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  1. Cisco AnyConnect VPN Cisco AnyConnect VPN (good) Thank you for taking the time to give me a detailed response!
  2. No disputing what you witnessed, but there is a different theme. My fully potty trained granddaughter had a difficult first day at the pool. She tried both kids pools, but was intimidated by the much bigger kids in the non-diaper pool. We then brought her to the swim diaper pool and we were told flat out NO, this pool is for swim diapers ONLY. We went back and forth for an hour or so with the same answers. Finally I told the attendant at the swim diaper pool she's going in whether you like it or not. Call security if you wish. She had a great hour of fun. Then decided to try the big kids pool again, no go, they intimidated her on the slide. Back to the smaller pool, again, she is not allowed in without a swim diaper. FINALLY told you can get a free swim diaper at the station. Happy again, until she tried using the other slide. NO SWIM DIAPERS in this pool. Off with the swim diaper, on with the bathing suit. This went on for the rest of the week. Swim suit on and off.
  3. Exactly correct. They will not let a child into that pool without a swim diaper. 10 feet away is another pool were children cannot wear a swim diaper. BTW if you ask, they will give you a swim diaper for free.
  4. We have just decided to explore other alternatives. Still would like to know for future reference.
  5. Be careful what you wish for. Last year we were on a ship that was 'refurbished'. The carpet in our cabin had been replaced, and the smell of rubber cement lingered strongly of a week.
  6. It's my wife actually. I've actually had to get on the phone for her to fix issues so I really don't trust them. They follow their scripts! Latency issues aside, WiFi should work. It's really Adventure I want to talk to, but I doubt that will happen anytime before hell freezes over.
  7. Thank you Bob. An employee trying to navigate IBM's internal tech support is not as easy as you might think. Most companies consider such information a security breach. I'd feel more comfortable if someone has actually done it. Probably long odds, but I thought i'd give it a try.
  8. Will IBM thin client laptop VPN work on Adventure OTS? Our house in CT is sold on August 15th, and it will be 80 days or so more before our new condo in MA is ready. Our furniture goes into storage. We'll be homeless! We both work remote, so it doesn't really matter where we physically are. One of the options we have been considering is a B2B on Adventure out of Port Liberty to Quebec City and back. Since our vacation time is already spoken for we'll have to work weekdays on the ship. Seems like a good trade-off, fully furnished apartment, short-term, with free meals and drinks (D++) thrown in (unlike an extended stay hotel). We have FCC's that will pay almost half of the 21 day cost of an OV. Everything seems perfect except there is no way to test our VPN's, so if we book and get on the ship and they don't work, we'll be up ships creek! They work in every hotel we have been in, and even using my cell phone's wifi hotspot in a moving car. I'm pretty tech savvy, considered running it behind Windows 10, my cell phone, or even a TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router. Not really sure it would do any good, but just exploring alternatives. There doesn't seem to be any clear consensus if RCI blocks VPNs, or the ways around any restrictions. Thank you
  9. All radiance class ships have a retractable roof.
  10. They actually do read CC. I've had many Cruise Directors tell me they always read CC. I believe a couple of years ago they tried to change delete/change the C&A balcony discount 6 months out. CC anger got that squashed. We'll see what happens, but if they try a 3 drinks per cabin there would be a riot. I think you meant per person.
  11. I would only add that checking in before you get to the airport does you no good unless your bags are checked in at least 30 minutes before your flight, and some airlines it's 45 minutes.
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