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  1. Depends on the trip we are planning. This time around, dh & I were looking for something cheap and easy from the NYC area. I got a balcony on the 7 day Nassau run on the Escape with a beverage package for the same price it would have been an inside room on Anthem (8 day Nassau run) if I was paying for 2 beverage packages. So this time we went with Escape. If I was looking for something where I was taking my mom or we were flying to get the cruise, then any line would be on the table. I pretty much add in drink package cost in when I'm looking at the overall cost of the trip, same as I add in transportation and excursion costs.
  2. If it shows the 'review' comment on the 2, then it means, those have bids. You don't have to bid on the ocean view if you don't want to. But, you could, there is no maximum in the number of bids you can make. There is a rule about categories, but I believe if you can't bid on a category it would not even show that in the bid options
  3. Thank you so much for the lovely review. Sounds like you had a great time. My dh & I are sailing on her in late Feb. Also thanks for mentioning the shows. I had been wondering about them. I hadn't heard much about 'choir of man' so glad you mentioned it.
  4. Thanks for you review. We are going on Escape in February. We sailed on Anthem a few years ago and Breakaway last summer. Did you find the public spaces generally crowded? I know that might be subjective :)
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