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    There is NO picture on the ship ID card. The only picture is the one that appears on a computer screen as you check in/out to make sure no one else is using your card --a security concern and nothing else. That picture is only seen by the person you hand your card to. I've been on cruises where a person is transitioning or has and I did not hear of a single comment from staff or crew. Fellow passengers pretty much are living/cruising in their own bubble and often have their own situations they're dealing with. Go and enjoy the cruise with your sweetie.
  2. wayne--saw it too. We're there in April so here's hoping there's some rain coming! Thanks!!
  3. I second the advice of Andee. We went all over Northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Russia for 2 months this summer on Nautica and I rarely had trouble connecting my GoogleFi.
  4. Jennie-- nothing like sitting on a tile floor (even on a small pillow) packing for 3 days to make me wonder just how agile and how much stamina I have!!! However, I am ready to declare victory and now off to a cocktail party and then down the beach to watch the community countdown to turning Christmas lights on. There's just something about white lights twining up palm trees to put us in the holiday spirit---and to see Santa in his board shorts!!!
  5. palakika--wish you were going ATW with us. Still doing some segments? Or gave those up for the condo? I'm thinking the condo wins this contest!!
  6. Paul, thanks for the affirmation this morning. I worked for 2 days trying to get David and I from Lome to J'burg to Victoria Falls airport and back to J'burg then on to CTown--would have made for some very long days. So I gave up and vowed...."another day another cruise" and lo and behold....O slipped in the Vic Falls Overland for us and I'm betting if we weren't the 1st to sign up we were in the top 5! So Iguazu and Vickie Falls all in one cruise!!! Plus Bhutan and MPichu....and Patagonia Penguins...and.....and... so as you can see I'm pretty excited. O books some amazing hotels for these Overlands and that's half the fun of them, ie, drinks at the top of a New Delhi Hotel at sunset, our hotel and dinner in Luxor right on the Nile, and the sweep of the savannah seen out our floor-to-ceiling windows on a safari. Whew!
  7. Jennie- we're doing what i call the 5 "P"s --my way of attempting to remember them! m Picchu, Patagonian Penguins & iguazu, Pandas, victoria falls & mana Pools, & nePal. Convoluted yes, but i can repeat them easily! We did several of the others on ATW16 and there are many more opportunities for safaris this time. Part of the fun of the Overlands with O, for us, are the amazing hotels we stay in. We didn't anticipate that! We have also received permission to leave the ship in Lome, Togo and are flying to Cape Town to stay for a week DIY. We'll rejoin the ship there, spend the night, and then leave the next day for the Victoria Falls adventure. David and I keep telling people that we have to do these cruises and adventures while we still have the agility and stamina--we'll soon see if we still have both!!
  8. thanks everybody! Pinotlover it was so nice meeting you. Palakika--your Dr Dave doing well? 2 years ago we traveled south along the Wash and Oregon Coast and fell in love with its beauty! Well done getting a new condo there! Jennie--hope this works for you to see what we're doing in the Himalayas: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/around-the-world-cruises/miami-to-san-francisco-INS200108H/hotels/overland/3/?sr=%2fcruise-finder%2f%23sailDates%3d2020|01%23destinations%3d180dayworld#land-program-102
  9. Jennie, I had your vacation exactly the opposite from what you two did! I thought you were up north first, then Bali....oops!! Yes, we're very excited about our impending cruise. We've done massive research for each port that we haven't been to, signed up as quickly as we could for the Overlands, and this week we've begun packing. We're not celebrating Christmas with family this year as they are using the Munchkin's school holiday break to do their own travels out of the country...so I'm excited for them. Merry Christmas Down Under and a Happy New Year! David and I celebrate New Year's when we see the video of the fireworks over the Sydney Opera House! Hugs to you both!!
  10. Thanks Jennie! Are you home from Bali? We're packing for ATW20 and Luggage Forward comes Dec 23 to ship 4 bags (2 each) to the ship. Can't wait!!! We hope to maintain the blog on our cruise. I won't be writing on CC. Thanks again. Hope it is useful Roothy 123. We love Australia!
  11. Don't like the O ships so elevators facing aft not a problem for us on the R ships...but point taken!
  12. Roothy123-- hope this helps--it does for me! "port", "left", "even" all have same letter count (same can't be said for 'starboard', 'right' and 'odd') so.... when i am first on the ship and exit the elevator i hold out my left hand-turn that way for my even # cabin--works every time! (we request the same cabin # every time. Of course i mostly use the stairs, which can complicate matters but I work it out) now if i could only make the correct decision when leaving the cabin to go to various places; My new go-to is "eat right" (always a healthy idea!) to head for Terrace and "lounge left" (both begin with "L") for trivia, etc. I'm old and need all the memory tricks I can think of.
  13. Deus! (good morning!) to look your O Club benefits find "Ultimate Value" tab in upper right of O website. Click and now you'll see what you get for each level! have a great cruise(s)!!!
  14. We too use a battery charger, but not that brand name and have for years. Ours came from Harbor Freight and works great. We also fill the gas tank and Dave adds Stabil to it because gasoline degrades and he says Stabil maintains it for about a year. We set the thermostat for a/c at 83 and the furnace for 53 (approx) so we don't worry about it getting too hot inside or, alternatively, the pipes freezing! And we turn off all water to the house so no worries about leaks.
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