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  1. I must say this place is 1000% better then the one from your review when you stayed in Old town, the one that had the pool on the roof and the stair issue.
  2. If you get in the Mood while sailing you can buy your Pineapple at the shops on board. This was for sale on the Independence Of The Seas March 14 -18 sailing.
  3. Are no show pre paid gratuities refunded along with Port fees and taxes for the person who does not sail. IE 3 in a Jr Suite but only two sail. I know the port fees and taxes are, not sure about the prepaid gratuity though. Thanks.
  4. It was working. We used the Sky Pad the following Weekend on Mariner.
  5. The only bridge under construction is the one that will cross where the tenders currently go in. They are building the supports for it now. It is showing in pictures I just took at Coco Cay. If the Pier is done bridge Construction will not effect you.
  6. Shorts allowed everywhere on Mariner of the Seas. There Is No Formal Night. It is called dress your Best. If your best is shorts then you are good to go. Just of Mariner of the Seas Feb 18,2019 Formal to shorts all over the place.
  7. Schedule is for substantional compleation in May 2019. That’s on Island Time though.
  8. I would say basic services would be done in May, Pier restaurant maybe the pool and slides.The over water Cabanas will not be done until Dec 2019. As long as that Pier is done I would be Happy No more tenders. From what I seen all food prep will be in one location. With plenty of outdoor covered seating. No more hiking halfway across the Island for food depending on the beach your at. I think bar Service will be in theses central areas with smaller bars scattered around the remote locations.
  9. Yes I agree. We were there in October 2018. They May just bring it in on Schedule.
  10. Pier and Island Construction Pictures as of Feb 16,2019 from our Mariner of The Seas President Day weekend trip. Enjoy the update.
  11. Mariner Feb 15 2019: Receivd offer 10 days out, bid minimum,which was $100pp. Going from Jr to Grand suite. Receivd rejection email 22 hours prior to departure. Its Still CoCo Loco Time...🍹
  12. Ditto. Download the New App what you seek is there. Best thing Royal has done.
  13. At Port Canaveral ,Oct 12,Enchantment check in I asked about it. Was told it depended on Picture. If it meets their requirements they use it,if not the will take it.
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