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  1. Confirmed to be true. All Israel sailings are cancelled. Ship giving some crew to Anthem OTS and heading to United States. Travel agents - check cruising power. Notice posted there and also all sailings marked as Closed.
  2. At this rate, a Spring 2022 expiration date is now too short. Needs to be extended to at least September 30, 2022.
  3. They need to go ahead and cancel. This is ridiculous to keep thinking every ship is sailing in July.
  4. You are forgetting crew. Right now she was 129 people onboard. Ship normally has 2000+ crew. All have to be quarantined and vaccinated. Looking realistically at September 1st at the earliest.
  5. Uproar if true? Ask me next week once further announcements made.
  6. Symphony is on her way to Spain for a technical dry dock in June 2021. Navigator of the Seas will head to Cadiz for dry dock in late July 2021. Odds are, Navigator will head to California post dry dock in September. Symphony heads to Cyprus in July 2021 for crew pickup before heading back stateside for September 2021 resumption. Looking at port bookings, Mariner looks to relocate to Miami to be RCG’s first ship back stateside come August. She will operate 3/4 night market until repositioning to Port Canaveral in October, at which point Freedom will take over 3/4 night cruises
  7. They need to go ahead and cancel early July. We know cruises aren’t happening then bc CDC has said so.
  8. I booked Adventure of the Seas out of Nassau this summer. Am I able to add a second week to make it a back to back? I called Royal and they said currently no restrictions, but was curious if others had any luck booking a b2b this summer. Thank you!
  9. RCL needs to do the same. This is the responsible thing to do. Many of us have cash locked up in hopes of a vacation that isn’t going to happen. Time to move on and it is the responsibility of the company to go ahead and cancel summer voyages in light of the recent announcement by the CDC.
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