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  1. The good news is you will see football, what teams, who knows? Last time we were on Anthem there were 2 games at 1PM and 2 games at 4:30PM. What games that are usually shown are nationally televised games. Could be FOX or CBS or both. Someone mentioned Miami and NYC, makes just as much sense as other random predictions. It's just that Miami and the Jets are rarely the teams televised so I'm not sure that's it. I remember cruising from Cape Liberty expecting to see the Jets-Patriots game, but it wasn't televised on the Anthem. Local network feeds are never used on RCI, even in port. The games are shown on the 2 ESPN Caribbean channels and are available on any TV including your cabin. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night games are also shown, plus Saturday late in the season. Maybe someday we will get to know the secret formula RCI uses to purchase games? I have purchased a TV tuner for my laptop and use it if we are cruising from a US port on a Sunday. I've been able to watch the local networks until sail-a-way.
  2. I would use a credit card. Payments not due for 20 days after you get your statement. Souvenirs are a personal thing. We rarely buy anything unless it's close to Christmas, or it's a super special place. For us the most popular souvenir? A cheap refrigerator magnet you'll see every day. Enjoy!
  3. Just be aware getting a 2 top is fairly easy. The difficulty is that 2 top may be 12 inches away from another 2 top. I would state why you are asking for a 2 top in the email. It may help.
  4. Minimum of one day. They may run specials later in the cruise.
  5. It's typical for overnight stays.
  6. They rarely tell you because it may not get done. There is also the secret surprise factor.
  7. Once you have decided that dirt and rust are a problem it becomes self fulfilling. There is rust on every RCI ship if you look. We did Baltics last year and it was fine.
  8. HNL TO VANCOUVER .. Big disappointment, but RCI did a great job. Opened VCL, and the best part breakfast in Giovanni's for D+. RCI really needs another Diamond level.
  9. Ahhh. not familiar with that process. Only my TA making sure RCI keeps my OBC. Good luck in the casino, and enjoy your cruise.
  10. If you upgrade or take advantage of a price drop you only lose any promotional OBC. You should always be able to keep the OBC from booking on-board and your C&A OBC.
  11. Varies by C&A, cabin, and length of cruise. Your eDocs will have the complete breakdown of benefits.
  12. The one or two times we checked in before boarding had started we waited maybe 15 minutes. Early boarding is totally overrated.
  13. Something I've always hated, a Royal pain in the neck website. You are logged in and it can't remember your C&A number or your age. LOL
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