no experience with any of the companies personally, but it might give you a place to start your search. I don't think I would want to wait and take a chance trying to book anything once you got to Santiago.
  15. No mud when we were at Volunteer Point in Feb. 2019...we just wore sneakers and were fine. Conditions may be totally different when you are there however. For Patrick Watts tours, we made a stop at Johnson Harbour at the end of the gravel road and the beginning of the off road travel (about an hour from there to Volunteer Point.) There were rest rooms available and also a "food safe" where baked goods were available to purchase on the honor system. On the way back (after leaving Volunteer Point) we were each given sack lunches with sandwiches, chips, a candy bar, a bottle of water and a special touch...a USB memory stick in the shape of a penguin that contained lots of photos from Volunteer Point. Our driver gave us the option to make the restroom stop on the way back, but we declined. Before dropping us off across the street from the church with the whale bone arches, he gave us a quick tour of the town. Here is a link to my blog post from our day in the Falkland Islands that has more photos and details from our tour: Falkland Islands Volunteer Point Tour
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