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  1. We're on that sailing, also. We're looking forward to it, but still a bit concerned about Corona Virus.
  2. We did, too--got next day delivery. I also read that the surface you clean has to be left to air dry, not dried off with a napkin of something--preferably for 4 or more minutes, it should be wet. We are also taking a spray can of Lysol cleaner/air freshner. I'll use it on couch, chairs, pillows, bed spread. The sheets are washed for new occupants, of course, but draperies, couch, bedspread, pillows, etc. aren't. I think the pillows are particularly important because they are right by your face, and touching the face is mentioned by all sources as the thing you must avoid. Wiping down cabin hard surfaces has to be done after the attendant has cleaned to negate contagion from germs having been brought in with cleaning supplies. Also, just a note: hand sanitizer doesn't do even half the job that washing with soap and water does. In hospitals, you don't see doctors slathering themselves with sanitizer: they wash with soap and warm to hot water. That's because soap and water eliminate way more germs than sanitizers do. This will be our first cruise where we go out of our way to use the hand-washing station outside the Windjammer. Generally, I assume the sanitizer is good enough--but not this time. https://www.prevention.com/health/a31116569/how-to-prepare-for-coronavirus/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_pnb&utm_medium=email&date=022720&utm_campaign=nl19555432
  3. My experience when it was a health emergency was that airfare was not covered (except if purchased through Royal, and I had not done that).
  4. We have N95 masks--but our only clue on fitting is what is says on the box. I guess we just have to hope that's enough.
  5. That's possible--except for the Allure. The Allure is headed for a major overhaul and leaves Sunday. I'm betting they won't cancel that overhaul in the next 2 or 3 days. That sailing could well determine what they do about other ships, along with what the virus does/doesn't do, of course.
  6. Just a note: I'm looking at the Lysol wipes container. It says it kills "human coronavirus." I don't see Noro, though, but it does say "Respiratory Syncytial Virus." It also says you have to allow the surface to stay wet for 4 minutes and allow it to air-dry in order to disinfect the surface.
  7. We'll be on board with you. We're taking Lysol wipes for cabin hard surfaces, face masks in case we need them, Tylenol because, for a litnany of reasons I can't take asprin, lots of vitamins because I read there is some indication that having the body "well-stocked" with vitamins may retard the chances of the infection "taking hold--" though I, too, have read that no one really knows what to do for protection other than wash hands and avoid touching the face. I did call Royal Diamond Plus help desk to ask if there were any updates we haven't received a notice about. She went to check with someone and came back to report that she has been getting calls all day (hardly a surprise) and that there are, as of now, no changes. She said they are monitoring constantly and things are being updated all the time, and updates are issued publicly every 12 hours--but as of now, nothing regarding the sailing next week on the Allure. She did say that if they are sailing to a port, [you passengers]… will be safe because they are monitoring. I'm as concerned about being on a plane to get there (certainly within 6 feet of lots of people by the time we get to the plane, let alone on it) as a source of contagion for us and also realizing that most people on the ship will have flown in from somewhere and taken the same risk of contagion. I don't believe in living my life in a box to achieve safety, but on the other hand, I feel we're taking some risk, though conceivably, not as much as those who are remaining at home: China's first problems were the worst, and as time went on, the spread and the deaths seemed to lessen. At least we'll have already experienced almost a full quarantine period by the time we dock; could be the worst will have passed. At any rate, since Royal is taking Allure to dry dock, they won't change that plan for anything but the most serious situation imaginable (despite their updating constantly and wanting nothing but our safety).
  8. Yes, just booked a cruise, and that was carefully explained. Special rate (with on board credit) OR C&A balcony discount--but not both.
  9. Royal, of course, has tickets to shows that haven't been sold: Butlers for suite customers can get whatever they want. When you talk to the Royal person, try insisting that you want that person to book the shows you want NOW. You can also mention the expenses (hotel and drink package) you will have and see if you can get them to up the offer a bit--never know if you don't try.
  10. But that in no way makes it Royal's fault. Apparently, this family not only began grieving for the loss of their child, but also, began looking for deep pockets to sue and profit from their loss. The grandfather will have to live with the guilt, and the parents have lost their child, and that's sad for all. But having something unfortunate happen doesn't necessarily mean there's someone rich to sue for the occurrence. Royal is right to put the pictures out for all to see: they have a business to protect, and Royal has been unfairly accused of being responsible for the grandfather's lack of judgment.
  11. And yet, I know many Mexicans who feel the U.S. is too dangerous. They point out that Mexico has the calculated violence of the cartels (which they feel is, mostly, avoidable), but the U.S. has crazies who shoot up movie theaters, coffee shops, schools, churches, etc.--and is totally unpredictable. Americans tend to forget that Mexico is a huge country; violence in one part of the country says nothing about other parts: not going because of violence in Tijuana is like not going to Paris because of violence in Naples. Having said all that, it's no vacation if you're afraid, so if afraid, it's definitely best to avoid those areas.
  12. We've, very occasionally, called to report smokers. It was always handled quickly.
  13. Thanks to all who replied. Dinner and lunch are , apparently, all in the main dining room, so it comes down to slightly larger room, slightly nicer cocktail hour--looks like benefits are significantly less than on the larger ships.
  14. Other than a, slightly, larger cabin, are there any benefits to booking a suite on a non-Oasis class or non-Anthem class ship?
  15. Lots of hotels are converting to the big bottles now. Our last few stays have not had the little travel sizes.
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