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  1. Covepointcruiser I think your watching to many cop shows this is getting funny it went from the guy trying to not wear a suit jacket then a you got a guy trying to wear shorts in dinning room now you got hookers walking the dinning room ! whats next a clown with a bunch of balloons
  2. leave it to a cop to take this one...……. take a empty 1l water bottle up fill it with coffee put that in state room in ice bucket bam you got your ice coffee!
  3. no! just the common sense you use to dress for one!
  4. its called sarcasm I cruise to have a good time . life is to short lighten up
  5. So do you need a dress code to go to a funeral? nope you dress right without someone telling you how to dress cause you know it a respect thing . same in the dinning room.
  6. just saying good coffee needs nothing, just don't see the need for all this other stuff in my coffee if you want flavors and sweet stuff get ice cream!
  7. does anyone drink a cup coffee any more? almond milk? guess it a cop thing brew coffee,put in cup, drink coffee!
  8. god bless America Dollar thank you
  9. Are us dollars accepted in casinos on the edge cruise ship
  10. how many times have you carried a case of soda into your home and damaged your clothes? your honest answer should be zero
  11. Just put a luggage tags on the case and poof its in your state room. I have taken (2) 48 cases of water with out a issue not even a question.
  12. just do liked I do and crazy glue there stuff together and sit back and watch there reactions upon there return.if they were on a nyc subway do you think there stuff would be threre if they left for 5 mins
  13. As my posts have fell to walt's axe he was and still is one of the better hosts, he did get my humor and I will miss his input on my sarcastic way of dealing with them chair hogs . rest in peace with your finger on the delete button my friend.
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