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  1. Will there be any other ships with S. FL besides SY and MA for summer 2020? SY prices are insane for 7 nights.
  2. Folks. Not to worry. On OA class, the average Caribbean sailing can have 20-30 PC members max. Yes, there are weeks where there may be more or less - usually that is dictated by price. CK is never overwhelmed and neither is the SL. Enjoy your cruise. And my best advice - just enjoy your cruises. Don’t book JS cabins 100x just to make Pinnacle. Treat yourself to a grand suite and enjoy the same benefits as pinnacle. We made pinnacle by exclusively cruising in suites... and still do to this day. Quality over quantity.
  3. Kokomo91165

    *LIVE* From the Edge 12/1/2018

    Celebrity Cruises App Let me start by saying BRAVO Celebrity for embracing the App platform RCL is using. The App is available for download on the App Store and I highly recommend it. The app includes the ability the review your seapass account, make reservations......and, by the looks of it, control certain aspects of your stateroom. All these features require you to be on the Celebrity WiFi. I will comment more about this once onboard. We have also done the express check-in, uploading our photos and information online and now, using the app, have a boarding pass similiar to that of an airplane. Will let you know how this goes on December 1st.
  4. Background It was a beautiful morning in Miami when Celebrity Cruises held its first Edge reveal in the new innovation lab at the Miami headquarters. The ship was brought to life using advanced 3-D technology, as well as cabin and design layouts. Named Celebrity Edge, the ship was built to leave the future behind. It was that morning in Miami when life began to fill those animated images. Guests from around the world, including myself, looked at deck plans and drawings on paper and imagined the future, December 2018, when this vision would become a beautiful reality. Over the course of two years, reveals gave insight into dining, shopping, fitness, spa, staterooms, upper decks, and entertainment. My imagination turned into anticipation, and now my anticipation has turned into excitement. And thus, here we are in the future, November 2018.The Edge has just made her debut in Port Everglades, at a beautifully designed new terminal awaiting her arrival. Follow along beginning December 1, 2018 as we go to the Edge...... The Itinerary Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA Nassau, Bahamas At Sea Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA The Stateroom Infinite Veranda Deck 9 Dining Venues Normandie Fine Cut Magic Carpet Questions Please feel free to leave questions and commentary below, and I will do my best to answer all questions when onboard or immediately following my cruise on the Edge.
  5. What do you do with carry on luggage?
  6. St. Maarten shows Mariner stopping there every couple of weeks starting Nov 2020. Also - Oasis is completely missing from St. Maarten, but Anthem calls every other week on Thursdays.
  7. Kokomo91165

    Water depths and docking issues in Miami

    The issue deals with SY needing to be one of first ships in Miami to do turnaround in main basin by Fisher Island and to not hold up incoming vessels.
  8. Where can we see this periscope?
  9. Melody and Symphony of the Seas will be based out of Miami. Oasis/Allure go to Galveston and Far East. Anthem to replace Explorer in Miami (9/5 night rotation), while Explorer to Australia. Navigator Miami / Mariner Port Canaveral with 3/4 night cruises, and Harmony continues from Port Canaveral. Brilliance remains in Tampa after European season. Just my thoughts.
  10. Well said and we are thankful for this gentlemen enforcing the rules. If only all rules were enforced with such consistency onboard. I will be making sure I have wrist bands or Seapass card at all times from now on.
  11. And I believe will be LNG powered if I am not mistaken. That means they will need ports that can accommodate fueling. Port Miami apparently will have this capability by 2020 - as MSCs new ship will be based in Miami and be powered by LNG. RCLs new terminal has this capability already, opening 2018.
  12. There were some rumblings on the Allure last week that they were having a European season summer 2020, followed by drydock and then transit through Suez to Australia. Time will tell ...
  13. Wow! That’s easy. Thank you! Happy 4th :)
  14. Hi All, I have enough points to redeem my points for a 3-4 night Bahamas cruise for 2 in the minimum available ocean view stateroom. How do I redeem this? What if I want to upgrade my room to a balcony? What if I bring my child as a third person? I understand that I would have to pay for these situations, but would I go ahead and book the balcony room at triple occupancy? Thank you!
  15. Is anyone recently back from Allure and went to coastal kitchen? If so, do you happen to know who the host/hostess was? We are sailing soon and are curious if the professionals we met last year are still onboard. Thank you!