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  1. Yeah I know but it's a drop in the bucket. There are a total of 53,000 beds in NY, and they are estimating we will need 140,000 beds in 14-21 days. Hopefully the curve starts to level soon.
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. I didn't say it would be at not cost, I would expect them to bill. But I would think who ever did step up with some beds, which New York in particular needs desperately, it could receive come sort of aid. Whether a PR stunt or not. I will now get edumicated on the post you state. Be well.
  3. The only way I wouldn't object to some sort of relief is if the lines took page out of Carnivals playbook and allowed their ships to be used as hospitals.
  4. I have some stock in the Brooklyn Bridge, hit me up.
  5. Wishful thinking. The curve is onward and upward doubling overnight all over the globe. The only country to have it under control (so they say) cannot be trusted. Until a particular region flattens out, forget about it. And even if said region flattens out I highly doubt they would accept travelers from abroad into their ports.
  6. We are in uncharted waters here.....while I agree that something does seem fishy, pretty much everyone outside of NY and LA are saying there will be a two week quarantine, when we all know it will take a lot longer than that. Also, perhaps they are saving returns until the original date to sail? I don't know as I have never had to cancel cruise, what is the SOP? Do you typically get a refund ASAP?
  7. He said the criticism by the Democrats of his administration's handling of the virus was "the new hoax". He did not at any time refer to the virus itself as a hoax.
  8. NoobCroozer


    I hear you, as much as I would want to, given the gravity of this thing, I think I would even wait a few weeks after such statement. Just to see there aren't sporadic outbreaks. I'm bummed out, but things could be worse. Well, maybe not. Feels like we are actors in a sci fi flick.
  9. NoobCroozer


    It looks like that day may not come for quite a while. I fully expect my May Bermuda to be cancelled, and wouldn't be surprised if sailings don't resume until after the summer. That being said, I'll wait until the CDC advises that it's safe to travel and make my decision then. Stay healthy everyone.
  10. I hope you are right, and you will be ok (and that you did not infect anyone else). It can take up to 14 days to be symptomatic. Also, some physicians believe you can be infectious for up to 37 days (even after recovery). It's nothing to play around with.
  11. It would be, I agree. But something tells me the costs associated with cruising may go up, at which point you'll probably break even. Still a good faith offer. As is the 100% refund.
  12. The thing is, this is new territory. According to physicians, they are finding tat the virus remains with the host for 37 days. So, you have the virus for a few days, feel better, and what do you do? You'll carry on as if you just got over the flu and go about your day to day routine while infecting everyone along the way that's susceptible.
  13. Two valid points, which is why I will attempt to exercise my CFAR for 75%. At least I'll get something in return (without mentioning covid-19 of course). I wouldn't hold your breath with the CC companies, I checked all of my contracts, I didn't see a provision on there, even with AMEX. AMEX is usually pretty good with resolution issues, however given the fact that NCL is offering FCC as a good faith effort, I don't see them entertaining a claim. But Im not an expert on the matter so who knows.
  14. Ditto....Been off here for about 5 years for the same reason. Only to come back and find the snark has multiplied 10 fold.
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