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  1. Was this the Maitre 'D with the nose? I was ready to unload on him. He is put off-ish and then let's you know how he helping you
  2. Onboard now and elegant night was tonight. Table next to me a guy in a tee shirt and his two boys in warm up pants.
  3. The smell is all gone. The Captain said that the high winds while docked in Cozumel came in from the right side causing a problem with the outlets on the ship. He did say they had a temporary fix with long hoses but had broken while in Cozumel. Maybe the Chengkp75 can elaborate.
  4. I came back to my cabin last night and smell wasn't as strong, it was still there but very faint. This morning though it came back and when we returned now it is still faint. We walked down deck 15 this morning and noticed it in one part there.
  5. Yes it is, they said they have to fix it from outside my cabin. We will see.
  6. Back onboard the Seaside for two hours and that sewer line / service water smell is strong. First time all week I noticed it. Opening the balcony door helps for awhile.
  7. So that is the same as "Priority in choice of dinner seating"? that comes with the Fantastica pkg in the insert above? Thx.. PS: the second column in the insert is for the Fantastica pkg.
  8. Then what does "Request your preferred dinner time in the main restaurant" mean? Seems redundant for Fantastica bookings?
  9. My agent at MSC told me I could get a table for two on the early dining but it would have to be the same time every night and I must do this once onboard with Maitre' d. Is this what the "priority choice of dinner seating" means? PS: This is for the Seaside
  10. Wow, thanks for the answer. We are Black card so if we get the Trio package that means their are 4 nights we can not use the meal time drink package at dinner. Something for us to think about...
  11. We have the Meal time drink package. We are thinking about getting the Trio dining experience. Can we use the Meal time drink package with the Trio dining experience?
  12. Where does the Seaside dock in Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman? This is our first time at these two ports and want to plan something to do. Thx.. Kyle
  13. We were not charged for the mats. It was free of charge.
  14. What is the current customs process for non-US citizens returning to the Manhattan cruise terminal. A few years ago I remember they were called to the Spinnaker lounge very early in the morning to get processed.
  15. Currently using the strong wifi in the restaurant. Took a 5 min taxi here $2pp. $5 entrance fee includes 1 drink. They have mats! Spoke to Ismail the server and he says they have 75 blue mats for 60 loungers. See pics below. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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