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  1. I’m here now and it’s open. Not all water slides are open every day.
  2. @Sunshine7777 check out my review of all 3. As others have said for a first cruise go with the MDR or watch for a special on the either the 2 or 3 night package. If it’s a special occasion and you like unique food go to Wonderland. We did this with our family (group of 10) on Harmony and it was amazing.
  3. Yes currently it’s a one way bubble. Those entering from Australia only quarantine until the PCR test comes back the next day. but there is hope! https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/singapore-australia-bubble-might-just-work
  4. You have a population that hasn’t been able to travel in over a year without some type of quarantine and it doesn’t look like that will end soon. I’ve noticed the prices from Apr-Jun are now double what they had been when fist announced with lots of sailing having categories fully booked. With Australia continuing their suspension and other parts of the world slow to resume it makes sense to stay and keep some revenue coming in. Too bad they couldn’t switch out ships to give people a new experience but the demand is definitely here.
  5. I think your right and it’s not too much to ask. However RCI is trying to cater to the masses and the times are changing. Instead of using suggest they could use required or mandatory but for those that don’t see dinner the same way they may loose customers. There is probably an opportunity for RCI to have a better solution than just ignoring it. On ships with multiple dinning rooms you could have an option to select more or less formal or doesn’t matter and then seat accordingly. On smaller ships maybe have sections or specific times. It may not be completely feasible though.
  6. Or one could say suggest is just that a suggestion so shorts are not called out as not allowed and can be worn
  7. So then the answer is no then. Royal only offers dress suggestions with the exception “bare feet are not allowed at any time in any venue and vest tops are not permitted in the Main Dining Room or Speciality Dining venues for dinner.” https://www.royalcaribbean.com/sgp/en/faq/questions/generic-onboard-dress-code
  8. Over the past year and A half I’ve been fortunate to sail QoS 3 times. Once before the pandemic and twice on cruises to nowhere (5n, 4n & 3n respectively). On our first sailing we ate in the MDR and did a single night at Wonderland. The 2nd cruise was a sky class suite with access to Costal Kitchen and the 3rd we did the Unlimited Dining Plan and took full advantage of the fact it was all sea days and ate in Specialty restaurants for lunch and dinner Skipping to my final thoughts I’d take Costal Kitchen over Specialty Restaurants and was perfectly happy in the MDR. Basically for us it comes down to menu choices. The CK menu changed daily allowed us to eat all 3 meals there and gave us the opportunity to get to know the waitstaff really well. We also prefer fixed dining in MDR for this reason as well. In my opinion the specialty restaurants were just ok. I get that Chops is a steak house but it’s menu seemed lackluster after having eaten in CK. Jamie’s has good food but really large portions even when asking to make them smaller. I found Izumi to be wonderful and would be fine paying a la cart for a lunch and we did love Wonderland even If the menu hasn’t change in 2 years. One reason we sailed Sky class was the price difference was small and on future sailing I’ll look for deals or try Royal Up on ships with a CK. I found the extra perks worth the additional cost, CK, suite lounge and internet to name a few. After that I’d just go to the MDR as we enjoyed the menu on Quantum but also Harmony 2 years ago and like getting to know a dedicated waitstaff. If the UDP presented itself at a really good sale price and I was on a ship with more options I may go that route but would rather use that $$ and try for that Royal Up instead. Just the opinion of my tastebuds and likes
  9. The customer is always right? Right! There are some good smart casual shorts I like to wear and would to the MDR if I was allowed too 😛 Dressing up is part of what makes cruising fun for us so we do and if you don’t it’s your vacation so enjoy it how you want too!
  10. From talking to the host this last cruise there is a different point system and she mentioned it takes longer to get to prime. Probably because of the limited number of sailings Royal currently offers out of AP region. I was given prime as a match to my US account from before moving to Singapore and it was unclear if I’d earn “points” while sailing here.
  11. @Ethanol95 The AP region has its own program. You can call the Singapore number to ask to speak to a local club Royal rep.
  12. Yes the UDP was good but too much food. We constantly asked for smaller portions as we wanted to try a lot of the items.
  13. I don’t think so I had to google it and hadn’t heard of it before.
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