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  1. Taxis are allowed - depending on the day there will be some waiting when you disembark...Car services, UBER & LIFT are a little more reliable in that you can call as you wait to leave the ship. ALSO>>>>>> When you are dropped off at the pier - the car can leave at street level thereby avoiding the ramp mystery.
  2. Any taxi, limo service, Uber & Lyft are the easiest....once you arrive at the pier the driver can drop you off at street level where there are luggage handlers. Just get one they'll load everything for you & the next time you see your luggage is in your cabin....do tip the handlers. The luggage handlers will also have extra luggage tags should you need them. Then all you do is take the escalator or huge elevator up to the waiting area where there are bathrooms etc. I used a car service back in October 2019 & w 8 pieces of luggage I was on the pier checking in within 10 minutes of getting out of the car..easy peasy.
  3. Just be as faboo & respectful as you would want anyone else to be......the way people dress ...anything goes....now men are painting their finger & toe nails as women do..... I have a friend that is an officer for RCCL.....the stories he tells me are quite shocking, wild & delicious to say the least..... he also mentioned the wildest cruises are when RCCL hosts SWINGERS CRUISES>>>>he said it takes a week for the crew to clean up & recover... As far as crew ....I found most to be quite liberal, accepting & fun... Get out the chiffon & dance away....
  4. thank you for your kind thoughts....Mom was a wonderful human being & lived to be 96 years withj a young caring heart....the hardest part was not being able to see her the last few months due to covid. Thanks again. It was fun to read a bout your dogs ....they obvioulsy are well loved & taken care of / spoiled? so you can enjoy your holidays knowing they are ok....it is a dogs life after all!!! Do enjoy Bermuda - a slice of heaven,,,,,,,, PS Love your painted toe nails - will your husband follow suit as its now the fashion to paint mens nails also????
  5. The piers in NYC are very convenient...just park & down one level to the pier check in. Unless you know of a garage in NYC its quite expensive(more than what youll pay at the pier & different friends have had damage to their cars over the years - the attendents park the cars so close they actually climb over the cars to get to them plus the usual bumper & side swipe scratches, damages.
  6. I hope your cats are well taken care of - a friend worries about hers when she travels......
  7. Eight Paws...Thank you for taking time to post a more balanced review for a Crystal cruise. Too often there are perfect ratings from a lines cheerleaders that skew reality. I was to sail the December 22 Serenity 14 day cruise w some friends but we cancelled due to covid, underlying conditions & my Mother passing away. My relief in the cancelled cruise was that the ships are older w older HVAC, small cabins & Crystals financial problems. Food is subjective. I certainly wouldn't travel if I had underlying conditions during these times...& I am double vaccinated & getting the booster. This week it was a reported a perfectly healthy 53 yo man that just won his first Emmy award last week - died from covid just a few days after arriving home in London. We"ll be staying at home this holiday season & going to a resort in the carib for a month in february....all open air. Do enjoy Bermuda - its a favorite island of mine that we've been travelling to since 1976!!!!
  8. just as a side note its lots of fun people watching (w cocktail in hand) at nite when that area of the ship comes alive.....music playing, people dancing shopping trying the gelato & chocolate shops...
  9. On the Mera every nite(13 nites) I went to the gelato shop on the promennade deck after dinner & tried all the different flavors... my favorite was the pistachio also!!!! I'm not a dessert eater after dinner but the gelato shop & staff who I named Mr & Mrs GELATO was great & the people watching was fun..... One thing is that most people wouldnt pay for the gelato but would ask how it was..... its certainly better than the gelato served in the diningroom..... I always serve gelato & cookies at home when I have dinner guests & they always are happy....
  10. People really love taking pics on that staircase...I was on Meraviglia & I believe it was 2 decks high - you can do your own pic or have an onboard photographer take them for you - I even saw several wedding parties having their pics taken on the staircase. Its a spectacular space with the champagne bar & then the atrium w the ceiling lite show & indoor promenade & sever restaurants, lounges w music & shops.... I dont get the allure of the staircase(too glitzy for my taste) but people really did love it.
  11. Thank you Clay...as Im still reluctant to book...tho my heart strings are saying..."go for it" I did read the blog & w have checked out Viking options.....
  12. Also as soon as possible try to get an airport porter to handle your husbands wheelchair etc....that will help you bypass/ expedite many of the lines within the terminal right up to your gate
  13. Thank you NCCruzQueen... I found out that MSC does not market their WC as a WC rather as a series of Grand Voyages....segments of a WC. There really isnt much info available - even on these boards....I really like the 2022 Itin on POESIA but am hesitant to book due to covid...thanks again
  14. Im sorry to read this - on a travel site I use the sailing is listed as " sold out". the day before there was plenty of cabin availability across all categories.... I was hoping to return from Italy via this sailing... altho my trip to italy is also in doubt.....
  15. Has anyone heard that the 10/31/21 Transatlantic sailing on SEASGHORE has been cancelled or is to sail without passengers Genoa - Miami? Thanks
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