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  1. Stay tuned! Heard rumors this is happening and today all sailings in 2022 have been removed.
  2. Have currently been on 3 ships since the restart in June - all in suites. For clarity, we are always suite guests, but also pinnacle. Recently, RCL announced the temporary exclusion of suite lounge access as part of Pinnacle benefits. “Fine by me” I thought to myself. The problem is now the Suite lounges are desolate. Ghost towns. Zero energy. And the poor bartenders and concierge just sit there. Tips are WAY down in a time when the crew need them the most. It is time for RCL to rethink this policy. For the sake of the crew. Maybe do a phased restart. 2100 points and over at first. Then 1050, and lastly 700 & over. Or better yet, give the ship the discretion to do what’s best based on their loyalty numbers.
  3. So the same area we would have checked in and dropped off our luggage a week prior?
  4. At those speeds would I be able to make a non-video call - just audio - for work?
  5. Where do you collect your luggage on debarkation day if you are not taking a RCL transfer?
  6. Hi Everyone, RCL is requiring everyone leaving from Nassau to have a negative PCR test taken 5 days before departure. Questions for those that have sailed: 1. Is 5 days the Monday or Tuesday before the Saturday departure? 2. At your local Walgreens and CVS, how long does it take to get results back and what was out of pocket cost with insurance? Thank you!
  7. How has the internet been on Adventure of the Seas?
  8. According to Adventure - they are swiping in the lounges. So you get a certain allowed for the day.
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