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  1. I’ve got a cruise booked out of Rome in July and the balance payment is due on 19th April. There’s absolutely no chance of us going so I don’t intend to pay the balance. Not seen the answer to this anywhere but if we take the cruise with confidence offer and transfer my deposit to next years cruise I’ve already booked and if they cancel can I claim that money back when they cancel. The complication is that I have two cabins booked for my wife and I and then my daughter and two grandchildren. I paid both deposits but cruise with confidence means that the two deposits are classed separately so I would only get my suite deposit fee with CwC as my daughters deposit would be transferred in her name and she is deffo not cruising ever given what’s happened. I lose out then with the second cabin booking. Any ideas
  2. Yes I agree and I’m booked onto that too. It’s what they offer is the important for me personally
  3. That’s interesting but at least it was some recognition. Spoke to my TA today and they are really none the wiser regarding any potential changes. I think it’s a case of wait and see at the moment. Clearly unique circumstances
  4. I’m sure in a court of law they would have a problem with that due to contract law.
  5. So if you don’t want to change flights are they obliged to provide a full refund of your airfare
  6. That’s a real bummer as we will not be going on a cruise with them next year. Disappointing
  7. My wife and I are booked on to a cruise out of Rome in July with my daughter and two young grandkids (two separate cabins). I paid for the deposits which are non refundable. Does this new policy mean that I can get FCC for the full amount (in my name as I paid it all) and can I then apply it to a cruise I’ve already booked for Sept 2021 without my daughter and grandkids. The cost of the deposits is in total £900 so not a small amount of money The other option is to wait until they make a decision on whether they are going to dock in Italy (possible cancellation if they’re not) but this might not be until closer to July (albeit their cruises from Rome start in May and Jewel is supposed to stop there in early April). The full balance is due mid April so they might not have decided what they’re go to do. The other complication is I’ve already paid the airfares with British Airways so if RCI cancel I may get refunded on these. Any info would be great thanks
  8. You could be right but I think I’d rather be at home than being ill or even quarantined on a small island or the ship. To be honest I don’t want to go on holiday having to look over my shoulder all the time and not be at ease. What’s the point then. I suspect many people will be feeling the same way. The cruise industry could suffer really badly from this. Wait and watch I guess.
  9. I’m booked onto Explorer from Rome in July. However, I guess no one other than RCI can answer this but will they change the embarkation point or cancel the cruise. I have some time left before I have to pay the balance but I’ve also booked and paid my airfare from the uk to Rome. Since they are not allowing anyone to board at present who have been in Italy for 15 days prior how is the situation going to work. Do they think the virus issue will be done and dusted by then? Jewel of the Seas is due to dock in Naples on 7th April and Civitavecchia on 8th so obviously what happens to this ship must have a bearing I would think. If they are going to dock elsewhere then surely this would have to be arranged well in advance, certainly before Jewel sails from Dubai on 23rd March. My best guess is they will hang off doing anything until the very last minute but who knows?
  10. My wife and I are due to go on a Greek Islands cruise out of Rome in July. Taking my daughter and grandkids with us but watching the situation very carefully. If it’s under control fine but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Already booked and paid for the flights from the UK but I will not put any of us in harms way. I can see RCI having a real problem in Europe this summer.
  11. Heineken is on the diamond list and it doesn’t specify whether that’s with alcohol or without. Heineken 00 is normally stocked on the ship and I have never had a problem getting it as one of my three. If the bartender queries it I tell them I get it in the lounge, which I do and it’s never an issue
  12. That’s a good idea re boarding early. We should be on board fairly early so I’ll try that as I don’t really want a refund to OBC
  13. That’s great thanks. Can you just book the adults and then pay for the kids when you attend the restaurant
  14. My wife and I are taking my daughter and our grandkids (9 and 7) on explorer in the summer and wondered if we have to pay for the kids as well as the adults. I doubt that they’ll eat anything off the menu in Chops or Izumi (maybe rice) but does anyone know if we have to pay for them. Obviously they have to come with us anyway but just wondered if anyone has experience of this please?
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